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Luxy® Hair  - Hairstyles For Special Occasions: 6 Summer Hairstyles You'll Love

Hairstyles For Special Occasions: 6 Summer Hairstyles You'll Love

The weather is getting warmer, the peonies are blooming, the birds are singing - summer is here! In the summer season, many special occasions approach. Whether it's prom or your wedding, we've got plenty of options for you to show off your luscious hair!


Romantic Hairstyle

This romantic hairstyle is perfect for anyone who is looking for a simple yet feminine look. The three rosettes in the back of the head add an unexpected detail that stands out in pictures! Pair it with a statement necklace and you will have completed a graceful look. 

Easy Heatless Summer Hairstyles

Who doesn't want some flowers in their hair? Any one of these three summer hairstyles is #hairgoals. Since the accessories are on your head, pair it with a simple classy top or dress (we're loving the off-shoulder look), and I am certain that it will turn heads ;) 

Cinderella Hair Tutorial

Doesn't this hairstyle remind us all of our girl-dream - to meet our Prince Charming? Indeed, it seems like the most appropriate hairstyle for any occasion where we will meet our prince, like a wedding or prom. The loose waves paired with the rope headband create a dreamy and girly feel. 

Twisted Updo Hairstyle

Who doesn't love a playful updo for a special summer occasion? This hairstyle is comfortable as well as elegant. Pair it with your favorite bright lipstick for a confidence boost!

The Perfect Curls

Want a very simple hairstyle for your next occasion? This look is the right one for you. These luscious bouncy curls seem very glamorous yet are quick and easy to achieve. Shine your inner diva and embrace these perfect curls!

Twist-Back Hairstyle

Who doesn't love a little extra charm on a special occasion? This princess-like hairstyle is a little more sophisticated and perfect if you want to show off your gorgeous hair. Paired with a simple outfit, it screams perfection

Which hairstyle will you try out this warmer season? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to share your Special Summer Occasion look with us by tagging #luxyhair in your photos! We would love to see you celebrate a special moment and share it with us.


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