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Luxy® Hair  - Luxy Hair Makeover: From Bleaching Disaster to Luscious Long Locks
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Luxy Hair Makeover: From Bleaching Disaster to Luscious Long Locks

We've all been there - when the urge to lighten our hair strikes, it can be tempting to take the DIY approach. Unfortunately for our beautiful customer Alyssa, her at-home ombre did not go as planned. After being forced to chop off her damaged, bleached ends, Alyssa's confidence was shot. That's where we come in...

After reading Alyssa's entry to our Customer Makeover Contest, we were touched by her story and knew she would be a deserving recipient. We brought Alyssa down to Luxy Hair HQ for a full day of pampering and helped transform her damaged locks using Luxy Hair extensions - a hair dream come true.

Check Out Alyssa's Contest Entry Below:

how to fix damaged hair

For Alyssa, long, voluminous hair was always a part of her identity. After her DIY bleaching experience gone wrong, she realized her only option to save her remaining hair was to cut her hair to ear-length. Even after months of trying to grow out her hair, the length and texture was never the same, leaving Alyssa feeling low on confidence.

Enter Luxy Hair.

After finding Alyssa's perfect Luxy match, (220g Ombre Chestnut), our hair and makeup team got straight to work transforming Alyssa's look, and a few hours later, she was a whole new woman.

A big thank you to Alyssa for coming all the way to Luxy Hair HQ for your makeover. We had so much fun watching you transform your look and regain your confidence.

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