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Luxy® Hair  - How To Care For Curly Hair
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How To Care For Curly Hair

You've asked, and we answered! Today's blog post is for all you curly-haired beauties out there, who are looking for the best tips on how to care for their curls.

Today's tips are brought to you by our very own curl-expert Ashley, who has perfected her curly hair care routine. She has tried and tested lots of techniques and products on her curls over the years, and today we are lucky to have her share the best tips and tricks with you.

How to care for curly hair

1. Don't over-shampoo 

Generally, curly hair is prone to being dry, which is the reason why it's so important not to over-wash it. Excessive shampooing opens up the cuticles and strips the hairs of their natural oils, which will dry out your curls even more. The less you wash, the better! Whenever those curls start to frizz, you can do protective hairstyles, which we will write all about in another post.

2. Cleanse the scalp

That being said, shampooing curly hair is still necessary for healthy hair growth, as it gets rid of all the buildup from oils, dirt, and dust (umm we don't want that, no thanks!). When shampooing, concentrate on rubbing and cleansing your scalp properly with your fingertips.

3. Avoid alcohols and sulfates

The key is to use products specifically made for curly hair, which are also sulfate and alcohol free. As you may already know from this post, these are the ingredients that really dry out the hair (and are also harmful in other ways), so you want to avoid them at all costs.

Speaking of keeping moisturized, it's so important to replenish moisture into your curls. Some ways you can do that is by using conditioner every time you wash your hair, as well as performing routine deep conditioning and oil treatments.

Try this DIY coconut hair mask, as well as take look into what oils you can treat your curls with. Do this once a week, and trust us - your curls will love it and will literally drink up the moisture! Nice and hydrated, that's how we like 'em.

4. Gently dry your hair with a cotton t-shirt

Gently dry your hair with a cotton t-shirt and gently scrunch the leftover water. Do not rub with a harsh towel, because this can cause the cuticles to open and make your hair frizzy.

And then let air dry. If your hair is prone to getting frizzy once it dries, then use leave-in hair products meant for curly hair such as curl activating cream, or simply leave some argan oil in.

No matter what, do not interrupt your curls in any way while they're drying! Playing with them or running your fingers through them may cause them to frizz up, which, let's face it, is the first thing you want to avoid.

If you're pressed for time, you can use a diffuser to dry your hair. Flip your head upside down and hold the diffuser steadily to your scalp—don't move it around too much, because all the escaped wind can make the hair frizz.

5. Never brush curly hair

Seriously, if you even own a brush, get rid of it at once! Only comb your hair with a wide tooth comb before your shower, or gently finger comb after the shower. Remember that wet hair is more prone to breakage, so be super patient and gentle if you're combing it wet.

6. Avoid hairsprays and mousse

Not only can it make your curls crunchy (a big no-no!), these two products are also ones that contain the highest amount of alcohol.

7. Go easy on the heat

Excess heat can cause your curls lose their natural spiral-like shape, making them look lifeless. If you notice this, avoid using any kind of heat (including the blow drier with the diffuser!) for a week or two, and focus on rehydrating your curls to give them that bounce back. If you do use hot styling tools, use them on moderate heat setting and always use heat protectant.

8. Get a curl-expert hairstylist

Getting a haircut by a professional hairstylist with previous experience in working with curly hair, who truly understands the science and all the perks that come with having curly hair, can make all the difference. An amazing haircut which looks great with your naturally curly hair is more likely to make you want to put that straightener away and rock your curls!

What are your tips on caring for your curls? Any special tips or tricks? We would love to hear your suggestions. Also, if you have any requests on what you'd like to see in future posts, please feel free to comment below :)

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