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Luxy® Hair  - Holiday party hair: 3 easy hairstyles for any occassion

Holiday party hair: 3 easy hairstyles for any occassion

December is finally upon us, which means we’re in full holiday mode. If you’re anything like us though, your Christmas tree has been decorated since November 1st and Mariah Carey has been belting out holiday tunes on your iPod all month.

Chances are you have multiple holiday events to attend between friends, work, and family. Maybe you’ve already picked out your outfits and need some help choosing the perfect hairstyle for each one, or perhaps you just need some inspiration for the perfect holiday hair. Either way, we’re here to help with our friend Josie, who created three easy holiday hairstyles perfect for any holiday party this season. The best part? These hairstyles require only some basic braiding skills to create! 

Easy Holiday Hairstyles

Although these hairstyles can be created without the use of hair extensions, Josie uses her 220g Dirty Blonde Luxy Hair extensions for added length and thickness, which takes her hairstyles to the next level. Check out the video tutorial below or scroll down for text instructions.

First things first. Clip in your hair extensions and curl your hair.

Easy Holiday Hairstyles

Clip your Luxy Hair extensions in as you usually would. Then, curl your hair using a larger barrel curling wand, about 1 ½ inches. Using a larger barrel will create larger, looser curls rather than those tight princess curls. Throughout the night, the curls will loosen up into soft waves, although if you want to keep them looking tight, here are some tips and tricks to making your curls last longer.

Easy Holiday Hairstyles

Hairstyle 1: Dutch braid crown

Step 1

Separate a large section of hair on one side, leaving about an inch or two at the front of your face to frame it.

Step 2

Begin Dutch braiding this section toward the back of your head. The key to Dutch braiding is to cross each section under the middle, instead of over, making the braid “pop.” Every time you cross a new section under the middle section, add a bit of hair from the side.

Easy Holiday Hairstyles

Step 3

Once you reach the top of your head, braid the remaining loose hair in a 3-strand braid and secure at the end with an elastic. Then, pull the sides of the braid out slightly to loosen up the braid slightly and make it look thicker.

Step 4

Repeat steps 2 and 3 on the other side of your head.

Step 5

Wrap both braids around your head, secure them at the back of your head with an elastic, and you’re done! 

Easy Holiday Hairstyles

If you find the Dutch braid challenging, this hairstyle can also be created with a regular 3-strand braid, French braid, or a fishtail braid.

Hairstyle 2: Dutch braid crown with bun

Easy Holiday Hairstyles

Step 1

Keeping the braids you just created as is, gather all the loose hair at the back of your head into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck.

Step 2

Twist all the hair into a bun and secure with an elastic. Then, use bobby pins to secure any loose pieces in place, and your second look is done!

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Hairstyle 3: Fishtail braid with headband

Easy Holiday Hairstyles

Step 1

Is it the holidays without sparkles and embellishments? We think not, so grab your favorite glitzy headband for this hairstyle. Once you’ve positioned it just right, remove some pieces of hair at the front to frame your face.

Easy Holiday Hairstyles

Step 2

Gather all your hair toward the nape of your neck and start fishtail braiding it. Separate your hair into two sections, take a bit of hair from the right side, and cross it over to the left side. Then, take a bit of hair from the left side and cross it over to the right side. Repeat this pattern until all your hair is braided.

Easy Holiday Hairstyles

And that’s it! These hairstyles are perfect for any upcoming holiday party and super simple to create. If you try out these hairstyles, be sure to share your recreations on Instagram with the hashtag #myluxyhair. Happy holidays!

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