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Luxy® Hair  - The secret to shiny hair, beating dandruff, & more | Ask Luxy
Hair Care & Advice

The secret to shiny hair, beating dandruff, & more | Ask Luxy

This week, we’re bringing you another round of Ask Luxy, our hair advice column. At Luxy Hair, we’ve tried it all, so we can tell you what works, what doesn’t, all while giving you the insider tips to getting beautiful hair.

Ask Luxy

Today, we’re discussing everything from getting glossy, shiny hair to how to get rid of dandruff. Have a problem you haven’t been able to solve? Read on—we just might have the solution you’ve been waiting for.

What is the difference between classic and seamless hair extensions?

Ask Luxy

Hair Expert: Julia Venturin, Customer Experience Specialist
Hair type: Oily roots, dry ends
Hair length: Medium 
Hair texture: Fine, wavy 
Luxy Hair extensions: Seamless 180g Dirty Blonde

Classic vs Seamless...it’s the great hair debate and a question that I get very often. Our Seamless extensions are different from our Classic extensions in the way that they are styled and manufactured. I’ve found that choosing the right set ultimately comes down to personal preference. So what exactly is the difference? Seamless extensions have a silicone base, which means they have a unique stretch and more movement and flexibility, while our Classic collection has a fabric stitched base. Also, our Seamless extensions are 50% thinner at the base of the wefts than our Classic extensions. 

Still unsure what’s the right fit for you? In short, if you have very fine, very thick, or short hair, the Classic collection is probably your best bet. On the other hand, if your hair is fine, short, or medium-thick, or if you just want a more natural look, opt for the Seamless collection. Ultimately, both collections are good for different hair types and purposes, which you're welcome to read more about here.

What is the best heat protectant?

Ask Luxy

Hair Expert: Azra Kassam, Editorial Coordinator 
Hair type: Normal 
Hair length: Medium 
Hair texture: Thick, wavy
Luxy Hair extensions: Classic 220g Off-Black

With all my heat styling over the years, I can definitely say I’ve learned a thing or two about the importance of using a heat protectant. Still, the best way to avoid heat damage is to forgo the hot tools entirely by air-drying your hair or using a heatless method to style your locks. Of course, I know this isn’t always feasible; sometimes you can’t help but want to give your hair that extra boost with a curling iron or straightener and when you do, a good heat protectant should be an absolute must.

So how does it work exactly? A heat protectant essentially works by sealing the hair cuticle to reduce moisture loss and protect from heat damage. Of course, this isn’t as effective as forgoing the hot tools entirely, but it can still make a big impact, especially if you heat style your hair on a regular basis.

I’d suggest opting for a natural heat protectant with clean ingredients that won’t irritate your hair or scalp. Spray it throughout your hair and be sure to comb through so that the product is evenly distributed and you haven’t missed any spots. If you want to go the extra mile, here are some totally natural one-ingredient heat protectants you probably have lying around your kitchen. Not only are they super effective, but you can also rest assured you’re not spraying your hair with any toxic chemicals.

How do I get shiny hair?

Ask Luxy

Hair Expert: Takara Wong, Senior Customer Experience Specialist  
Hair type: Oily
Hair length: Long
Hair texture: Thick, straight
Luxy Hair extensions: Classic 220g Jet Black

The secret to shiny hair? Have oily-prone hair. Kidding! Well, sort of.

My personal trick to achieving shiny hair is simple: hair oil. I use it for its intended purposes and it has never let me down. After I get out of the shower, I apply a little bit of hair oil on my hands and squeeze it into the ends of my damp hair. Once my hair is dry, I’ll do the same thing but run the product through the ends. I make sure to not put too much product on, to avoid looking like I’m rocking greasy, third-day hair that’s in desperate need of a wash.

If you don’t have any fancy hair oil to use, a tiny bit of something as simple as coconut oil will also do the trick. Make sure the oil has melted completely in your hands before you apply to your hair, otherwise you’ll have clumps of coconut oil through your hair, which will melt on its own and make your hair really greasy.

Have some extra time on your hands? A hair mask will also do the trick as they help add moisture and nutrients back into your hair, which will make it shine from the inside out. Here are some other shiny hair tips and tricks I swear by. 

How do I get rid of dandruff?

Ask Luxy

Hair Expert: Stephanie Ahn, Social Media Coordinator 
Hair type: Oily, split ends 
Hair length: Medium 
Hair texture: Fine, straight 
Luxy Hair extensions: Seamless 180g Ombre Chestnut 

If you are struggling with dandruff, believe me, I know how embarrassing it can feel. Don’t worry, though, dandruff is actually very common and though it can be annoying, it’s harmless. Still, if you experience dandruff, you probably want to put to problem to bed ASAP.

Since dandruff is just an overgrowth of skin cells which flake off the scalp, it can happen to everyone from those with an oily, irritated scalp to those with a dry scalp. Things like poor product choice and cold weather can worsen the problem.

So what exactly can you do? I’ve found that using natural haircare products that don’t contain any harsh chemicals works wonders for my scalp and hair, really keeping my dandruff at bay. I also have found that brushing my hair regularly (at least once a day) helps the normal shedding of the skin, in turn, reducing dandruff. Plus, it’s a great massage for your scalp and helps stimulate blood flow and hair growth!

If you’re feeling like you want to go the extra step to kick your dandruff to the curb, we’d suggest trying out one of these easy at-home remedies like applying baking soda to your scalp to balance pH levels or using apple cider vinegar as a conditioner to help relieve itchiness and soothe irritation.

How do I fix dryness?

Ask Luxy

Sophie Lalani, Editor/Copywriter
Hair type: Normal to dry 
Hair length: Long
Hair texture: Thick, wavy
Luxy Hair extensions: Classic 220g Mocha Brown

I have a lot of hair and while I can go a long time between washes, the downside is that sometimes my hair starts to feel dry, particularly the mid-lengths and ends. After dealing with this problem consistently for a while, I’ve found some easy ways to make your hair less dry, so it looks healthier and is easier to style.

My number one tip is to wash your hair less. That’s right, if you have dry hair and are washing your hair daily, you should definitely reconsider as this strips away all the natural oils you want to preserve on the hair. Instead, try to extend the time between washes by using a dry shampoo and brush your hair regularly to distribute the oils from your scalp through the rest of your hair. If you think you might be washing your hair too often, check out this guide. Feeling a little extra? These DIY hair masks can transform dry hair instantly.

Did we answer your burning question? If not, there’s always next time. Be sure to stay tuned to our Instagram by following @luxyhair so you won’t miss out on our next call for questions. In the meantime, if you try out any of our expert tips, snap a photo and share it with us at the hashtag #myluxyhair

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