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Luxy® Hair  - 30 Day Self-Care Challenge | Luxy Hair

30 Day Self-Care Challenge | Luxy Hair

We are so excited to start 30 days of these short, but fun and rewarding challenges. Are you going to join? Be sure to tag #luxyhairchallenge on Instagram to share what you're doing every day! 

We are starting this challenge as a team on Monday, October 23rd - and will be announcing daily on our Instagram @luxyhair  so be sure to follow along! 

30 Day Self-Care Luxy Hair Challenge

  1. Declutter a room or workspace.
  2. Listen to a podcast.
  3. Text someone you care about and tell them how you feel about them.
  4. Drink at least 1.5 litres of water.
  5. Clean out your inbox.
  6. Try something new with your hair.
  7. Pamper yourself: take a long shower or a bubble bath.
  8. Random act of kindness.
  9. Research an unfamiliar topic.
  10. Try something new today.
  11. Stretch your entire body.
  12. Do a 1 minute spontaneous dance… right now!
  13. Try a new exercise.
  14. Watch a documentary.
  15. Eat a really healthy lunch today.
  16. Go for a 30 minute walk.
  17. Say “I am beautiful” out loud 3 times.
  18. Google “Luxy Hair Love Is All Around” and share the video with at least 1 person. 
  19. Do one thing you’ve been putting off forever.
  20. Groom yourself - nails, hair, skin. 
  21. Kick back and watch your favorite movie.
  22. Create a list of short term goals.
  23. Make a list of all things you are grateful for.
  24. Define what gives you stress.
  25. Treat yourself to something that feels good.
  26. Ask your friend, family member, or boss for feedback on how you can improve. 
  27. Be vegan or vegetarian for a full day.
  28. Drink at least 2 cups of green tea today. 
  29. Google “harmful effects of sugar” and go sugarless for the rest of the day.
  30. Write a love letter to yourself (200 words minimum). 

As we do these challenges daily with our followers, we will do our best to come back and write down some awesome ideas you could do for each. So be sure to check back to see this list filled out with suggestions! Or - if you have any of your own - be sure to comment below.

So excited!

-Luxy Hair Team

We would like to add that this challenge has been inspired by www.wantforwellness.com, a lifestyle blog with tips, articles and challenges for a happy and fulfilling life!

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