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Hair Accessory Storage Hacks

We like to think that there's a special place in heaven reserved for lost bobby pins and hair ties. How many times have you purchased a pack of 50 bobby pins only to be left with two a few weeks later? Where do they all go?

Not only that, have you ever looked at all the hair accessories you own? We mean really looked. From hair ties to bobby pins to scrunchies to headbands to headscarves and more, most women have an overabundance of hair accessories that are strewn about. When the time comes, we rifle through the mess, only to realize that we're unable to find that one accessory that would have been perfect with that outfit. 

The struggle is real, but it doesn't have to be.

We've put together a list of our favorite creative ways to store and organize hair accessories, so you never lose a bobby pin again.

1. Jewelry Dish

Hair Accessories

This is by far the simplest and most inexpensive solution to storing hair accessories and is a guaranteed way to never lose another bobby pin again. These dishes can be found at any home decor store, and come in all sorts of beautiful colors and prints. Purchase a few of these and strategically place them around your house to catch all the stray bobby pins and hair ties that you take out during the day. It's amazing to see how quickly these accumulate! Every week or so, simply empty the dishes and return any hair accessories back to their original spot. 

These jewelry dishes are not only great because they act as a catch-all for stray hair accessories, but also become convenient when you need a hair tie at a moment's notice. Doing the dishes and need to tie your hair up? No need to run to the bathroom, just grab a hair tie from the closest dish!

Jewelry dishes are also a great gift idea for any girl. Wrap it up and pair it with a note that says something like “a catch-all for your jewelry, your hair ties, and your fortunes.” 

Having troubles finding a jewelry dish that you love? Simply visit your local thrift shop for some truly unique dish options that work perfectly.

2. Hair Tie Holder

Hair Accessories

“Hey, do you have a hair tie I can borrow?” A sentence every girl has muttered, and we’ve all lied about. We never actually return the hair tie, do we? Nope! And if you do, major props to you as a person. You’re unlike any other. If you’re like us though, we're keeping that bad boy!

This method is amazing for breaking that “borrowing” habit and keeps all your hair ties in one place against their will. This option will also work for bandanas, enclosed headbands, and any other circular accessory.

3. Hairbrush basket

Hair Accessories

Are you in a dorm building with community bathrooms that are way down the hall? Or maybe you have limited bathroom storage. Or perhaps all your hair brushes are scattered on your vanity with no home...well this one’s for you.

Grab a cute basket that matches your style (craft stores or home decor stores will be your friend here) and use it as a one-stop-shop for all your hair needs. If you live in a dorm, you can simply grab your goodie basket to travel down those long halls to the bathroom when it's time to get done up.

When searching for a basket, keep an eye out for an option that has space for hair clips to latch onto. Also, look for one with a wider top to fit those larger hair brushes.

4. Bobby Pin Match Box

Hair Accessories

Bobby Pins. We love them, we lose them, we spend forever trying to find them.

There’s nothing worse than needing a bobby pin when you’re out and about and can’t find one! We’ve got a simple solution to help keep all your bobby pins in one spot, and all it takes is a matchbox. Simply empty one out, decorate the outside, then stuff it full of bobby pins and stick it in your purse. Again, you can have separate boxes for each purse, so you never have to go without one again.

While we're on the topic of bobby pins, did you know that there's a right way and wrong way to wear a bobby pin? Click here to find out if you've been using your bobby pin incorrectly over the years.

5. Hair Accessories Organizer

Hair Accessories

At the end of the day, nothing beats a good old-fashioned hair accessory organizer, especially if you have more hair accessories than the average girl.

These organizers come with multiple divided cubbies and tiers, to fit hair clips, bobby pins, combs, and more. Available in different colors and sizes, you can opt for an organizer that fits your room's decor, so it becomes a part of the room, rather than an afterthought or eyesore. If you don't have the counter space to store such an organizer, you can always keep it under your bathroom cabinet for easy access. 

While this hair accessories organizer isn't the most DIY hack, you can certainly get creative, using different jars and cups to help separate all your accessories.

We hope we've inspired and motivated you to get creative with organizing your hair accessories so you can bring order to your vanity. After all, the feeling of knowing where your bobby pins are in an emergency is one of true peace of mind. 

Written by: Daryn Stumbaugh

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