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Luxy® Hair  - Boho Hairstyles: Boho Twist Braid
Hair Extensions

Boho Hairstyles: Boho Twist Braid

Well, well, well.. What a treat we have for you guys today!

Today we’ll be learning some good old boho braiding from one of our favorite Instagram boho braid queens: @glambytoriebliss, who creates amazing boho-inspired hairstyles every day! Now a little less conversation, a little more action, please - Torie, take it from here, girl!

How to: Boho Twist Braid

Boho Hairstyles: Boho Twist Braid | Luxy Hair

New Year - New hairstyle….that’s how the saying goes, right? Well, I’ve got a quick and easy boho twist braid you can achieve in 10 mins or less that will brighten up your 2017!

Scroll down for step-by-step photo instructions, or watch the full video at the end of this post.

You can wear a hat for a more casual vibe or pop in some sparkly accessories and you’ve got a party-ready look!

Step 1: Clip-in your Luxy Hair Extensions

Boho Hairstyles: Boho Twist Braid | Luxy Hair

To begin this look, I put in my 220g Dirty Blonde Luxy Hair extensions (of course!). I already have long hair, but my Luxies give me loads of thickness and way more dimension and highlights in my hair! You can actually clearly see the difference my Luxies make in this photo:

Before and After with Dirty Blonde Luxy Hair extensions

Moving on! For this particular hair style, I didn't need to prep my hair by curling it, so I clipped my extensions in all at the same time.

TIP FROM TORIE: If you want to curl/wave your hair, start by curling your natural hair with each weft as you work your way up your hair.

How I clip in my Luxy Hair Extensions:

  1. First, add the first weft about 1/2 inch above the base of your hair line
  2. Then, proceed to clip each 2 clip weft on alternating sides
  3. Place the 3 clip wefts on a separate layer
  4. Add in the four clip wefts
  5. Then, clip 2 one clip wefts on each side of your head
  6. Finally, add the last one clip weft to the crown of your head.

For step by step video and photo instructions, you can check out this blog post on how to clip in Luxy Hair extensions!

Step 2: Section Hair

Next, pull your hair over to the side and split it into 2 equal sections.

How to do a Boho Twist Braid with Luxy Hair

Step 3: Twist!

Take each section and twist it towards your face and then twist them around each other going towards the back of your head.

Whichever way you twist the sections individually, you must ALWAYS twist them together the opposite way! This is called a rope braid, and if you want to learn how to do it - you can check out this youtube video tutorial.

How to: Boho Twist Braid | Luxy Hair

Step 4: Pancake time (Mmm...pancakes)

When you almost get to the bottom of the twist it's time to pancake - that means, pull it apart to make it full and fluffy - just like a pancake!

How to: Boho Twist Braid | Luxy Hair

To do this, pinch and pull small sections at a time working your way up and down the twist until it gets to your desired thickness. Repeat this step with the remaining section.

How to: Boho Twist Braid

Step 5: Secure and Perfect

Almost done! Now that you have two super fluffy twists, secure them both together with an elastic.

How to: Boho Twist Braid | Luxy Hair

How to: Boho Braid Hairstyles

Take a small section of hair, wrap it around the elastic and secure it in the back with a bobby pin.

You’re done!

This style is super versatile and can be worn so many different ways! I added a hat because I'm a sucker for hats, but feel free to add whatever accessory you like or keep it as-is!

How To: Boho Braid Hairstyle | Luxy Hair

And as promised, here's the quick video showing the entire process!


Torie Bliss

Thanks again to our beautiful friend Torie Bliss for being a guest contributor to our blog today! Make sure to check out Torie’s blog, and if you’re in Massachusetts, go visit her in person and have her create some magic on your hair!

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20" / 220 grams

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