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Luxy® Hair  - Cute Hairstyles For Short Hair and Medium Length Hair
Easy Hairstyles

Cute Hairstyles For Short Hair and Medium Length Hair

If you have short hair, there may be two kinds of days:

1. Days when you’re absolutely in LOVE with your chop and you rock it like it’s nobody’s business. 


2. You silently cry inside, get frustrated that you no longer can do many hairstyles, and ask yourself why you ever decided to cut your hair short.

short haircut

Okay, maybe that second one was a little dramatic, but if you have short hair, you know that although it may take a shorter amount of time to style it - it’s oftentimes harder to come up with creative hairstyles because there isn’t enough length to create them. 

Although a really quick and simple solution is to get clip-in hair extensions (click here to learn more about those), we also wanted to show you that there do exist hairstyles for short hair that are super simple and quick to create.

So, in today’s video we are going to be showing you 3 fun and simple hairstyles for shorter hair. Watch the video below or scroll down to see what they are. 

If you have seen Elanna on our Blog before (like running late hairstyles and buzzfeed hair hacks tested), you may have noticed that she had longer and brighter blonde hair. But she recently went for the chop and went a little bit darker with her hair color. 

For days when she still wants to rock longer, fuller hair, she uses her Dirty Blonde Luxy Hair extensions, and on days when she feels like rocking the chop - these are her 3 go-to hairstyles. 

By the way - although some may consider Elanna’s hair ‘medium length’, all these hairstyles can definitely be created on short hair, medium hair, and even long hair. 

Short Hairstyle #1

hairstyle for short hair

This is a trendy hairstyle that will work for any hair length, even if you have a bob. It’s great for when you want to keep the hair out of the face or want to hide your second day hair. Here are the steps:

  1. Create a french braid going from the front top of your head, all the way down the back of your head and secure with a hair tie that matches your hair color. Fan out the braid for a bit more volume. (If you want to learn how to do a french braid, watch this YouTube tutorial). 
  2. Take a piece of hair on the right side of your hair and wrap it around the back to hide the hair elastic. Secure with 1 or 2 bobby pins. 
  3. Repeat on the other side - wrap a piece of hair around the elastic again and secure with some bobby pins.

That’s it! If you like some pieces of hair left out at the front to frame your face, feel free to do that, just like Elanna did (and always does, haha) in the video. 

cute hairstyles for short hair

Short Hairstyle #2 

short hairstyle

This hairstyle works well for short hair because the ponytail is low in the back and therefore you won’t have to deal with short hairs in the back falling out. 

  1. Create a side part
  2. Start creating a french braid down the side of your head towards the back, and tie with a small elastic. 
  3. Pull all your hair, including the braid, into a low ponytail in the back.
  4. Take the piece that is the braid within the ponytail, and wrap it around the base of the ponytail. This adds a creative element. Don’t worry if pieces are falling out - it just adds to that messy look!
  5. Replace the small elastic with bobby pins to secure the wrapped braid at the bottom of your ponytail.

How cute is this hairstyle?! Definitely not as boring as a regular ponytail. 


short hair ponytail

Short Hairstyle #3

This super quick and easy hairstyle is so simple but yet is one of our favorites. 

twisted short hair

  1. Create a middle part
  2. Take a small section of the hair at the front of the face on your left side, and start twisting towards your ear. 
  3. As you twist, add small pieces of hair along the hairline. 
  4. Once you reach the back, secure these pieces with some bobby pins.
  5. Keep this hairstyle neatly twisted or pull on the hair a little bit and leave out framing pieces at the front.

You can also do two layers of twists to give it an even more creative spin, like this:

double twist short hair style

Super cute everyday hairstyle that takes literally no time to create!

Do you have short hair? How do you normally wear your hair? Let us know in the comments below!

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