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Luxy® Hair  - 25 hairstyles to forget you're stuck at home
Easy Hairstyles

25 hairstyles to forget you're stuck at home

Do you find yourself in a hairstyle rut wearing the same styles over and over again? Messy buns, high ponytails, and out-of-bed half-up half-down hair is all we know right now, especially since none of us can leave our houses. While we wait for the world to get back to normal, and calendar in those work lunches, girls’ nights and family brunches, we thought we’d hit you up with a little inspo as we ride this quarantine wave together. 

Staying at home may not be the most exciting for your social life, however, there's a few advantages to increased time at home like more time to read, self-reflect, and of course, practise hairstyles. But self-isolation doesn't mean giving up any and all opportunities to doll up. As the saying goes, when you look good, you feel good, so wash your hair, throw a bit of makeup on, and change out of your PJs, because we're throwing an imaginary party, and you're invited.

Here are 25 of our favourite hairstyle ideas rounded up to help you forget you're stuck at home.

Formal hairstyles

These hairstyles are not your typical, they’re sophisticated with a touch of glam. Just right for formal events. Ideal for evenings, these formal party hairstyles are perfect for the kind of girl who likes to keep it chic!

Slicked Down

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Is your hair too short for updos? Don't fret. By slicking down your short tresses, you can achieve a style formal enough to impress the Queen of England, herself. Add a bit of bling with a glittery barrette, a floral hair pin or even a fascinator! 

French Braid Crown

While the traditional braided crown is beautiful, the French braid version gives the look a more polished and formal feel. Like an updo, this style pulls your hair away from your face, showcasing your beautiful features, but it also allows your tresses to cascade freely across your back and shoulders. If you want to achieve a polished yet feminine look, this is the perfect formal party hairstyle for you. 


Now that you have the time, why not create a follicle masterpiece? You may want to try your hand at the vintage bouffant. It is, after all, the perfect blend of fun and formality. Armed with a backcomb and a bottle of extra hold hairspray, you will be able to create a modern take on this retro look. 

Floral Ponytail

The floral ponytail is a great half-up half-down hairstyle that adds a pretty and elegant floral detail to a regular ponytail. The perfect mix of sophistication and fun, this look will have everyone wondering how you made it happen. This style looks complex, but as this tutorial shows, it is really quite easy.   

Sky-High Topknot

The perfect way to keep your tresses up and out of the way is by opting to wear a sky-high topknot. This look is modern, polished and pretty perfect when you want a clean, fresh look.

French Twist

This classic look has been a favorite formal party hairstyle for generations, why not try your hand at it at home? Popularized in the 1950s, it remains en vogue and is actually much simpler to create than it appears. If your hair isn’t long enough to achieve this look, consider adding a set of hair extensions

Easy hairstyles

Quarantine has given us the time to explore a wide range of styles—if you’re a rookie who loves styling it up, but just doesn’t know how to go about it, these easy hairstyles are your ideal starting point. Transform your locks into your crowning glory in no time. 

Modern Smooth Ponytail 

A runway classic, this look transforms the regular pony into an object of sleek sophistication. The modern smooth ponytail just requires some straightening and a bit of gel for a glossy glow. And it is the perfect way to highlight your amazing bone structure, while keeping those pesky stray follicles off your face. If your ponytail looks a little sparse, don't worry. Adding a few hair extensions can add both length and volume making your modern smooth ponytail the star of the show. 

Textured Half Updo

Torn between wearing your hair up or down for your next virtual hang out with your BFF? The half-up trend is the perfect compromise and super easy too! We recommend adding a bit of curl or wave to your tresses for a dash of playful texture. 

Gibson Tuck

Deceptively simple to achieve, this easy party hairstyle can literally be created from start to finish in mere minutes. This stylish, no-fuss look could be the highlight of your next virtual hangout with the girls! 

Sky High Pony

While Ariana Grande wears her hair natural while quarantining why not borrow her signature look? Whether your locks are super smooth or naturally curly, this en point style, also known as a "snatched ponytail" is the perfect blend of playfulness and sophistication. And, it adds inches to your height!  

Reverse Headband

On days when you need a little extra oomph, wear this relatively new accessory—the reverse headband. Barely visible from the front, these bands put on a huge show at the back of your head. Available in everything from daisy chains to glittery bling and everything in between, the reverse headband can transform your mane in very little time. And they look equally amazing on all hair textures. 

Dramatic Part

Do you want to completely change up your look with minimal effort? That is the dream, right? Making a dramatic change to your part can do exactly that making it a popular easy hairstyle. A deep side part creates an image of sophistication and allure. If you want to dramatically boost your volume, place your dramatic part on the opposite side of its usual location. And, as an added bonus, this look works with all hair lengths even those with very short locks. 

Flower Power

Next time you step out for a walk after being cooped up, why not pick a few fresh flowers for your hair? Keep this look airy and comfortable, wear less flowers around your face and more at the sides and back of your head. We understand how wearing flowers in your hair at home seems a little out of whack but, if it helps you feel pretty, why not? 

Banquet hairstyles

Don't you love banquet hairstyles? They're the ideal mix of classy with a little bit of edge. Here are a few looks that are not too formal, but not too casual either, perfect for an at-home date night with your boo.   

French Roll Ponytail 

The French roll ponytail is a playful take on the French twist, providing you with a look that is both classic and fun. And, like all half-up half-down styles, you can show off your glorious make-up application and your favorite earrings without opting for the formality of an updo.  

Milkmaid Braids 

Do you boast luxuriously long braids? If so, you may want to don milkmaid braids. A hugely popular look on the Red Carpet, milkmaid braids manage to look casual and sophisticated at the same time. If you can braid your hair, this tutorial clearly shows that you can pull this banquet hairstyle off with ease. 

Halo Braid

The halo braid is a truly beautiful style that would not be out of place gracing the crown of an otherworldly goddess in a fantasy flick. Yes, it is that glorious. Do you need a thicker or longer braid? You can easily accomplish this by adding hair extensions. And by following this how-to guide, you could easily claim this increasingly popular look as your own. 

Criss-cross Ponytail

Nothing is more comfortable than a ponytail, but why not top with a little more pizzazz? The criss-cross ponytail turns a traditional pony into an artistic masterpiece and it's super simple to do. If you're worried your hair isn't long enough, add some hair extensions to make this dreamy do’ a reality. 

Braided Low Bun

This pretty, feminine yet elaborate braided low bun is that ideal

Side-swept Double Braid 

Are you having difficulty deciding between wearing your hair up or wearing it down? Some days, this is the hardest decision to make. Well, the side-swept double braid is the perfect compromise. If your locks aren't long enough to achieve this look, all you need are some lengthier hair extensions and these easy-to-follow instructions and, voila, you have achieved the perfect banquet hairstyle.  

Evening hairstyles

Wearing a hairstyle that makes you feel like your most beautiful self is the most important thing. While these hairstyles are categorized and best suited for evenings don’t be afraid to style it up for your next FaceTime date. 

Little Pierced Braids

Raid your jewellery box and find those tiny baubles to achieve this fashion forward look. This is the perfect way to give the traditional plait an edge and look pretty darn stylish while you're at it. Not to mention what a relief it is to find a piercing that is pain-free. 

Messy Pigtail Buns

Messy is the motto of most of our lives at the moment, so why not top it off with a little but of style? The traditional bun is far too proper for a night in—messy pigtail buns, however, are anything but traditional. This quirky take on the "space bun" makes a swift departure from Princess Leia's look thanks to its radical part and messy pigtail buns. Yes, you can make your significant other's Star Wars fantasies come true without having to do a 1970s ‘do. 

Wrapped Ponytail

The wrapped ponytail is the perfect way to elevate your style without requiring constant refreshing. And, you can completely personalize your look by choosing your fabric and deciding how much of your ponytail you wish to leave exposed. 

Hair Bow Bun 

Lady Gaga popularized this cute and sassy style and you can rock it too. The hair bow bun looks tricky, but as this tutorial illustrates, it is actually quite easy to recreate. And, don't forget all the best packages come with a pretty bow on top. 

Fishtail Ponytail

This is possibly every beauty blogger’s go-to at home hairstyle. The fishtail pony combines form with function, keeping your hair off your face and neck—isn’t this what WFH hair dreams are made of? And, with the addition of some hair extensions, you can boost your length and volume!   


The side-swept style is sexy and sophisticated, particularly when paired with Hollywood waves or bouncy curls. While they might not be an ideal match for your grey sweats, we can totally see you rocking this ‘do with a tank top and denim shorts.  

So, there you have it! 25 fun and easy ways to put an end to your hairstyle stalemate! Practice your favorite hairstyles and increase your hairdo repertoire! We hope these looks help you look and feel your most beautiful (even while stuck at home).

Written by: Kimberley Laws

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