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Luxy® Hair  - 1 girl, 1 week, 3 looks with Luxy Hair extensions

1 girl, 1 week, 3 looks with Luxy Hair extensions

If you’re thinking about a bold haircut or changing your hair colour, maybe all you need are a few new looks to get you excited about your hair again. Life is too short to have boring hair and they say variety is the spice of life, so maybe it’s time you spice things up! 

How to change up your look with hair extensions

Hair extensions can be a tool to help you change up your look and give you more hair styling options without having to commit to a permanent change. You can go from hair lengths that are short to medium to long in only a few minutes, and can even make flat hair look fuller and thicker! Not only that, you can add balayage highlights if you want a bit of colour, changing up the color of your hair with no dyeing or damage. 

The best part about having multiple sets of hair extensions is that you can change your hair as often as you change your mood. These changes can be subtle or more dramatic, whatever reflects your personal style. 

In this blog post, we’re showing you how to change up your look and achieve three hair looks in one week using hair extensions. For work, school, or an occasion, these versatile hair looks can be worn anytime/anywhere.

Look 1: Long hair and volume with halo hair extensions

How to change up your look

Here’s how to change up your look with the new Luxy Hair Halo extensions.

Step 1

Start by parting your hair at the crown and pinning it up.

Step 2

Place the Halo over your head along the part line. After you apply the Halo, the weight of your hair laying on top will help to keep it in place. 

Step 3 

Snap the two clips shut for extra security. 

Step 4

Gently brush your hair over the wire using a Loop Extensions Brush to cover it. 

Step 5

To finish the look, clip in the bonus 2-clip weft side pieces to help with blending around your face.

How to change up your look

If you’ve struggled to grow your hair longer for most of your life (we feel your pain) there may be reasons why and things you can do to stimulate growth. But let’s face it, certain hairstyles just look better with longer hair and more hair gives you more to work with.


Read this post to learn more about Luxy Hair Halo hair extensions.

Look 2: Mega volume with 16" hair extensions

How to change up your look with hair extensions

If you have shorter hair, change up your look by adding a shorter set of hair extensions to add thickness and volume without the additional length.

Step 1

Clip up your hair leaving one layer down at the back. 

Step 2

Clip in each weft at the roots of each layer. 

Step 3

Repeat and clip smaller wefts to the sides. 

How to change up your look

A shorter voluminous look is achieved with this 16” hair extensions set. This is for those days where you just want to add a bit of oomph to your hair and focus more on the thickness and less on the length. Sometimes you may not want Rapunzel hair everyday, but having a little more thickness can give your hair a lot more body, movement, and life. 


If you’re a girl who has thin hair, this set is exactly what you need to make your hair fuller.  Rather than going to the salon for an expensive blowout or even trying to do your own blowout at home, opt to use this set of hair extensions. They can help you achieve a thicker look in minutes without damaging your hair with hot styling tools

Look 3: Add color with balayage hair extensions

How to change up your look with hair extensions

Step 1

Start by clipping in your seamless balayage wefts layer by layer. 

Step 2

Stack your wefts to maximize length and thickness and loosely curl your natural hair with the extensions to blend them.

How to change up your look

Adding natural looking highlights into your look has never been easier with balayage hair extensions. If you aren’t familiar with how balayage stacks up against other hair colouring techniques, check out this guide

The best part: no damage. The harsh chemicals in hair colour can often leave your hair thirsty, dehydrated, dry, brittle...you get the point. We don’t want any part of that mess. Your hair needs a break every once in a while, a little R&R to give it more life. Balayage hair extensions can help to change up your look while still keeping your hair healthy. 


Beyond keeping the quality of your hair intact, you will also save time and money since you will no longer have to go to an expensive salon and sit in the salon chair for hours to get your hair colour touched up every few months. Instead just clip your balayage hair colour in, giving you the highlights you always dreamed of. Confused on which color to get? Learn the best color highlights for your skin undertones and go from there. 

Additional tips

Here are some holy-grail hair extension tips for you to incorporate into your hair care routine as you learn how to change up your look.

1. Pre-curl your hair extensions

This ensures they are always ready to go with a beautiful wave in them. Start by putting them on the Luxy Hair Extensions Carrier, hang them up and then use a curling iron to get some natural looking curls. Store them this way so that they’re always styled and ready for when you need them.

2. Use the Luxy Hair Extensions Carrier to store your hair extensions

Prolonging the life of your hair extensions is the key to having good hair for a long time. Your hair extensions are made out of 100% Remy human hair, therefore they need some TLC in order to keep them looking their best. Don’t worry, however, we’ve tested out the best products for hair extensions to see which ones you need to be using to keep your extensions healthy. 


3. Try the Luxy Signature Wave

The Luxy signature waves gives you beautiful looking loose, shiny, glossy waves. We’ve used that wave style for all of the looks in the video because they look natural and effortless. Read this post to learn how to achieve the Luxy signature waves.

How to change up your look with hair extensions

Most of us make hair contact before we even make eye contact. Learning how to change up your look can be fun and easier than you think. As you can see from this post, a few wefts can make a big difference. 

Make your hair longer and add more volume with the Luxy Hair Halo extensions set. If you’re just looking for more volume, but focus less on your hair length, check out the 16” Luxy Hair extensions set. Lastly, if you want to experiment with some colour try the Luxy Hair balayage extensions set. 

With hair extensions you can change up your look without having to commit permanently. So, if you have commitment issues don’t worry you still can totally try new looks without going all in. 

We’ve covered how to change up your look over a week with Luxy Hair extensions in this post, but keep experimenting to find new looks. Remember ladies, invest in your hair, because it’s the crown you don’t take off. Yasss Queen. 

Written by: Amanda Desouza

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