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Luxy® Hair  - How To: Pull-Through Braid | Easy Braid Hairstyle
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How To: Pull-Through Braid | Easy Braid Hairstyle

Hello, our beautiful friends!

We have been getting so many requests on how to do a regular pull-through braid. Although we've showed how to do this technique in another video tutorial, many of you wonder how to do it in the back of your head instead of on the side.

pull through braid luxy hair

So, we collaborated with our beautiful and talented friend Alex Gaboury to show you how to do a pull-through braid in the back of your head. Definitely Pinterest worthy, wouldn't you say? :)

Watch the step-by-step video on how to do the pull-through braid here:

Video Transcription

Hey guys, welcome back to the Luxy Hair channel. My name is Alex, and today I'm going to show you how to create the really simple and beautiful pull-through braid. The pull-through braid is my personal favorite, because I love how simple it is to change up the everyday ponytail and turn it into a really unique braid that gives the illusion of fuller, thicker hair. So today, I'm going to show you how to clip in your hair extensions so that you don't see them and you get the appearance of that really thick braid. So if you want to know how to recreate this look, then please keep watching.

For this tutorial you will need a bunch of these clear elastics. It depends on your hair length, but I usually use about eight to 10 of them. You'll also want a large clip just to help clip away the sections as we create the pull through. And I'll be using five wefts as well. These are the smallest of all the wefts, because we want them to fit underneath our ponytails. So I have four of the one-clip wefts, and then I also have a two-clip. So what I'm going to do to make this one a little bit smaller is I'm just going to take the one clip and I'm going to clip it onto itself. And then you still have that clip visible at the top here so that you can still attach it to your head.

For a pull-through braid, we're going to be working with four different sections to create the ponytails. So for our first section, you're going to want your ponytail to sit right on the crown of your head. So I'm going to grab all the hair that's just above my temple, and I really like to leave these front pieces out just to frame my face, but feel free to sleek all of yours back.

Now that I'm happy with my first section, I'm going to turn around, show you how to pin in the extensions, and then we can tie it off. Okay, so I've gathered my section into a pony right at the crown of my head, and now I'm just going to flip that ponytail up and out of the way, securely holding it with my hands, and I'm going to grab my first one-clip weft. I'm going to flip the clip upside down and pin it upwards on the underside of this section. Once it's pinned into place, I'm going to gather into the rest of the pony, and I'm going to secure it with an elastic. Now, I'm going to clip that ponytail up and out of the way so I can begin my next section.

This time I'm going to gather all the hair, starting just below me temples, and securely holding it just below my first ponytail. Now, I'm going to be taking two one-clip wefts and, same as before, flipping the clips upside down and pinning them on the underside of my section to add that fullness. Once they're secure, tie it off with another elastic. Now that we have two ponies, I'm going to carefully unclip my first one and divide it down the middle into two equal sections. I just like to throw them in front of my shoulders so that they're out of the way for now. I'm taking that second pony and clipping it on top of my head.

My next section is going to start at about the middle of my ears, and this time I'm going to include those two sections that I had thrown in front of my shoulders from my first ponytail. Positioning it just below my last ponytail, I'm going to flip it up and out of the way and take my last one-clip weft, flipping the clip upside down, and securing it to the underside. Now, I'm just going to tie this section off, and now you can see that we've created our first pull through.

Same as before, unclip that second ponytail, divide it down the middle into two equal pieces, and then place them out of the way. Now, I'm going to take that third ponytail and carefully clip it up on the top of my head. This time, I'm taking my last weft, the two-clip weft, and I'm just clipping it normally in the middle where my next pony will go, which will add volume and length to this hairstyle. So now I'm going to gather all that remaining hair and secure it with an elastic. By now I'm sure you can see the pattern, so you just want to keep repeating this.

So by this point, my arms are getting pretty tired. So what I like to do is just pull it over my shoulder and then repeat the pattern all the way down.

Once you've reached the end, it should look a little something like this, but it's not quite finished. Using my index finger and thumb, starting at the top of the braid, I'm gently pulling in the sides of each pull through to give them that fuller, thicker appearance. I like to take my time with this and work in small sections, because it's easier to make the braid larger than it is to go back and make it smaller. I personally love the appearance of a chunky, full braid, so have fun with it and remember it doesn't have to be perfect. And once you're finally happy with it, don't forget to secure the ends together with one last elastic. To give this hairstyle a more romantic feeling, I'm just going to go in with a one-inch barrel, and I'm just going to curl all these pieces away from my face, grabbing really small pieces to help create nice soft curls.

So there you go, you guys. That is how I achieve this voluminous pull-through braid. Absolutely love that you can wear it casual, like mine, for more of a daytime look. I think it's perfect for a lunch, or I've even worn it out hiking. I also love that you could do a more sleek look for nighttime, or even you could wear this as a date night look.

I really hope you guys liked this tutorial. If you did, don't forget to give it a thumbs up. Please, leave a comment down below. I'd love to know what you thought. And of course, if you recreate this look, don't forget to hashtag Luxy Hair, and they'll feature their favorites on their Instagram. That way I'll be able to see them too. So yeah, thank you guys so much for watching, and I'll talk to you soon. Bye.



Alex is wearing some wefts of her Ash Blonde Luxy Hair extensions to add some volume to this hairstyle to really bring out the volume. If you're not familiar with clip-in Luxy Hair extensions, click here to learn 10 reasons why you should try out Luxies. 

how to do a pull through braid

pull through braid hairstyle

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