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Luxy® Hair  - 23 short haircuts for curly hair
Short Hair

23 short haircuts for curly hair

Curls and short cuts go together like pumpkin and spice, Netflix and chill, hoodies and leggings—you get the picture.

Curls give short hair life. Thanks to its natural volume, curls can be styled in so many ways. From bobs to buzz cuts, and pixie to shaggy styles, curls give short haircuts so much versatility. Short haircuts for curly hair can also help to keep natural curls healthier, as curls can be more prone to breakage and cutting off dead ends will prevent curls from feeling and looking weighed down.

When the curls are healthy, they are bouncy and strong, making almost any haircut look good.

So, for all the curly hair girls, if you’re ready to go short we’ve got some style suggestions for you. If you’re one of the lucky ones who’ve already discovered the short curly hair don’t care life, take the following list as possible inspo for your next cut.

Here are 23 short haircuts for curly hair

1. Short Layers

Layers aren’t just for long hair. With curly hair, layers can create face-framing perfection. Layers that work with your curls also help to create a more textured look and depending on the type of curls and how short you want to go – the possibilities are endless.

2. Curly Pixie Cut

The ultimate short haircut – we will admit it’s a beauty for curly or straight hair. Despite being a very short haircut there are so many ways to wear and style the pixie you can make it work for your style and your curls.

3. Curly Bangs

Move over blunt bangs, curls make beautiful bangs – and if you want more of a sharp bang look you can easily straighten them to mix it up. Curly short bangs can work with most short curly hair styles and don’t make for awkward grow out stages in between cuts as curls create versatile structure when grown out. If you want to go for bangs but aren’t into the commitment of cutting them, try clip in bangs.

4. Twist out bob

For natural hair girls, a natural twist out is always a great look. It helps to protect hair from losing moisture and can help to lengthen hair when twists are taken out. There are also a ton of ways to style twist outs including the much beloved bob.

5. Curly Mohawk

Curls on top and more details on the side? You’ll basically be turning heads from all angles with this look. The mohawk haircut, especially for women has taken on so many different looks over the years, we love adding a feminine touch with a bit of stylish rebellion.

6. Afro

For coily, kinky, tight curly hair, an afro makes for a beautiful and powerful look. Afros can also be styled in several ways depending on your curls and length. It’s important to keep hair moisturized to get the most out of this style.

7. Curly fauxhawk with undercut

The undercut has been growing in popularity over the years, for long, short, straight, and curly hair. It’s modern, edgy and complements curly hair really well. Work with your stylist to cut or shave the undercut in a way that works with how you wear your hair, whether parted off to the side or straight down the middle, keep in mind how you style your hair daily and how much of an undercut you want. 

By concentrating the volume of curls on top and front of your head while keeping the sides short, it’s easy to create a curly fauxhawk look.

8. Cut and color

Cut your curls and add more dimension with the color of choice – obviously good for all hairstyles but ensure to give your hair extra conditioning as color treatments can cause damage. Be sure to use products made for color-treated hair too so the pigments stay in longer.

9. The lob

The long bob has always been great for those who want to go short, but not too short. Lobs can take on different lengths and looks depending on your curl type. Play around with different lengths and make the lob your own.

10. Short and loose

Curly hair is versatile in texture, some have tight curls like ringlets, others thick rolls, tight coils or loose, long curls. We love the idea of tapering loose curls or waves for longer looks in the front, or side depending on your style preference.

11. Top layered

Give your curls on top the spotlight, typically these curls can be tighter and by layering around the crown of the head they’ll definitely give you some bounce.

12. Short and tousled

While some girls have to blow dry and style their hair with a curling iron for a tousled, beach wave look – wavy and curly hair girls can do it naturally. Cutting tousled layers can look wispy and fun. The technique can also be used to create a short, shaggy look as well.

13. Tapered curls

Tapered cuts are great for short, curly hair. Tapered cuts help to create a layered look to suit your haircut dreams. Depending on how fast your hair grows, more frequent trims may be needed to keep the shape you want.

14. Big ringlet love

Keeping the hair moisturized and well-conditioned keeps your curls healthy and thick. Sometimes a cut to get rid of damaged ends is all you need to play up your curls and ringlets to the healthiest level.

15. Razor bob

The term ‘razor’ may conjure up sharp, straight hair images, but not in this case. This very short crop still shows off waves and curls and adding the bags? Très chic! A mix of a nostalgic look with a feminine touch, it’s a great short haircut for waves or curls.

16. Wavy pixie

As no two curly types are the same, the pixie doesn’t have to be either – especially when it comes to curly hair. The beauty of the pixie is it can be as short or close-cropped to your head as you’d like. This is especially great for curly hair as it adds more dimension and shape to the pixie style.

17. Mohawk and undercut

Why should one style have all the fun? A combination cut plays up the best of both styles and curls just add a little something extra. By having fun with razor designs, you can add even more details to the undercut portion of the haircut. 

18. Thick Lob

Got thick, curly hair? Let your curls be free. The volume of a Lob with big curls and thick hair is a beautiful, full look. Parted down the middle, or off to the side, thick curls in a lob are voluminous. We also love this look in a half pony for something different.

19. Wavy blunt bob

We’ve seen wispy, we’ve seen layered, but this blunt bob with wavy hair? Simply stunning. Texture and statement all in one.

20. Ringlet round cut

Ringlets make for great bangs and a round cut look where the curls look almost even all around. This is a great short haircut for tighter curls and adding a color treatment like highlights also adds dimension to the haircut.

21. Short and voluminous

Embrace the volume of your curls with a short haircut that allows the curls to fall where they may. The shape of short haircuts for curly hair may look different on everyone, but you can make it your own when you find a cut that works for you.

22. Wave the details

Why should undercuts get all the fun? A side shave with design that can be shown or covered with a wavy cut is a great way to mix it up. It’s a little business on the top, party underneath.

23. Curl Crop

A crop chop defines curls and can also frame the face nicely. This cut can also be shaped into a V at the back so the hair grows in looking layered.

Every curly hair girl has a routine that works for them to keep the curls the way they want them, but just because you have a curly hair routine that works doesn’t mean you have to stick to the same haircut too. The beauty of having your hair routine down pat is knowing how to keep your hair its healthiest and therefore, allowing you to experiment with different cuts.

Got curly hair and have never gone short? Maybe now’s the time to try. Curly hair and it’s always cut short? Maybe our listed styles above will inspire you to try something new.

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