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Luxy® Hair  - The Bow Braid
Hair Extensions

The Bow Braid

This braid is a head turner! It's not really bows and quite frankly it's not even a braid. It all just looks like a very pretty mess that slightly resembles bows, so I decided to call it The Bow Braid. I've invited beautiful Zane to be my model, as it's much easier to create this hairstyle on someone else, so ask your mom, your sister or your BFF to help you out with this hairstyle if you can. Otherwise, you can just DIY it. I gotta warn you though, sore arms are guaranteed!

For thickness and length Zane is wearing her Dirty Blonde Luxy Hair Extensions.

Give the Bow Braid a try and make sure to snap a picture and share it with us. We absolutely love your recreations, so remember to use #luxybowbraid and #luxyhair on Instagram when you post it.


Bow braid

Bow braidBow braid

Shop the look

20" / 220 grams

20" Classic Dirty Blonde Clip-Ins (220g)


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