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Luxy® Hair  - 5 Ways to Style Bangs
Easy Hairstyles

5 Ways to Style Bangs

For those who have bangs - you know it's a complicated relationship between love and hate. They're a huge commitment, they grow out quicker than the blink of an eye, and they're not by any means low-maintenance. But, it suddenly becomes all worth it when you manage to get them to cooperate. In this week's tutorial, our beautiful friend Jenny from Margo&Me will walk you through 5 easy and quick ways for how to style bangs. 

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Watch the tutorial below to find the perfect style for your face, or keep scrolling down for a step-by-step guide on how to perfect each bangs style.

Thinking about getting bangs but not sure whether they're for you? Try temporary clip-in bangs first, before committing to the real thing.

1. Super sleek & long bangs

For that polished, every day look - try out this technique to achieve sleek blunt bangs.

how to style bangs


What you'll need to re-create this look:

  • Clip-in hair extensions (optional)
  • Small flat brush
  • Blow dryer
  • Straightener

1. Clip in your hair extensions for additional length and volume. Jenny is wearing her 160g Chestnut Brown Luxy Hair extensions in this video. Not quite sure how to clip in your extensions? Watch our helpful tutorial here - we'll walk you through it. 

2. Once you have your extensions clipped in, we'll start focusing on creating those straight bangs. Use a small flat brush and blow dryer and gently blow dry your bangs while brushing through them to ensure they maintain their form. We recommend to blow dry them to the right first, and then to the left, as this will help ensure there isn't too much body or bend in the bangs. 

3. To achieve that long and sleek look, we recommend to grab your straightener and run it through your hair to finalize the look.

      2. Side swept bangs

      Make note, ladies: side swept bangs are the perfect go-to style when your bangs are a little less cooperative.

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      What you'll need to re-create this look:

      • Small flat brush
      • Blow dryer
      • Curler
      • Texturizing spray

      1. Part your bangs to the side and brush through them while running a blow dryer about an arms length away - this will help ensure the hair stays in place and will eliminate any tendencies for it to sloop over in the wrong direction.

      2. Run a curler loosely through your hair to help create that effortless yet texturized look, and finish off with a texturizing spray.

      3. Run your hands through your hair to loosen up any tight curls and scrunch up chunks of hair to really create that loose and effortless hair style. 

        Long Bangs

        Don't have time for a trim, or in the midst of growing out your bangs? Surprisingly enough, long bangs make for a great curtain bangs look. 

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        What you'll need to re-create this look:

        • Hair elastic/bobby pins
        • Blow dryer
        • Curler

        1. Throw your hair up in a low bun or updo. Need some inspo? Check out this every day updo, this easy updo, or this elegant updo

        2. Use your blow-dryer to create a natural wind-blown effect and to give your hair a little bit more texture.

        3. Part your bangs down the middle and take a few framing hair pieces around your face and curl them with your curling wand to create a more polished look. 

          Two Strand Twist

          Going on day 3 of not washing your hair? We've got you covered with this easy two strand twisted style for your bangs.

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          What you'll need to re-create this look:

          • Hairspray
          • Bobby pin

          1. Prep your hair by hair-spraying your bangs back and away from your face. This will help ensure the hair sticks more easily together and eliminates any fly-aways.

          2. Begin your twist a little farther to the right of your head to get longer sections. This will help smaller pieces stay secure. Continue to twist away from your face to your desired endpoint.

          3. Secure the end of your twist with a bobby pin.

            Top Knot

            Wanted to hop on the top knot bandwagon, but wasn't sure how to incorporate your bangs in to the look? Check out our easy technique on how to get a top knot with bangs.

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            What you'll need to re-create this look:

            • Blow dryer
            • Hair elastic
            • Bobby pins
            • Curler
            • Texturizing spray

            1. Wet your bangs and blow dry them back and away from your face and section the top of your hair and add a little texturizing spray to give the hair a boost.

            2. Grab the top section of your hair and create a little messy bun using your bangs. Use bobby pins to style the bun to your liking and to ensure it remains secured in place. 

            3. Curl your hair to give it a more effortless and texturized look, and finish the overall look with a texturizing spray. 

              Have any go-to bang secrets, tips, or tricks? Share them with us in the comments below - we'd love to hear them! 

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