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Luxy® Hair  - Blonde Halloween Costumes Ideas

Blonde Halloween Costumes Ideas

Whether you rock a natural blonde hue in your hair or want to sport one this year with your halloween costume, we’re here to hook you up with the best ideas! While he internet is filled with plenty of ideas for halloween costumes for blondes, but we’ve curated a list of our top favorites so you can make a trendy statement with your look this year. 

These range from your favorite TV stars to your favorite music artists and more—you could say that these blondes really do know how to have fun. So if you’re looking for ideas for Halloween 2020, you don’t need to look any further. We’ve put together some classic costume ideas, some fresh trendy ones, and some that you can DIY right at home. Keep scrolling to see!

Taylor Swift 

Taylor Swift’s signature red lip and beautiful hair that has seen multiple shades and styles of blonde over the years could totally be your next halloween costume. The girl who has been on our playlists for years now has a pretty iconic look that every Millennial/Gen z will be able to identify easily. 

If you’re channeling your 2006’-2010 Taylor, think girl-next-door, floral dresses, long loose curls, cowboy boots and a guitar for that extra T-Swizzle feel. But if you’re going for the new Taylor who can come to the phone right now, pick out a sexy black dress and a pair of thigh-high boots, and a shorter, edgier ‘do and you’ll be good to go!

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe, the lady who won hearts all around the world is a classic to dress up as for Halloween 2020. So pull out your white dress and wear your brightest red lipstick! For your hair, grab a 1” curling wand and style your curls tight and away from your face at the sides and towards your forehead at the crown of your head. Lightly run your fingers through to create a more natural look.

Cher Horowitz

What better year than 2020 to dress it up like Cher Horowitz as Clueless celebrates its 25th birthday! If you’re looking to go the classic route with your Halloween costume this year, this blonde character is just the one you need to be. Of all the outfits Alicia Silverstone wore in the movie, her checkered skirt-suit was iconic, to say the least. Pair your own with knee-high socks for a look that people will be able to identify from miles away. Straighten your hair down and add a wide headband for extra effect.

Elle Woods

Name a more iconic duo than Elle and her little pooch Bruiser, we’ll wait. Legally Blonde is still one of the most remarkable movies of the 00’s and is, to this day, quoted by many. So bring out all your pinkest pinks this Halloween to create the ideal Elle Woods costume. You can either wear a tracksuit with blingy sunnies, a backless dress or a skirt and blazer combo, but remember to keep it pink. For your hair, part your hair down the middle and add butterfly clips to hold your hair back. Alternatively you could also do a half up-half down pony. 

P.S. remember, when in doubt, bend and snap!


Fun fact: Tinkerbell dies when she doesn’t get enough attention and we think we’re all a little bit like that. So when we were thinking about relatable, real yet fun blonde Halloween costumes, the dramatic Tinkerbell came to mind. A short green dress, face-framing, wispy bangs and a wand in hand—that’s all you need to complete the perfect tinkerbell halloween costume.

Classic 90s Barbie 

We styled Barbie’s hair even before we learnt to style our own. Her beautiful long, straight blonde hair was one of her biggest reasons for her popularity. The best part is that you have so much room to play with your blonde Barbie Halloween costume! You can be a beach Barbie, disco Barbie or even an office Barbie. Just remember to keep your blonde hair styled just like hers—straight, sleek and long. 

Phoebe Buffay 

We believe Phoebe Buffay’s style in FRIENDS was totally slept on. She aced layers, had the quirkiest jewellery and wore her blonde hair in the funnest ways. So if you’re out of time and in need of a last minute halloween costume idea, here’s what to do. To emulate the perfect Phoebe Buffay blonde costume, think monochromatic outfits with various textures. A blue dress with a denim jacket, funky jewellery and chunky boots. For your hair, get creative! A deep side part, milkmaid braids or even a sock bun is the way to go!

Britney Spears

Think of this as another way to participate in the #FreeBritney movement! Her music and style has been ingrained into our minds ever since we were little, so why not pay homage to this queen with your halloween costume this year? Britney’s sexy school girl outfit from ‘Hit me baby one more time’ can be an easy blonde Halloween costume to wear. A white shirt and black skirt with knee-high socks is your recipe to acing this look. Simply braid your hair in two pigtails to complete this look!

Lizzie Mcguire 

We stan Hillary Duff for giving us a character like Lizze Mcguire—the real and the animated. This show is what made most of our teenage years and her Disney style had us wishing we had her wardrobe. Fast forward 15+ years and now we know wearing an outfit like hers isn’t that hard. So if Lizzie Mcguire and her beautiful blonde hair are on your halloween costume wishlist, do not fret. All you need is bright coloured tops, choker necklaces and hair clips a-plenty. Orange and red with blue or pink and yellow with white are a few colour combinations you can try for your costume.

Paris Hilton

Emulating the OG reality TV queen, Paris Hilton is a halloween costume that you just can’t go wrong with. Head into your closet and find a pair of extra low waist pants, a velvet jacket and a flip phone to match and you’re on your way to a look your friends will be talking about for years. We especially love how classic she was with her blonde hairstyles—one that you can totally wear for your own costume. A low ponytail, sleek waves or straight hair parted on the side...that’s hot.

Which one of these iconic blonde Halloween costumes are you going to try this Halloween? Tell us which one of these was your favorite ideas or share your own with us! Happy Halloween, ladies.

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