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Luxy® Hair  - Meet Lindsay: #myluxyhairstory
Hair Extensions

Meet Lindsay: #myluxyhairstory

We love hearing our beautiful customers' stories about how Luxy Hair has impacted their lives. So, we reached out to you to share your stories with us - here is our first Luxy Hair Story:

From thick, curly hair to thin, fragile hair

For most of my life, my hair has been very curly, unlike most of my family’s locks. In fact, my curly hair trait was shared only by grandmother, who was one of my best friends. About 5 years ago, my hair unexpectedly began to change quite dramatically. My once springy curls stretched out to wavy kinks; My once thick locks began to thin and fall out. I didn’t know at that time what was causing my hair to change so much, and I was trying every maintenance technique I could find to try and get my hair to grow back in, but nothing was working and my hair continued to fall out. Eventually I would find out that unknown food allergies were causing multiple autoimmune symptoms, including hair loss.

At the beginning of this hair loss period, I was beginning a time in my life where I was learning to practice self-care. I had started eating healthy foods, practicing a fun exercise routine, and following methods to reduce stress. I was learning to love and accept myself for who I was, and all of these things were helping me to feel more confident in my own skin, but one thing was still holding me back – my hair. The way my hair looked just didn’t match the way I felt about myself, and I felt that it was holding me back from feeling fully confident. As much as I wanted to love myself exactly as I was, I yearned for a part of me that I once felt so amazing about. The missing hair were so noticeable, and I’ll never forget the painful tears I cried when I realized that this out-of-control hair loss could take my hair away from me even more as time went on.

Then...I found Luxy Hair

I felt more and more hopeless as I searched the internet for hours each day looking for solutions to this problem. No matter what I tried, my hair wouldn’t grow back in, and I knew that the length of hair I had lost would take many years to re-grow. I wanted to feel that confidence I once had in my hair, even if just for a little while as I was trying to address the issues that were causing my hair loss. Then one day, while doing more research online, an ad showed up for hair extensions from a company called Luxy Hair.

I had never considered hair extensions before because I truly didn’t know anything about them. After navigating the website (and doing even more research online to understand different types of extensions), I searched through their “Before & After” photo section. I was STUNNED by some of the transformations that these women had experienced. Some of them looked like they had thin hair like mine, and the extensions they were wearing looked so natural once they were in place.

Luxy Hair extensions before & after

My biggest fear with buying a set of extensions was that I wouldn’t be able to make them look natural. My hair was not as straight as the women in the photos; mine was kinky and frizzy and theirs was straight and shiny. However, I was also learning to properly heat-style my own hair so that I could make it straight or wavy in a way that made me feel good enough about it to leave the house. Once I felt confident enough about my technique to match my hair to the style and texture of the extensions, I decided it was time to try them. It was a hard decision at the time because I was struggling to find work after graduating college, but the motivation of the before-and-after photos from Luxy’s website and the helpful instructions provided by the company convinced me that the quality of the hair and the final result while wearing them would be worth it.

Clip in hair extensions

When I received the extensions in the mail a few days after ordering them, I couldn’t wait to try them out. When I saw what they looked like after clipping them in, I felt the tears again, but these were different – they were joyful tears. The day had finally come where I could see myself with the hair I had wanted for so, so long. The extensions matched my hair color and I could actually blend them in with my shorter hair. Trust me, the blending process wasn’t perfect at first, and it took a lot of practice to style them with my wavy hair, but the Luxy website was able to help me learn to style and care for the extensions so they would look more natural.

Lindsay Snodgrass

I was transformed! 

Before using these extensions, I used to dread having to leave the house each day with my own hair falling out more and more. I was terrified that someone would see the bare spots or comment on how thin the hair was (and believe me, both of these situations did happen to me during this time). I longed to have hair that I could create fun hairstyles with or even just run my hands through. I wanted hair that made me feel excited to wake up and style it each morning. Luxy Hair extensions truly gave me these opportunities.


My hair was finally becoming something in my life that I had more control over. It became a fun part of my life after years of having it be a disappointing part. It gave me a new confidence in the way I presented myself each day, whether it was going to work, attending job interviews, taking a trip to the grocery store, or relaxing at home. I was no longer afraid that people would focus on how bad my hair looked or that they would judge me based on that alone. I felt that my hair was something to be proud of again, and I felt normal.

160g Chestnut Brown Luxy hair extensions

Here are a few things I've learned that I'd like to share

After wearing Luxy Hair extensions for over 3 years now, I have learned a lot of things from my experience. By far, the most important thing I learned is that confidence truly comes from within yourself. I had to learn to love myself without the extensions or the hair I used to have. I understand that I’m lucky to have the hair that I do, especially since many others out there have lost much more than I have. These Luxy extensions have just been the icing on the cake for me in my journey to loving myself, and they have made me feel so good to be in my own skin now. Here are a few other things that I have learned:

  • Follow the instructions for wear and care closely: The information that Luxy Hair provides has helped me keep my extensions (which I wear every day) looking beautiful and healthy for around least six months per set.
  • There is very little you can’t do with the extensions: I’ve worn my extensions while hiking, weight lifting, dancing, traveling and more; these experiences have helped me learn so many styles that works for each situation, like braids, buns, ponytails, loose waves, curls, etc. Be ready to have SO many more style options open to you!
  • It takes practice: I had to do a little extra work for a while to learn how to get these to work with my own hair, which was different from the extensions as far as texture, length, and thickness. The more I practiced and the more I learned from the website, the better they looked and the prouder I was of them!

160g Dark brown Luxy Hair extensions

If you’re wondering if these are right for you, I hope my story has helped you. I was so afraid that I wouldn’t be able to make them work for me and that I would fail to make them look like they were truly my hair, but I am so grateful for these extensions. If you’re ready for a change like I was, then this is a great step. If you have questions, the Luxy team is wonderful at helping you find color matches, learning how to blend extensions, troubleshooting issues, and more, so reach out to them for guidance if you need it!


Thank you Luxy Hair!

Thank you to the Luxy Hair team for playing a part in helping me on my hair journey. It has transformed the way I feel about my hair and has given me a boost in my confidence each day that I face the world. These extensions have made me love my hair again!!

Thank you for sharing your lovely story with us, Lindsay! Click here to find out how you can have your Luxy Hair story featured on our Hair Blog!

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