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Luxy® Hair  - 16 iconic K-pop hairstyles by Blackpink

16 iconic K-pop hairstyles by Blackpink


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re already familiar with the name Blackpink. The K-pop group has taken over the music world, drawing fans across the globe with their catchy tunes and world-class style.

Jennie, Lisa, Rosé and Jisoo make up the girl group and all bring their own flare to the stage, music videos, and red carpet – especially when it comes to hair. 

Blackpink made their debut in 2016 and released their first, full-length album, The Album in October 2020. Their singles before their full album release, however, have topped charts in Asia and around the world. They were also the first K-pop group to perform at Coachella in 2019 and their fans base has their own name, The Blinks. With collaborations with Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga and Cardi B, they are cementing themselves as female artists to be reckoned with.

As a tribute to their growing style influence and to give you world-stage worthy inspiration, we’ve gathered 16 Blackpink hairstyles that’ll make you say (or sing) How you like that?


The Unmovable Bangs

Lisa is known for her signature bangs. They took centre stage at Coachella, having Blinks and new Blackpink fans alike wondering how the bangs remain unmovable despite all her dancing and moving around. One of the group’s hairstylists revealed in an Instagram post that it wasn’t glue (as rumour had it) that kept the bangs perfectly still, it is a drying technique. The stylist said the trick is to blow-dry the bangs first and dry them downwards, hairspray is then used to set the bangs and help keep them in place.

Twisted pigtails

We see a lot of fun and colorful looks in the music video for Ice Cream, featuring Selena Gomez, but this twisted pig tail look is an eye-catcher. It’s easy to recreate this style by tying two pigtails at the top of your head. Separate the ponytail into small portions and twist the hair, use a small clip or a bobby pin to secure the twist and repeat. An easy Blackpink hairstyle!

Short and sweet

The blonde undertone and black on top has a Sia-vibe to it, but Lisa makes it her own. The contrast of the two colors makes the hairstyle really standout. A staple in a Blackpink hairstyle is mixing hair colors (more examples to follow), and this classic match is a stunner.

Fuchsia Red

Remember what we said about color? The fiery pink and red mix gives Lisa a whole new look. While Lisa is known for her iconic bangs, her hair is usually kept neutral in blacks and browns which is why this red/pink look really stood out. Would you try it?


Cover star 

All the girls were featured in Elle magazine in October 2020, but this vintage, wavy look worn by Jennie was simply stunning. A totally different take than the loose, long waves Jennie usually wears on stage, this hairstyle was elegant and classic, totally worthy of the cover page.

Ashy brown

Jennie, is that you? YG, Blackpink’s label released teaser photos ahead of their album drop and this one was a totally new look for Jennie, First, the bangs and second a cool, ashy brown color that totally transformed her look. 


Another winner from the Ice Cream music video, Jennie goes platinum/silver with black streaks. An unexpected but fun look for the singer that definitely put Blinks on notice.

Blonde bombshell

We love the long waves and blonde on Jennie. Easily recreate this look with our favourite waves tutorial. To add length and volume, or, if you want to go blonde without the dye, clip in hair extensions can help you recreate this iconic Blackpink hairstyle.


Rosé Pink


Rosé has distinctively thick hair. She usually wears it down, long and flowing – even for performances. What we’ve seen is Rosé’s style expression through color – like we said earlier there is no Blackpink hairstyle without a little (or a lot of color). So, we had to kick off Rosé’s list with this baby pink and silver look. It’s like the unicorn color trend but more subtle.

Purple pony


From pastel pink to pastel purple, we love this look on Rosé from the group’s W magazine shoot. The simple ponytail is timeless and a refreshing look for Rosé. Ponytails don’t have to be boring – even if you’re just wearing them at home, here are 7 ways to spruce up your ponytail look.

Ariel Red

Are you getting The Little Mermaid vibes from this color or is it just us? With loose waves and a simple, down the middle part this hairstyle is all about this head-turning color. A good blow out with a round brush will help you recreate this look at home – with or without the Ariel color.

Long and blonde

The iconic Rosé look. Just as Lisa is known for her bangs, fans can expect Rosé to don her signature long, blonde, thick locks. While color does take some upkeep (they have a team for this), Rosé has said this is how she wore her hair even as a trainee and before Blackpink fame. We love that she sticks to her style roots, even if her natural ones get some help.


Flower Power

Jisoo posted this pigtail look to her Instagram account and we couldn’t help but dub it iconic. The sunflower contrasting with her other accessories make this look pop. It’s just so sweet, just like we know Jisoo, the unnie (a Korean term of respect for older sister) is to the other members of the group.


The Dior bow in this side-part hairstyle from Ice Cream¸ continues our theme of sweet for Jisoo. We love this look because it can easily be recreated with your favorite hair accessory, beret or clip. The oversized bow makes this look pop with the loose, side waves.

Coachella Red

At Coachella, we saw a new look for Jisoo who usually wears her hair in a natural black or brown, she showed off this new reddish-brown hue. It was a head-turning and eye-catching look for Blackpink’s big debut on the Coachella stage. Each member had distinct hair colors for the Coachella performance, and while we don’t know if this was done purposefully it did make each member stand out in a good way.

The half pony

Jisoo keeps it simple in this half pony tail and long hair. It’s an easy, simple look that lets her accessories do the talking.

While Blinks are committed to all of Blackpink, you may find more of your style in one member more than the other. If you’re not part of the Blinks (yet), it’s hard to ignore the distinct style of the young women who make up Blackpink – especially as their presence and popularity continue to grow in the Asia, the Americas and beyond. 

What makes many of Blackpink’s hairstyles so iconic is that they are are totally attainable for everyday, like Jisoo’s half pony, Jenny’s waves, Lisa’s bangs, or Lisa’s blowouts. While we’ve mentioned that color plays a big part in changing up the girl’s looks, it can do the same for you, but be sure to be treating your hair with the right care when using color treatments.

With a new album out, we expect more music videos and virtual performances, what Blackpink and their stylists come up with next we will have to wait and see. Until then, let us know which of these iconic Blackpink hairstyles you’re going to try.

Written by: Rosalyn Solomon

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