Mermaid Braid Tutorial

Today I'm going to show you how to transform yourself into a mermaid! Just kidding...haha. I will show though how to create this incredible Mermaid Braid that will get heads turning and compliments showering you - guaranteed!

I've added my Ombre Chestnut Luxies for thickness and length, as well as beautiful highlights that the extensions add to my hair. Watch the video to see how I create this very intricate, yet beautiful hairstyle.

MermaidBraid_MimiIkonn.jpg MermaidBraid_MimiIkonn.jpg

For this hairstyle all you will need are: a few elastic bands, a curling wand, and a few bobby pins!

MermaidBraid_MimiIkonn.jpg MermaidBraid_MimiIkonn.jpg MermaidBraid_MimiIkonn.jpg

Step One: Separate a section at the crown of your head, and secure it with an elastic band

Step Two: Gently pull on small sections to add volume to the crown of your head

Step Three: Create a three strand braid all the way down this section, and secure it with an elastic band.

Step Four: Curl a small section of hair framing your face.

Step Five: Twist the curl, and loop through the base of the braid.

Step Six: Curl another section of hair below the top section, twist the curl towards the braid, and now loop this curl through the middle of the braid.

Step 7 to 9: Repeat step four to six, making your way down to the bottom of the braid

Step ten: Secure the braid together with a hair elastic.

Complete Hairstyle by bobby pinning any hairs that need to be pinned down.


Products used in this tutorial:

Ombre Chestnut #T1C6

Length: 20" inches

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