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Luxy® Hair  - Beachy Waves | For Straight & Fine Hair
Hair Extensions

Beachy Waves | For Straight & Fine Hair

Hi everyone! It's Zane from Luxy Hair here! In today's tutorial, I'll show you how I create my beachy voluminous waves.

My hair is naturally fine and straight and that's why it tends to look more flat. I love to create wavy hairstyles, as I really like the volume and effortless look that they create. For this reason, I've perfected my beachy waves routine that works nicely for my hair type and lately this has become my go-to hairstyle. In order to achieve that extra volume and add more drama to this look, I'm wearing my Dirty Blonde Luxy Hair Extensions.


Beach waves

Beachy waves—a hairstyle you can pretty much wear anywhere. Brunch with the girls, date night, or even to a picnic with your family. This soft, tousled 'do is one you'll wanna wear again and again because of how simple and effortless this look is. Trust us when we say that achieving your perfect beachy wave look isn't as hard as you think. This step-by-step tutorial will help you get there in minutes. 


Here's how you can get the look:

Step 1

Add in your Luxy Hair extensions! Make sure to wear them lower on your head since you're gonna be wearing your hair down in this look.  

Step 2

Before you begin curling your hair, don't forget to spray your hair with a heat protectant to minimize any damage to your natural hair and your extensions. 

Step 3

Separate the top part of your hair away so it's easier to create the curls.

Step 4

Grab a medium-sized section of your hair from the back and wrap it around keeping it flat on the curling wand. Make sure you are curling away from your face.

Pro tip: Leave a few inches of hair out at the bottom which will give it a more beachy look.

Step 5

Take the next medium-sized section of hair and curl towards your face. 

Step 6

Continue curling sections of your hair alternating between curling them towards your face and away from your face. This will help give your hair more volume and make those curls look effortless. 

Step 7

Now that you've curled all your hair, take smaller sections from the crown of your head to create a few defined curls. You can choose which sections of your hair you want to be wavier.

Step 8

If you have bangs, create a soft wave at the tip of the hair that frames your face to complement the rest of your curls.

Step 9

Lightly run your fingers through your hair to make your curls blend better and make them look more effortless.

Pro tip: If your hair tends to be flat, take small sections at the crown of your head and lightly tease it all around for that extra oomph. Make sure to not tease your hair extensions, and just your natural hair from the root. 

Step 10

To add some more volume, tease the ends of your hair section by section and finish off with hairspray.  

Beach waves

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