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Luxy® Hair  - Hot Girl Summer Hairstyle Guide
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Hot Girl Summer Hairstyle Guide

Who else is still listening to Meghan Thee Stallion’s summer bop on repeat? Since the phrase Hot Girl Summer has entered the pop culture vernacular, we haven’t been able to get that phrase out of our heads nor the idea of basically living your best life during the summertime. What better time to let loose with your friends and sneak into a party or two?

Hot Girl Summer

Her anthem is all about having fun and feeling confident in yourself is what the warmer months are all about (aside from sipping on mimosas and lounging by the pool). So it’s only natural that a discussion was raised at Luxy about what a Hot Girl Summer hairstyle would look like. Is it an ombre sunset inspired hair like Cardi B or a laid back beachy vibe that’s more attuned with what the Kardashians are wearing these days? Whichever look you are leaning more towards we all agreed that there were three main ingredients needed for a bold summer hairstyle. Keep reading to find out how to get #Hot GirlSummer or should we say #HotHairSummer started:

Step 1: Try your dream hair color

Not the color you think looks best on you, but the one color you have been dreaming about but are afraid of trying.

There’s no better time to change your hair color than during the summertime when it's time to have fun and literally let your hair down.

There’s always the option of going lighter or putting in highlights but also a golden opportunity to try out some fun bold colors that might seem like a bit too much during the colder months.

Dying to go bubblegum pink like Lana Condor or mermaid blue? Take this as a sign to go out of your comfort zone and stop worrying about what the haters might say. If changing up your hair color has been on your mind lately it’s time to seize your moment.

If you aren’t yet ready to commit to dying your hair, coloring your hair extensions is also a great option to test and see how in love you are and whether it's a temporary crush (like the whole Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson situation) or a long term commitment.

Step 2: Don’t be afraid of volume

There’s no place for limp, lifeless hair during the summertime. It’s time to go big and while we are loving the mermaid waves trend lately, let’s take things up a notch by going a bit bolder with our curls.

To cut down on the heat damage, we’ve been testing out these velcro hair rollers instead. Hair rollers may seem like just a 90s throwback but they are also a great way to get beautiful heatless curls without the additional hair damage.

Our Velcro Hair Roller Set comes with three different sized rollers, plus a set of creaseless clips in a vegan leather bag so you can start to roll like a pro while staying organized. It’s a very affordable way to change up your hair look and it’ll give your hair a nice break from using a curling wand!

Hot Girl Summer - Velcro Rollers

This bold hairstyle can be done with large or mid size hair rollers on damp hair. First add some styling mousse onto your damp hair and let it air dry for a bit. After a few minutes we can start rolling, starting from our ends.

Divide your hair into sections (larger sections if you want a more subtle curl) and start at the bottom of each strand before rolling upwards, securing each one near the crown of the head. Leave in for 10 to 20 minutes before gently unraveling the rollers from your hair. You will be left with beautiful waves (Tip: the smaller the hair roller, the more intense the curl will be!). For a more relaxed look, comb through gently and spritz on some wave spray before heading out with your high heels on.

Step 3: Leave no accessory behind

Half the fun of getting ready is accessorizing. We love a good biker short and choker necklace combo during the summertime. For hair specifically we gravitate towards our trusty hair ties if we are in the mood for a high ponytail or a messy bun.

These Gravity Defying Hair ties grip extremely well and work with all hair types even if your hair is on the thick side. They provide a much needed lift and added oomph to your hot girl summer hairdo.

French Vanilla Claw Clip - Hot Girl Summer

Experiment with high pigtails or a powerful high ponytail to stay cool during the scorching summer heat. You can also layer a Dusk to Dawn scrunchie on top for a major 90s vibe.

To make sure we are looking flawless 24/7, we always make sure to pop a compact mirror into our purse for touch ups. You never know who you will run into.

Step 4: Put together an epic playlist

We’re going to sneak in one final tip here since there’s no better way to make yourself feel like the main character than the perfect summer playlist. We’ve been listening to our favorite summer jams on repeat while we are getting ready and it makes all the difference when you are feeling energized and ready to mingle. Good vibes only.

Hope these hair tips inspire you to go out and have fun during the summer months and make sure to tag us #HotHairSummer on Instagram and TikTok so we can see your look!

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