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Luxy® Hair  - Luxy Girls Try: Viral Hair Tutorials (Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube)

Luxy Girls Try: Viral Hair Tutorials (Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube)

At Luxy Hair HQ we have the pleasure of working with many talented hair content creators whose amazing tutorials can be found on our blog, YouTube channel, and even Instagram stories. With all of this hair inspiration, Azra & Rochelle from the Luxy Hair team decided to put their hair prowess to the test and tackle some of the most viral tutorials on the Internet. The results were hilarious.

Enjoy the video below and scroll down to see the inspiration for each viral hairstyle attempt.

Look 1: 7-Strand Braid by Camelia Katoozian

Known for her eye-catching thumbnails, Camelia Katoozian's (@camilakatoozian) 7-strand braid was first on the list of tutorials to attempt. While we were duped by the first step of the tutorial (#doitforthethumbnail), we were left with a beautiful complex braid that was much simpler to create than we originally thought.

SPOILER ALERT: It's actually two three-strand braids woven together - so easy!

Look 2: Mini Corset Braids by Sherry Maldonado

Another Instagram-famous beauty guru is the beautiful Sherry Maldonado (@sherrymaldonado) whose most viral tutorials have received over 3M+ views. Her mini corset braids tutorial immediately caught our eye with its half hairstyle, half DIY project appeal. To attempt this look, we created a makeshift needle and thread using bobby pins, and a ribbon. The result? We'll let you be the judge!

Look 3: Flower Crown Hairstyle by Kassinka

flower crown tutorial

Anyone who has searched for hair tutorials on Pinterest should be familiar with our talented friend Kassinka (@kassinka). Famous for her bohemian hairstyles, Kassinka's Pinterest pictorials receive millions of re-pins every month. We decided to attempt one of her most viral tutorials - the braided flower crown - on both long and short hair.

PRO TIP: If you have short hair like Azra, clip in a couple of your one-clip Luxy Hair extensions to give you the length needed to create the braided flower accents.

If you're interested in more Kassinka tutorials, be sure to check out the looks she created for us using her Luxies here.

So what do you think of the Luxy Girls' recreations of these looks? Let us know which hairstyles we should try to recreate in our next video. If you try any of these looks yourself, be sure to tag us on Instagram @luxyhair.

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