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Luxy® Hair  - Choose your favorite emoji and we'll tell you which hairstyle to get
Easy Hairstyles

Choose your favorite emoji and we'll tell you which hairstyle to get

Emojis are one of the greatest creations brought to the digital world that help us to express our broad range of emotion. From the head exploding emoji for those days when our favorite show has a crazy twist to sleepy face emoji for the day after the company holiday party where we just can’t seem to get out of bed, sometimes, emojis express our emotions better than words ever can. There seems to be an emoji that fits almost any situation and for those that don’t exist yet, chances are someone is petitioning to have it created (we take our emojis very seriously).

Let’s face it we all have our go-tos, our favorites, the ones that always seem to be in the recent tab of our emoji keyboard. If you're like us, you don’t want to live in a world where emojis don’t exist since they bring so much life and color into our digital conversations. How else would we spend hours trying to figure out what our crush meant when he used the winky face emoji? 

Now, imagine if there was a hairstyle that corresponded with your favorite emoji. Well, we came up with them. In this blog post we are going to give you hairstyle ideas based on the emojis you use most in conversations. So, what hairstyle should you get based on my favorite emojis? Keep reading to find out.

Upside down face


This emoji is all about being playful and a little bit cheeky. When you use it you’re usually making a joke or telling someone that you’re up to no good. A personal favorite, this emoji is for those who don't take life too seriously. 

Which hairstyle should I get?

If this is the emoji you’re using often, then you need a hairstyle that totally suits your sassy vibe, and what's sassier than instant bangs? No, we're not asking you to spontaneously cut your bangs, we're talking about clip-in bangs. Change up your look instantly depending on your mood. Perhaps even give your cheeky bangin' alter ego a name when you do decide to rock those bangs! 

Nerd emoji


NERD? Excuse us, we actually prefer the term intellectual badass. If you find you’re an avid user of the nerd emoji in conversations, chances are you’re totally geeking out on different topics. Are you into cosplay or do you spend your nights playing endless hours of Settlers of Catan? The nerd emoji is classic for showcasing your fandom for traditionally uncool things. Contrary to popular belief, we believe the nerd emoji is totally cute and endearing.

Which hairstyle should I get?

If this is the emoji you’re using all of the time, then you need a hairstyle to match your adorably geeky lifestyle. Let your inner geek shine through, because it’s better to be a nerd than one of the herd. A nerdy cute hairstyle that we think works perfectly are low key, lazy hairstyles. Specifically, the sleek high ponytail with hair extensions is our choice hairstyle for users of the nerd emoji. This hairstyle keeps your hair out of your face, so you can get down to work. 

Cool face emoji


Too cool for school? This classic emoji expresses your level of cool factor in a conversation. You have a confident, carefree attitude and aren’t afraid to take chances. You probably use this emoji when you think something is super cool and you want to give it your sign off. 'Cause what’s cooler than being cool?

Which hairstyle should I get?

Every cool girl needs a hairstyle that includes some cool girl hair clips. This trend has been killing it in 2019. Many designers including Alexander Wang and Donatella Versace have had their runway models rock a range of hair accessories including clips, pins, barrettes, and headbands. This nostalgic look is straight out of the 90s, the versatility factor can make them great for any occasion including business casual. So, if you’re a fan of the cool girl emoji, try some hair clips to give you a sweet edge. 

Heart eyes emoji


This emoji is often used to express love or infatuation. We know you’ve probably overused this one, since nobody can just seem to send one of these emojis, more like 10 in a row. It gets us feeling all the feels and that’s why we appreciate its use so much, let’s spread more love! And if you’re using this emoji all the time it probably means you’re a warm, loving person who gets excited about a lot of things *swoon*. 

Which hairstyle should I get?

You need a hairstyle as sweet as you are! Some romantic signature waves are exactly what we think you need if this is the emoji you use often. If you have some natural length and thickness, it will add to the sweet look. However, if you weren’t blessed with natural length and thickness don’t worry, opt for a set of hair extensions to give you that extra swoon. A little drama never hurt anybody, that’s the look we want to achieve here, a sweet, sultry hairstyle. 

Princess emoji


So, you’re a little bit high maintenance. The princess emoji is for the days you’re feeling a little extra sassy and telling your subjects *cough* we mean friends, that you know exactly what you want. You’re royally awesome in every way and who can blame you? This emoji speaks volumes about your fine tastes and how confident you truly are. You are serving looks all around with your grace and beauty. Yasss Queen!

Which hairstyle should I get?

The crown braid is the perfect hairstyle for someone who loves using the princess emoji because, well, it's a crown! Even if you don’t have an actual gold crown, this classic dutch crown braid will have you looking like royalty in no time. It’s a super classy and elegant hairstyle worthy of royalty. Although, this hairstyle seems complicated it’s actually simple to achieve and doesn’t require heat styling. 

Money face emoji


The money face emoji expresses the hustle, whether it’s making money or feeling successful. If you’re using this emoji then you’re driven and want to achieve more wealth. But let’s face it, most of us are still hoping we win the lottery (fingers crossed). 

Which hairstyle should I get?

The Hollywood waves hairstyle is money (we mean that in the best way)! This classic hairstyle gives you a glamorous look straight off the red carpet. This hairstyle also made our list for holiday parties because it’s super easy to achieve, while still looking glam. Just add some waves using a wide-barrel curling wand, consider using hair extensions if you want to add some extra thickness to the look, add a side part, then use some hairspray to hold the style. Super easy!

Alien emoji


The last few years the public questioning the potential for alien existence has been at an all time high. Remember when people threatened to storm Area 51? Also, with the success of the show Stranger Things it’s no wonder the alien emoji has become a popular option. If you’re a believer in extraterrestrial beings then you’ve probably been using this emoji often. If you’re using the alien emoji often, then you’re a little bit quirky and curious. 

Which hairstyle should I get?

Space buns are the perfect alien inspired hairstyle! These are a variation of Princess Leia’s iconic buns from Star Wars except instead of being on the side of your head, these buns will be right on top. This look is totally alien approved, while still giving you a super cute look.

Emojis are incredibly useful in helping us express our feelings in digital conversations. As you can see from our list, they can even be used as inspiration for some hairstyle ideas! If you’re using an emoji often or it’s your favorite emoji, maybe it tells you a little bit about your personality. Let us know if you think any other emojis have a hairstyle that matches in the comments below.

Written by: Amanda Desouza

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