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Luxy® Hair  - How to Prevent Hair Loss and Have Beautiful Hair

How to Prevent Hair Loss and Have Beautiful Hair


In this video, we share how to prevent hair loss and how to have beautiful, healthy hair.

Video Transcription

Hi my beautiful friends. How are you doing? It's Mimi here today, and today's going to be a bit of a different video because I'm not going to be showing you anything. I'm actually going to be talking because in every single video I show you how to do these beautiful fancy hairstyles. But you know, I think the most important thing beyond all the hairstyles is the quality of your hair and how you take care of it and whether it's in healthy conditions. So, today I want to talk to you about a few things. The most important thing is hair loss and also how to just maintain healthy, beautiful hair. So let's begin.

The reason I kind of started thinking about the subject recently is because I was talking to a friend, and as I was talking to her, I couldn't help but notice her receding hairline. I don't want to show myself because they say the show it anyways, but it got me totally freaked out because she's young, she's beautiful, but I just couldn't help but notice that she's sort of balding. She's losing a lot of hair.

When I get home, I just kept thinking about it, and I'm like, you know what, I'm going to start doing research because I'm really interested into why would this would happen to a young, beautiful woman and what we can do to prevent that. I mean, I do things to my hair as well, you know, I style it and sometimes I color my hair, and I wear a clip in hair extensions, so I really want to know what can I do to improve my hair quality.

I've done a bit of research, and I mean I do research all the time because I just love hair, and hair. Today, I'm just going to be showing quick tips and things that you can do to improve the quality of your hair and to decrease the fallout and to preserve your beautiful thick, luxurious hair.

First, I'm going to be talking about what can be causing the hair loss and the hair damage in your hair. Like always, the most important thing, of course, is you are what you eat. So bad diet, eating junk food is gonna be causing the fall out, the damaged hair. The most important thing you can do is eat healthy, well balanced diet. So you have to get a lot of protein. You have to drink a lot of water. So make sure that you're doing that. Speaking of food, iron deficiency can be causing hair loss. I did a lot of research, and personally I used to be anemic, and I know that whenever I become anemic, I started losing ... I start feeling like every time I take a shower there was like, oh my God, scary. Like the hair is just coming out. And that's very common condition in a woman because obviously we have periods. 

Iron is red blood cells, and if you don't have an iron, then you don't have those red blood cells bringing oxygen to your body, therefore you know, your hair quality is going to be very weak and brittle and eventually just falls out because it's so weak. So make sure that you eat a lot of food that is rich in iron, such as, you know, green leafy vegetables, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds. You can do your own research because of course I'm not here talking about nutrition, but you know, make sure that you get iron, and if you are not able to absorb iron from the food then make sure that you get some kind of supplements. Personally, I take some natural supplements that I actually get from Canada. They're very, very good, and they brought my iron up, so I can definitely see it in the quality of my hair as well.

Another thing that I hear in a lot of women is with pregnancy and giving birth. A lot of times pregnancy and giving birth will cause major hair loss. Why does this happen? Again, because your hormones are all out of whack. Your body is producing a baby, so the hormones are going crazy, and that can cause hair loss. Nothing to worry about as long as, again, you eat healthy, drink enough water, and once you give birth, and you kind of replenish all the nutrients and vitamins through food, your hair's going to grow back out, and you're going to have beautiful hair.

Another reason you could be experiencing hair loss is over styling, over coloring, over bleaching, over, over, overdoing your hair. Over washing too, by the way, because you're washing out all the natural oils. Make sure that if you color your hair, you only do it maybe every two months. Please, please, please don't do it more often. Personally, I used to go blonde, and my hair used to be so much thinner, and when I used to bleach it every month and a half, I went back to my natural color. I have some highlights now, but this is something I do maybe once a year now. So make sure if you color your hair, you're only doing it every two to three months giving your hair and your scalp a break.

Also, if you use hot tools on your hair, like I do. Make sure to also give you a hair a break, you know, don't do it every day. Do it every few days or you know, just do it once a week depending on the quality and condition of your hair. What I prefer to do once in a while is just leave my hair naturally curly. Just put some mousse, or put some oils. I have a video on how to style your hair naturally curly.

So, what I'm pretty much trying to explain here is that you have to have a balance, so if you're over styling, overheating, then of course your scalp is going to get damaged, and this is what's holding all the hair, and if it's damaged, then obviously the hair's falling out.

Also, I want to talk about so many things. That's why I'm talking so fast. When you blow dry your hair, make sure to never, you know, like kind of pointing it to your scalp because you're burning your scalp. So, when you blow dry and you blow dry your hair, so you hold the [inaudible 00:04:47] of the blow dryer on the hair and not on the scalp because that could be causing a lot of hair loss.

Another major thing that is causing hair loss and balding in our generation is hair extensions. And I'm not talking about clip in hair extensions because that's my favorite. It's the least damaging method. You can have longer, beautiful hair and thick hair, but I'm talking about fusion hair extensions. The braid-in hair extensions, Keratin, whatever. There's so many different versions now. Anything that you have in your hair, 24/7 is causing your hair loss. Think of it logically. Something is attached to your own hair, and something is constantly pulling onto the hair, and eventually it's making your hair shaft really, really lose and weak, and you lose your own hair, and then eventually you'll have nothing to attach that fake hair on. You know? That's why I really prefer a clip in hair extension because you can clip it in, wear it for a few hours to a special occasion or to work or whatever you prefer to wear yours, and then at night you come out and clip it out.

Another important thing to mention about clip-in hair extensions because I get so many questions obviously because of Luxy hair is that, you know, some girls say, "Oh, can I wear it to sleep, or can I wear it when I do other things?" And I'm like, "No, you have to give your hair a break." Even with clip-in hair extensions, it's all about balancing. The beauty of clip in is that you wear it for a few hours when you go out. Then you come home and take it out because you're hair needs a break, and you don't want that constant pulling. Be yourself and let your hair breathe and just do its own thing.

Another major thing that could be causing your hair loss is also emotional and physical stress, and you have to find a way to just relax and breathe. Personally, I really love meditation, so you just have to find that kind of inner space to not take everything so seriously because that stress is causing your wrinkles. That stress is causing you pimples and hair loss. You want to lose your hair.  Find a way to just have your own time, whatever it is for you, and either go for a walk or just sit and literally meditate and breathe. Breathe in, breathe out. Be aware of your breath. I think that's really helpful. That is really important.

Now I really want to talk about some things that you can actually do to improve and stimulate those hairs to grow thicker and bigger and better. One of the things that I've known for many, many years, and this is my mom's secret, is to take a little drop of castor oil, and this actually works, not just on .... Well it works on any hair. When me and Layla were small, we used to just apply it onto our lashes and honestly, within two weeks you can see crazy results. You see new hair just coming out and growing out, and your lashes get thicker.

Now, you can do the same thing with your eyebrows. If your eyebrows are thinning out, you just apply castor oil before you go to sleep, and you will see how just the empty gaps are going to start growing out, and you can do the same thing with your scalp. Obviously the health of your hair is the health of your scalp. What you want to do with every wash is before you go to sleep, so if you wash your hair in the morning, take a few drops of castor oil and then just apply it to your fingers and then you just take your hands and you just massage the whole scalp, and you don't want to miss anything because you really want to make sure you cover all of the area of your scalp. So what that does is actually stimulates blood flow to your scalp. So the more the blood flow comes through the scalp, the more it actually promotes hair growth. So, you're going to have little, little hair is starting to grow out and you will actually see how it increases the thickness of your hair. This is incredible.

It's been used for many, many years. Perhaps if you ask your mom or your aunt, they will know because this is like an old secret. Even if you don't have castor oil, you can use olive oil, you can use coconut oil, any kind of ... Or if you don't have any oil, just massage your scalp for a couple of minutes. If you want to do it every day, do it everyday. There's no harm to it. I started recently to do it almost every day because it's, first of all, it's very relaxing, and it's promoting hair grows, so why not? So I'm going to stop touching my hair now.

Another thing that is so, so, so important that you can just stop doing today and prevent hair loss is stop wearing your hair in constant tied hair bun or ponytail. If you constantly have it tightly up, whether it's a ponytail or a bun, what is it doing to hair? Just ask yourself. It's pulling on all the hairs. Again, same thing, just like with fusion extensions, if something is constantly pulling onto your hair, your hair shafts are becoming weak, and what's going to happen, you're going to lose your hair.

If you like to wear your hair in a pony tail or a bun, just do it nicely and loosely at the bottom, not up here, but down here. You don't have to worry if you do it like once in a week or a few times in a week. I'm talking about people that wash their hair, and then all they do is put up their hair up in a pony tail, and that's how they wear their hair until they wash it again. This is who I'm talking about. Everyone else is fine. If you just wear it in a bun once in a while, it's not going to do damage, but if daily you're wearing your hair in a high pony tail or bun, stop it now.

And lastly, one thing you can do easily and again for free is change your parting. As you can see right now I'm wearing my hair sort of more to my right. In the last year or so when I heard this information, I completely started changing my parting constantly. Now you'll see me sporting middle parting. Sometimes I do this. Sometimes I do that. Same thing, just like with ponytail. If you have a parting, and you put your hair up in some kind of a hairstyle, same thing. The hair is starting to pull, and you're started to lose hair in the same kind of direction, in the same hairline.

Now, if you really like, you hear this way, for example, and you don't want to change it up, that's fine. Next time you wash your hair, you don't have to part it the exact same way. Just move it a little bit and just change it up just slightly by one millimeter, but as long as you are constantly changing out your hair parting, you won't have a problem. I personally prefer to just do middle, and then maybe this way, so that I really give my hair a break, and when I go back, it just feels thicker actually, but that's one thing again, you can do today to have thicker and beautiful hair. 

I'm going to end this video with the most important tip, the that I started with is if you want to have healthy hair, if you don't want to lose your hair, you have to eat healthy. You have to drink water. Yes, I know I'm repeating myself because it's important, and you have to sleep, and you have to sleep at least eight hours a day because sleep is how we recover, and sleep is how our hair recovers. So obviously if you're not sleeping, you're hair is going to be falling out.

That's it for today. I know that was a bit overwhelming, but I really wanted to share it with you because I care about you, and I want you to have healthy, beautiful hair. Let me know if you have any tips on how you make your hair thicker and more beautiful or any hair loss tips for other people that will be watching this video. Make sure to share it down below. Like this video.

Also, share it with your friends and your guy friends as well, because I think anyone can benefit from this information. Hair loss is something that can be also genetical. Of course in this video, this is not what I cover because I'm not a doctor. I'm not going to be talking about genes. I'm talking about things that we can actually help ourselves to change. [inaudible 00:11:44] share this video with your friends and family, and that's it for today. Thank you so much for watching. I love you guys, and I'll see you soon. Bye!



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