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Luxy® Hair  - The Dreamiest Office You Will Ever Visit: Behind The Scenes at Luxy Hair HQ

The Dreamiest Office You Will Ever Visit: Behind The Scenes at Luxy Hair HQ

Does a pretty office make for a more productive team? Well, it certainly makes for a happier team, which naturally leads to increased productivity, a sense of pride in their work, and the desire to produce high quality results to reflect the office environment around them.

The Luxy Hair office may just be the most beautiful office you will ever step foot in—in fact, many Luxy team members choose to spend their remote days in the office even though they have the choice to work from home. But it’s not just about the pretty pink armchairs, golden accents, and fresh flowers that make the Luxy Hair office so amazing. As fabulous as the space looks, each piece of furniture is meticulously chosen, each plant, each computer screen, and even the Sonos speaker is placed intentionally. Everything serves its purpose, to ensure that every team member is reaching their highest potential, and is happy to come to work every single day.

Check out the video below and read on to see just why Luxy Hair is taking their office culture to a whole new level and why most team members would rather spend their days and nights in the office rather than their own homes.

Open Concept 

Luxy Hair

The Luxy Hair office is an open concept that encourages collaborative work. Two separate boardrooms with glass walls solidifying the value of transparency at Luxy Hair, a living room space with a couch and armchairs, a kitchen area always stocked with organic, healthy snacks, and exposed brick walls all overlook trendy Queen West in Toronto. The Luxy Hair office is an embodiment of the company itself: progressive, trendy, inspirational, feminine, and luxe.

Core Values

Luxy Hair

Upon entering the office, the first thing you will see are the company’s seven Core Values plastered on the wall, surrounded by greenery and armchairs. Every decision made at Luxy Hair stems from one of their seven Core Values. From day one, team members are taught to embody these values for success.

Cool, clutter-free aesthetic 

Luxy Hair Office

Is there anything worse than stepping into your office for the day and seeing files and documents littering workspaces, other office members’ personal effects lying around, headphones, telephone wires, and everything in between? The Luxy Hair office’s clean aesthetic is striking, completely opposite to the usual offices most workers settle for. Team members work together to ensure that no personal items are left strewn about at the end of the day, and each workspace comes with a personal drawer/cabinet thing to store other personal items. Workspaces are a clean stark white with only the necessities: laptops, external screens, fresh flowers and marble coasters, with matching modern Herman-Miller office chairs at each station.

Accessory wall 

Luxy Hair

Of course, a beauty company like Luxy Hair appreciates luxurious accent pieces and decor items. Find one side of the office beautifully decorated with an accessory wall, meticulously planned out, with each item serving its own purpose. Since Luxy Hair encourages Infinite Learning (one of the Core Values), team members are encouraged to take home and read any of the self-growth or business-growth books found on this wall. Some Luxy favorites include “Linchpin” by Seth Godin, “The War Of Art” by Steven Pressfield, “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz, and “Homo Deus” by Yuval Noah Harari.

Multiple workspaces 

Luxy Hair Office

Based on the concept of activity-based working by American architect Robert Luchetti, the modern office features different activity-settings with a variety of technical and physical attributes, to support the different types of work that take place. Rather than team members being stuck at their desks all day, they are encouraged to move around and utilize whichever space they see fit in order to complete their work.

Walk into the Luxy Hair office on any given day, and you may see some team members at their desk, while others are curled up on the couch with a blanket and laptop, and others sit at the kitchen table together. With two boardrooms available, team members can even block off time to work in solitude should that be the mode they’re in that day or hold collaborative working sessions. If there’s one thing that Luxy Hair team members are not, it’s bored or restless, and if they are, there's always the napping couch shown above, where team members are encouraged to take a 5-minute nap to recharge.

Fresh flowers and greenery 

Luxy Hair Productivity

Likely one of the most important features of the Luxy Hair office is the abundance of live green plants and fresh flowers. Studies have concluded that an office devoid of any decor, photography, or distractions are toxic environments, and the best way to boost happiness in the office is by introducing fresh houseplants. In fact, Dr. Chris Knight from Exeter University concluded that employees were 15% more productive when plants were brought into the office! Other benefits plants in the office have include lowered stress levels, sickness reduction, cleaner, purer air, reduced noise levels due to the absorption of sounds, increased creativity, and better concentration.

Healthy snacks

Luxy Hair

Everyone’s favorite office perk, the running joke at the Luxy Hair office is team members never go hungry. And how could they? With Whole Foods deliveries every Monday stocking the pantry and fridge full of organic seasonal fruits and vegetables, La Croix sparkling water, organic coconut water, organic Kombucha, vegan energy balls, and quinoa chocolate (yes, it exists!), team members are encouraged to snack on healthy eats and fuel their hustle. For the caffeine lovers, a Nespresso machine ensures that fresh espressos and Americanos are readily available, while other team members prefer a glass of sparkling water made from a Sodastream with a slice of lemon. Meetings rarely happen without a plate of freshly cut fruits for team members to share. Every Wednesday, the office is treated to a catered lunch (all healthy, of course), which could include Toronto favorites Kupfert & Kim or Basil Box’s organic, vegan bowls, platters of Greek or Indian food, salads, hot sandwiches and more.

“I think everyone is more productive when they’re full”, says Customer Experience Specialist Julia. “Providing healthy snacks at work increases our energy levels and is something our team always looks forward to. Personally, I have started to eat healthier since working with Luxy Hair. Weekly groceries and catered lunches have definitely played a huge role in this, and I am forever grateful.”


Luxy Hair

As an e-Commerce company, the Luxy Hair office boasts state of the art technology to ensure that team members are able to work to their full potential. Step inside the office and see matching Apple Macbook Pros and external screens with Bluetooth keyboards and trackpads, while a Sonos speaker softly plays upbeat music and a Saje diffuser wafts a peppermint scent through the space. Not a fan of music? Any team members needing an extra dose of quiet can request a set of noise-cancelling headphones. An office iPhone X charges on its wireless charger, ready for the social media team to take high-quality photos and videos, while TV screens mounted on walls display artwork before being used to project screens during meetings. The main objective at Luxy Hair is to provide workers with any and all tools needed to do their work to the best of their ability and with the highest level of quality possible.

The Luxy Hair office is overflowing with beauty, positivity, and unparalleled office culture. This is clearly in part due to the dreamy, inspiring space meticulously curated to ensure the highest quality of work produced by valued team members.

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