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Luxy® Hair  - Hottest Hair Color Trends of 2017
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Hottest Hair Color Trends of 2017

This year has marked the year of color. From shades of silver, peach and purple to all sorts of balayage, we’ve seen it all and today we’ve compiled our favourite hair color trends alongside some expert insight from senior hair stylists across the city to gain their insight on the look and how to achieve it. Watch the video below as we talk you through the trend, or keep scrolling to read what we've discovered. 

#1 Unicorn Hair

First up: unicorn hair. This trend has been up and coming since January of this year where we saw it on celebrities like Nikki Minaj, Katy Perry and Joan Smalls And we’ve seen it all from pretty pink to neon yellow to baby blue. Senior hair stylist Kelly Araujo is a big advocate of this trend telling us,

“I absolutely love this trend. We are at a time right now where people are feeling really free in how they express themselves through beauty. As a stylist, I have a lot of fun playing with unicorn hair as it looks amazing in braids, updos and waves. Those really bring the colored hair to life."

 rainbow hair trend

Image Source 

You’re seeing this trend on a very diverse group of all ages and it’s great to see everyone have fun with it.

On the red carpet, we’ve been pleased to see unicorn hair glam, giving it the old hollywood style look yet still modern in its color. A couple of these donors are Bella Thorne and Zayn Malik.

luxy hair x bella thorne

Image Source

When it comes to hair care, Kelly says,

“You must ensure your hair is in good standing; this means investing in shampoos and conditioning products because in order to get your hair as vibrant as you like, it requires you to lighten it which can be damaging if not done properly.” 

#2 Silver Hair

Next we have a more recent trend. While we are used to avoiding the greys, now we are all about it. Greys have made their appearance this year on stars like Rihanna, Cara Delevingne and Ashley Olsen who are rocking it in a variety of hairstyles.

silver hair trend

Image Source

Hair expert Kelly Araujo says,

“The silver hair trend is a highly requested fun color. However a more tricky one, as there is quite a lot of lightning involved."

Often times this kind of hair trend is achieved during more than one hair appointment.  So, when planning on achieving the silver hair trend, Kelly suggests you do your research to figure out exactly what you want and go to a trusted hairstylist and book a consultation to discuss the process beforehand so you are mindful of the dying and maintenance process.

silver hair trend

Source Image

#3 Balayage Hair

Going back to our roots, 2017 has also seen a lot of back ups to a more natural look. With celebrities like Chrissy Teigen and Kim Kardashian retreating to a more neutral focus, we see a lot of balayage and lowlights forming for just a slight light tint for the summer. Fall 2017 will be all about natural texture. Celebrity hair stylist Roger Medina says, 

"I call it the cinnamon balayage, which is beautiful. I think that you should totally try it."

Roger isn’t the only one who adores this color trend. According to Marie Claire, "natural hair is healthy hair and it will never go out of fashion".

balayage hair trend

Image Source

For this hair trend it is important to ensure that your hair has been freshly cut as there is nothing worse than chopping off those newly dyed tips. To achieve this look no foils are required. That’s right, hair stylists freehand these highlights to create a smooth transition from your roots to your  ends.

This look appears subtle across all hair tones. If you have dark hair - aim for a chestnut balayage. If you have light hair - now’s the time to experience with those bleach blonde shades without it looking so dramatic. 

balayage hair trend

Source Image

Best part? It requires little to no maintenance and grows out beautifully. However, use of color protecting shampoos and conditioners are highly recommended.

Whatever the color, it looks beautiful and we are embracing it. How do you feel about these hair color trends this year? Would you rock any of them? Let us know in the comments below.



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