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Luxy® Hair  - Celebrity Hairstylist Scott King Spills Styling Secrets And His Dream Client
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Celebrity Hairstylist Scott King Spills Styling Secrets And His Dream Client

Scott King is the "king" of textured ponytails and undone waves. If you've ever admired Sabrina Carpenter's "I woke up like this" hair, chances are it's been touched by Scott. From styling Real Housewives Lisa Rinna and Kyle Richards to pop star Becky G and model Sofia Richie, this Jersey boy is on his way to making it big in LA. Read on to learn how to achieve Scott's signature sexy, undone waves and his favourite 2 minute hairstyle.

How did you get started as a hairdresser?

I've been playing with hair since I was a baby, like 1 or 2 years old. I would always do my friends' hair for prom and homecoming and I would colour my mom's hair. I never thought about it until my mom told me I could do hair for a living and I thought, "oh yeah! That makes sense!" So I went to Washington DC right after high school and went to hair school. 

How was the transition when you eventually moved to LA from Washington DC?

It was actually really hard because I had a full clientele back in DC and I had to start back at the bottom assisting for 2 years. I would have to do shoots for free to build my book...it was kind of rough not making any money for those 2 years!

BTS Scott King and Becky G

Did you always have the desire to become a celebrity hairdresser?

I never thought that would be a possibility! I'm from Jersey and I thought it would just be me in a salon. When I visited LA before moving, I thought, "oh my god, this is actually easily attainable so I moved here and went for it." I was really bored being in a salon everyday.

What was your big break as a celebrity hairstylist?

Signing with my agent. It's a really big deal and it adds credibility to your name. 

Sabrina Carpenter

You've worked with quite a few big names but is there anyone that you would love to style?

Yes! Blake Lively. Her hair is amazing and she's just so stunning and looks beautiful in anything she does.

Blake Lively

What would you say is your signature as a hairstylist?

I do a lot of undone waves where it doesn't look too done - it just looks very natural and pretty. Undone, sexy waves.

How would someone at home achieve these waves?

Blow out your hair pretty smooth, and then take a curling wand and alternate the direction of the curls while leaving out the last inch to keep that straight and have it look more textured and undone. Then finish it off with a texturizing hairspray and kind of rake it in with your fingers.

Sofia Richie styled by Scott King

What are some of your favourite hair trends at the moment?

I'm noticing trends to be a little bit more simple and chic. I'm noticing a pretty Cindy Crawford blow out now as opposed to the beach wave. I'm liking how Kim K was doing the really long, sleek style. Minimal is what I'm noticing...and working more with the natural texture of your hair. 

Scott king Hair

Do you have a favourite 2 minute hairstylist for on-the-go girls? 

A sleek low ponytail. Spray some hairspray on a boar bristle brush to tame down the fly-aways and put your hair into a little pony, then put a little finishing cream or oil to make it smooth. 

What has been a memorable learning experience for you?

I assisted a colourist, Michelle Pugh, who worked under Tracey Cunningham for a long time. Watching how she coloured hair completely changed the way I colour hair. I thought I was so good before and then I was like "ew, what was I doing?!" She completely changed how I do it. 

Sofia Richie

What are some challenges that you have faced in your career?

Not being sure about when you're going to work again when you're doing freelance. There's always that uncertainty. Also, I thought a ponytail would be such an easy style...it's probably one of the hardest styles to do to get the perfect undone ponytail! 

-As told to Luxy Hair

All images courtesy of Scott King and The Only Agency

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