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Luxy® Hair  - 5 mommy bloggers share their ultimate time-saving hair hacks
Hair Care & Advice

5 mommy bloggers share their ultimate time-saving hair hacks

Motherhood. It's rewarding, challenging, messy, beautiful, chaotic, and downright beautiful.

No matter how you may describe motherhood, one thing is for sure: it's time consuming—and many moms slowly find their beauty routines falling to the wayside or attempting to find faster, easier ways to achieve a look that's polished and put-together. Whether it's postpartum hair loss solutions or simply finding the time to get glammed up, we've enlisted the help of 5 of our favourite mommy bloggers who are experts in hair and beauty to find out their ultimate time-saving hair hacks during a busy day with the kids. 

1. Ruby Frias

Mommy hair hacks

From raising two baby girls to offering beauty and fashion tips on her blog Heyitsrubee, Ruby says her main hair issues have been postpartum hair loss and hair thinning. Her ultimate hair hack is to add a few wefts of Luxy Hair extensions to a top knot to get it looking full and voluminous.

She says:

"What used to be a voluminous top knot, is now non- existent. I discovered Luxy Hair extensions and now getting that half up, half down top-knot is super quick and easy to do! 

To get the look, apply extensions as normal but leave the 4 one clip wefts to the side for later use. You’ll want to grab a section at the top of your head where you’d like to create your top knot (this should all be your own hair, try not to grab any of the extensions). Then, tie that section into a pony at the top of your head. Be mindful of leaving a layer of hair between your last set of wefts and your section of hair in a pony. This is so your clips don’t show!

Once your hair is in a pony, flip your ponytail forward, to where its hanging in front of your forehead. Begin clipping the one clip wefts one after another on your pony. I like to curl my hair and extensions together once everything is in place to give it more volume, this is so my top knot doesn’t lay flat and has more texture to it. Now style as normal and play with your top knot for your desired look. 

I love this simple hack and how it instantly gives your knot more volume!"

Get more styling tips on Ruby's blog and Instagram

2. Kristin Pitman

Author of The Delilah Blog, Kristin says she has always been passionate about fashion and beauty, ultimately convincing a good friend of hers to cut his hair, earning her the biblical nickname Delilah. Momma to one, Kristin says her biggest hair issue is maintaining volume in her lob when on the go. 

She says:

My fine hair has always made it difficult to get a voluminous look that also lasts for more than 20 minutes! To accomplish that loose curl look while still maintaining hold & volume, I spray dry shampoo before the curl followed by hairspray after the curl (done in layers!). End it off by running your fingers through your curls to calm them down a bit, and voila!"

Follow Kristin for more tips on her blog and Instagram

3. Sari Friedman

Directing of Marketing extraordinaire, fashion maven, skincare addict and momma to two, Sari is the definition of a cool mom. But what's a mom to do when she wants to keep up with trends yet can't spare hours every couple of months at the hair salon?

"Balayage is my best friend. I used to have bangs just a year ago, but found that it was way too much maintenance for someone like me. Now, in order to stay on trend in an easy way, I get balayage done through the ends of my hair. Let's be honest, who has the time to sit at the hair dresser's getting root touch ups or bang trims? Balayage allows me to only go to the hairdresser once or twice max a year, and spend more time at pumpkin patches with my kids.

After having my second child, my hair texture also changed from straight to wavy, which totally works in my favour, as I find that balayage hair looks best on me when my hair has a slight wave."

Follow Sari for more hair and skincare tips on her Instagram

4. Emily Foley

Emily L. Foley is a trend expert, TV spokesperson and social media influencer who believes in authenticity above all else. She is a working mom of two and shares beauty and lifestyle tips on Instagram. Emily's ultimate hair hack is...not doing anything at all. 

She says:

"As a working mom and beauty expert, I am constantly teaching my friends and followers the art of not washing your hair, because who has time for that?? Beyond just the taking too much time thing, it actually isn’t good for our hair to wash it every day (or even every two days), because it strips the hair and scalp of natural oils/moisture.

Over-washing your hair can actually make your hair more oily, because your hair freaks out when it is routinely stripped of its natural moisture/oil, and therefore creates more oil! So the idea that you have to wash your hair every day because it is so oily is actually false, because washing it every day is what is making it so oily!

So, I help people ‘train’ their hair to go longer between washings. The trick is not to just go from washing every day to washing once a week, or your hair will be oily, and you’ll be miserable! You just push it one extra day at a time, and slowly, over several weeks and months, your hair will adjust, and soon, you’ll be washing your hair way less frequently.

Now, what do you do during this training period to make sure your hair looks fabulous, even if it isn’t clean? Two words: Headbands and dry shampoo! Ok, that’s not two words, but those are the key to having good mom hair! Dry shampoo and more dry shampoo, and then pretty, decorative headbands, which hide a world of problems from frizz to limpness to oiliness to flakiness. And since headbands are a huge trend right now, it’s really easy to find pretty, affordable options."

5. Aneta Alaei

Author of Home with Aneta, Aneta has a similar approach to Emily's philosophy of "less is more."A self proclaimed "loud and outspoken Toronto lifestyle and mommy blogger stretching her fingers trying to grasp at all of the straws," Aneta is mom to four kids, determined to make the most out of life and experience life with as much magic as possible.

She says:

"My greatest hair hack is to not wash it every day and embrace the 2nd and 3rd-day texture to do some messy braids or other styles that need to hold. Also, dry shampoo is your friend even on freshly washed hair to add that texture."

If you're a mom on the go, we hope these mommy bloggers have offered up some helpful hairstyling hacks. Embrace that gritty texture, try out hair accessories, stock up on dry shampoo, and remember, we're all doing the best we can.

Are you a mom on the go? Do you have any helpful mommy hair hacks? Let us know in the comments below.

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