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Luxy® Hair  - Meet Hannah: #myluxyhairstory

Meet Hannah: #myluxyhairstory

We had the pleasure of meeting Hannah this week, our latest winner of the #myluxyhairstory contest. Hannah's hair was super damaged from heat styling it for years - her story shows us that sometimes, all you need is a little inner confidence to let your outer beauty shine. 

I yearned for straight hair like everyone else...

I have struggled with liking my hair for most of my life. It has been a big insecurity that I have struggled with for many years. My natural hair color is dirty blonde, and it is also naturally thick and wavy. Whenever I was in upper level Elementary School, I was surrounded by girls with straight and silky hair and I became more and more self-conscious of my not-so-straight hair. So, this obsession of having straight hair led me to blow dry and style my hair regularly, but I had no idea of how much damage I was putting my hair through. For years, I destroyed my natural, wavy hair so that I could look like everyone else. I was trying to fulfil my idea of “beautiful”.


The more I hated my hair, the more I straightened and damaged it...

When I got to Junior High, I discovered a new obsession of mine. I decided that I wanted my hair to grow and I wanted it to grow FAST! At this point in my life, the longest that my hair had ever been was just slightly below my shoulders. I was a teenager - I was frustrated and impatient. I had no idea why my hair was stuck at this awkward length! I grew to hate it and straighten it even more.

This was also around the time that I began to color my hair. I would get bright bleach blonde highlights on top of my dirty blonde hair two or three times a year.  Little did I know that all of these styling tools and hair dye were the reason for my lack of hair growth. So between Junior High and Senior High, my hair stayed about the same length.

...until my husband finally allowed me to see my true beauty

When I started dating my now-husband he constantly asked me why I did not leave my hair wavy. He did not understand why I wanted to wear it straight every day. I told him that I thought my natural hair was ugly and that it was only pretty when it was straight. He was appalled at my response because he thought that my wavy hair was beautiful!

#myluxyhairstory Hannah

This is when I finally began to appreciate the hair that I had and I started to wear it natural. I would let it air dry, sometimes put a little mousse in it, but most importantly I stopped using all the hot tools. I grew to love my hair and the simple care that it took. My waves were effortless and after all those years, I truly liked it how it was.

#myluxyhairstory: Hannah

Although I began to love my hair for its natural texture and style, I still desired to have long hair. I tried everything. I took vitamins, I did hair masks, I put my head upside down so all the blood would rush to my head and activate my hair follicles to grow... (crazy stuff haha!). I still did not see any results and I was afraid that I would be stuck with this awkward hair length FOREVER.

Then I found Luxy Hair.

Finally, during my senior year of high school, I found Alex and Mimi Ikonn on YouTube. I loved to watch their inspiring vlogs, Q&A’s, and relationship videos. I always heard them mention Luxy Hair, but was not exactly sure what they were talking about. Months later, after my high school graduation I decided to do some research about Luxy Hair. The first things that came to my mind were, “Will I be wasting my money on extensions that won’t last long?”, “Will extensions hurt my head, or even damage my hair?”, and even “Will the extensions blend with my hair or will they look choppy and uneven?”. Despite these doubts, I decided to trust Mimi and Alex, go out on a limb, and buy my first set! I loved Mimi and Alex, I loved the idea of these extensions (I finally had a chance to have the long hair that I dreamed of), so I thought what more could I need to be confident in buying a set of my own? I ordered my first set of Luxy Hair Extensions (160g Dirty Blonde).

#myluxyhairstory Hannah

I was SO excited for them to arrive!! After I picked them up from the post office, I got into my car and clipped them in. I couldn't even wait to get home - I wanted to wear them right that moment! I looked in the mirror, and instantly fell in love. I felt so beautiful and all of my long hair dreams had come true. The color matched perfectly!

I feel beautiful with my natural hair, but my Luxies take that feeling to the next level

I took them home and spent the next few months researching and practicing new hairstyles to try them with. The Luxy Hair YouTube channel is AMAZING. These extensions gave me the ability to become completely comfortable with my own hair. They taught me to appreciate my hair, and how to enhance my hair to feel even more beautiful.


I have now had my Luxies for over a year, and during this time I have added no dye to my hair, only used hot tools 3-5 times, and have truly fallen in love with the hair I was given. My hair has finally began to grow to a length that I love because I finally started taking care of it the way that I should. I love my natural waves and I love how simple it is to get the same look for my extensions.

#myluxyhairstory Hannah

If you are hesitant like I first was when learning about hair extensions, hear me out. Luxy Hair Extensions are not just for publicly and outwardly debuting your beautiful locks and causing people to swoon over your hair. Luxy Hair Extensions were created to make YOU feel beautiful! They were created to make you feel confident, allow you to have fun with your hair, and create hairstyles you may have not been able to create before. They allow you to appreciate your own hair and to add to that beauty. Hair extensions are a fun way to accessorize and make yourself feel beautiful inside and out.

#myluxyhairstory Hannah

Thank you, Luxy Hair!

I am so thankful that I found Luxy Hair and Alex and Mimi. You both have taught me so many lessons over the past few years, and continue to inspire me each day. Thank you for making my dream a reality. Much love to all of the Luxy Hair Team. <3 

We're so delighted to be a part of your Hair journey, and we think your natural hair is beautiful! Who doesn't want a little added pizzazz every now and again, though? Do you have a Luxy Hair story you'd like to share? Click here to share your story with us for a chance to be featured on our Hair Blog. xoxo

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