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Luxy® Hair  - 25 major hair trends to try in 2020

25 major hair trends to try in 2020

How did you express yourself in 2019? How will you change your hair in 2020? Change can be exciting, and what better time to make a change then at the start of a fresh new year. Face the challenges of the new year with a new do, that inspires you and excites you. Because a woman who cuts her hair, is about to change her life. 

Now, let’s jump in our hot tub time machine and fast forward a few months to see what we can expect to see when it comes to hair trends in 2020.

Although there is an onslaught of options, in this blog post we are sharing the top 25 haircut and hair colour trends that we are predicting will be among the hair trends in 2020. So, keep reading to explore our hair trends 2020 list.

1. Lob (long bob)

First up on our hair trends 2020 list is none other than the "lob”. This type of bob sits just above your shoulders unlike the typical bob which sits at the jaw line. The lob gives you long enough hair to still tie it up, which can be a total lifesaver for sweaty gym sessions or other active days, but is short enough that you can still play with textures and an edgier look. For those who are a bit commitment-phobic about going all in on a short haircut, the lob allows you to play it safe while still exploring a bit of a shorter do. It’s also easy to maintain and flattering for many face shapes

2. Jagged edge bob 

The basic bob isn’t cutting it anymore or at least this is a different take on the classic, blunt bob. We're predicting that more texture will be a must for the bob cut. This means the cut isn’t cut to one length—instead it’s layered and choppy. The jagged cut gives you an edgier look than a blunt bob would. Since we’re getting some “bob fatigue” in 2019 we had to add this to the hair trends 2020 list to show women that there is versatility in the world of bobs.

3. Color Contrasting

This is a bold colour look not for the faint of heart. Instead of straight lines of colour when you opt for highlights or a balayage, the colour contrasting trend calls for something a bit more dramatic. Instead, you’ll have puddles of contrasting colour, and your hairstylist will use a technique to jaggedly add these this colour to your hair. If you’re feeling more than a little adventurous, the hair trends 2020 Gods are calling you to try this one.

4. Face framing highlights

This look requires face framing highlights at the front of your hair giving you a desired lift. If you opt for warm tones then this look is going to add warmth, and brighten up your face like a halo. Another benefit to trying this particular 2020 hair trend, is that it isn’t high-maintenance and will grow out seamlessly. Ginger Spice is a retro example of this trend, her face framing blonde highlights contrasting her red hair screams 90s. Nowadays, celebrities like Beyonce (we will try anything Beyonce tries at least once) are even rocking this look.

5. Bangs are back...micro bangs specifically

We just had to include this one on our
hair trends 2020 list! This face framing bang style starts a couple inches above your eyebrows. This super stylish bang look will be seen even more in 2020 and so far, people either really love it or hate it, either way it’s clear that these bangs make a statement. If you’re not sure if you’re ready to commit, try our should you get bangs quiz to find out, or try out temporary clip-in bangs first! One of the amazing aspects of micro bangs is that they don’t overshadow your beauty by covering up more of your face (like long forehead bangs), instead it opens up your face while softening it. This look is anything but basic. 

6. Peek a boo hair color 

This is a fun little pop of colour without going all in on a full head of a color. Peek a boo highlights are colored highlights added under the top layer of your hair, so that they are slightly hidden. Usually it’s a small patch of a vibrant colour that you can only see when you have a bun or just depending on the movement of your hair. Experiment with more traditional colours or even pastels and other more edgy colours. This look is all about the element of surprise. 

7. Bronde

Not sure whether to go blonde or brunette? Don’t worry, now introducing “bronde” the in between colour that celebrities and models alike are sporting. This hair colour can be achieved in so many different ways by mixing in different tones of blonde and brown. The positive is that keeping the brown tones means it’s less harsh on your hair shaft than bleaching it to a lighter blonde tone. 

8. Red hair

Gorgeous red hair colour, will also be among 2020 hair trends. This colour warms you up, and looks fiery, red, hot! Opt for shampoos that are sulfate free since these will strip your colour. The one thing to watch out for when going red is that we admit that red tends to fade faster than other colour and when red does fade, it is more noticeable. But there’s no denying that even if you become a redhead for a short while, it could be an amazing, vivid change. From Riverdale’s Madeleine Petch to Emma Stone, if you’ve ever flirted with the idea of becoming a redhead, then this may be the year to try it.

9. Curly highlights

In 2020 we predict that girls with thick curly manes will get more playful with highlights to add drama and dimension to their curls. Be careful with colouring your curly hair, since curly hair already tends to be on the dry and frizzy side. If you decide to highlight your curly hair, remember to give your hair some extra love with
hair oils for that extra hydration. However, even adding a few highlights can really help make your curls pop. Also, this look doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, in fact as your highlights grow out over time, they will just end up looking more natural.

10. Shaved head

Unlike in 2007 when Brittany Spears decided to shave her head, the bald headed look is back, on trend and not always a part of a midlife crisis (we think?). While this look may not keep you the warmest this winter season, notable celebs like Amber Rose, Cara Delevigne, and Natalie Portman have continued to rock shaved heads for most of their careers. The edgy, bold look may not be best suited for every face shape, so maybe a quick photoshop edit on one of your pictures will give you a solid idea if the shaved head look is worth the personal risk. Some of the positive aspects of the shaved head look is it’s a super low maintenance haircut, just wash and wear, no styling necessary (what a dream). But if you do miss having a lot of hair and want to add some length, you can always try experimenting with some fun wigs or as your hair grows out, use hair extensions.

11. Bowl cut 

The famously cringe bowl cut, is making a comeback. Now, not necessarily a horrible mishap when your mom decided to go a little too scissor crazy on your hair when you were younger, this look has been sported by famous celebrities -- on purpose, might I add. Similar to the shaved head, we’re not sure everyone can pull off this look, but it has become a stylish and fashionable haircut. It’s also a cheap haircut option, seeing as all you need are --a bowl, a pair of scissors, and a steady hand to achieve this look. The likes of Charlize Theron recently having this hairstyle gave us the push to add it to the
hair trends 2020 list since she looked super badass in the Fast and the Furious franchise with this hairstyle. However, we’d like to recommend having a professional stylist take on cutting your hair for this hairstyle and not your mom, since they can add more dimension to the cut.

12. Silver blonde

While the silver hair trend has come and gone, looking like an ethereal fairy is still #goals, but maybe in a simpler way. Introducing, silver blonde, the perfect way to get silver tones without going all in. Staying in the blonde family, but an icy silvery shade can really give you that Daenarys Targaryen look. Remember, if you try this trend, purple shampoo is going to be your best friend here to keep the colour toned. 

13. Modern shag

This haircut is straight from the grunge 70’s and 80’s, but with a modern twist of more layers and textures. While, retro looks are certainly making a comeback, the key here is to keep the choppiness of the original shag haircut, but not to the point of making you look like you’re from a metal band. You’ve probably already seen Miley Cyrus rocking this haircut lately, while 
Alex Chung has sported variations of the shag haircut look for years. This look even works for curly haired girls! 

14. Butt grazing length

While some celebs are going super short (shaved heads and pixie cuts), on the other end of the spectrum is the trend of mega-length (we’re talking about hair down to your elbows). This look is timeless, and also bold in a different way. If you weren’t blessed with the ability to grow your hair to
exceptional mermaid lengths, don’t worry, a high-quality set of hair extensions can help you to achieve this look. We’ve seen Chrissy Tiegen and Selena Gomez own this look, and we expect to see more of it next year, so we had to add it to the hair trends 2020 list.

15. Curtain bangs

Straight from the 70’s curtain bangs are back! These are bangs that are parted straight down the middle, allowing your face to be framed on either side. Curtain bangs can be awesome for women with round faces because they help to elongate your face. The tricky part is training your hair to stay in this shape since it won’t naturally want to. But if you want to try bangs without the commitment, try clip in bangs. We can thank Camilla Cabello for this one, her curtain bangs are super pretty and really softens her features. 

16. Dip dyed ends

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We had to add this one to our
hair trends 2020 list. Exactly what it sounds like, dip dying your hair ends means just colouring the bottom part of your hair shaft. This is a safe route for those who are afraid of colouring their whole head of hair. Dip dyed ends can range from super bold colours like pinks to more subtle tones like browns. Usually dip dying your ends lasts around 4-6 weeks depending on how many times you wash your hair. 

17. Pixie cut

This super cute short style is known for being short on the sides and longer on top, accompanied by very short bangs. Face shape is important for this cut and one cut definitely doesn’t fit all. This cut can be a commitment since it will take around 20 months for your hair to grow back to shoulder length so, don’t do this after a breakup! Think this one through. Many celebrities have been rocking this short haircut including Zoe Kravitz and Katy Perry.

18. Blunt bob

The blunt bob is still a classic look and more popular than ever. We’re talking a bob that is cut in a straight edge line. The haircut is very sleek and gives you the appearance of sophistication *adjusts monocle*. This cut is also great for most face shapes, and looks great with a single colour or even highlighted hair. The bluntness of the cut really highlights the jawline which makes your face look amazing. Most women wear this haircut styled straight to show off the bluntness of the cut, but you can add waves as well.  

19. Pastel colours

Straight out of candyland, we haven’t seen the end of lilacs, pinks, and other pastel colours. If you’re flirting with the idea of trying a whimsical pastel hair colour, keep in mind that this look is anything but inexpensive or low maintenance. Usually it takes more than one session with a hairstylist to bleach your hair to a light enough colour that you can then dye over with a pastel shade. But if you’re up for the challenge then you’re going to look like you’re meant to ride a unicorn into the sunset and who doesn’t want that!

20. The modern mullet 

Business in the front, party in the back! While, I’m not sure any of us expected this trend to be on the rise in 2020, we’re expecting the party to continue. The mullet is the cousin of the shag, the only real difference is that the mullet is two separate haircuts. Although, you need to be pretty brave to sport the classic mullet, these days trendsetters are dipping their feet into a lighter version. This low key mullet means that your bangs will still be choppy, falling around eyebrow length, and hair at the temples is layered softly, but the transition to the long part of your hair at the back won’t be so extreme. 

21. Mahogany color

This gorgeous hair colour is seriously making a comeback this year. A rich mahogany, which combines the best of red and brown hair, creates an extremely deep and sultry look. If you want to give the illusion of more mystery, this may be the shade of hair you want to try in 2020. Zendaya has been seen owning this hair colour on the red carpet and she was the inspiration for adding this look to our
hair trends 2020 list.

22. Rooty balayage

The already popular balayage look is here to stay in 2020. Again, the low-maintenance do is attractive to anyone who doesn’t want to worry about frequent root touch ups while still adding some colour and dimension to their hair. In fact, we’re embracing and accentuating dark roots for this hair look. If you want to add some length to your balayage then consider using
hair extensions to achieve a gorgeous lengthy look. Keep an eye out for this 2020 hair trend, we’re still rooting for it.

23. Rich chocolate brown

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Before you get too hungry, we’re talking about chocolate brown coloured hair, silly! In 2020, this hair colour will be even more popular. There are many shades of chocolate brown to choose from, milk chocolate, espresso, hot chocolate, and more. Each one more delicious than the next. Smooth, rich chocolate brown can give you a classy, romantic and yet dramatic look.

24. Caramel Highlights 

These warm highlights are well-suited to most people’s colouring. This hue can be placed all over your hair to add contrast or even subtly. Since highlights are less damaging than colouring all of your hair this is a popular option for many people. If you’re worried about hair damage in general, keep in mind there are things you can do to prevent damaging your hair. Over the years, we’ve seen many celebrities rock these delicious caramel highlights and we’ll definitely see this trend continue into 2020 because of how versatile it is. 

25. Long, layers

Reminiscent of the early 2000s this haircut is classic. Long hair lets you play around with different hairstyles more than short hair, and so naturally this is a popular cut. The layers also add the illusion of more thickness and added length. If you don’t have naturally thick hair and want to achieve even more length and thickness, then try a set of hair extensions to give yourself some extra oomph. 

The start of the New Year is special. It’s a chance to start over, set new goals, and be whoever you want to be. Try any of our predictions from our hair trends 2020 list to spice up your look and whether you play it safe or go bold, this list will give you some ideas to experiment with. Flirt with the idea of becoming a redhead or combine two trends and dip dye your hair with a pastel colour! The sky's the limit.

Written by: Amanda Desouza

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