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Luxy® Hair  - 5 Hairstyles for Constantly Frizzy Hair
Easy Hairstyles

5 Hairstyles for Constantly Frizzy Hair

Shoutout to all the ladies who put up with curly, wavy and frizzy hair. No amount of product, hot tool, love and care can ever put an ultimate end to a frizz mane. But today, we are going to show you a few ways on how you can embrace it. With these easy hair tutorials, you'll be able to gain some tips and tricks to help you tame and maintain frizzy hair.

frizzy hair hairstyles

So let's get started, shall we?

#1 The One Minute Messy Top Knot Bun

In a rush? Here’s the perfect hairstyle to keep the messy look and capture some style at the same time.

Alex is wearing her Ash Blonde Luxy Hair extensions to add more length and volume to her hair.

1. Take the top section of your hair and tease to add some texture, making it easier to pin in place.

2. Take that section and create a messy bun (however you please) and secure with a clear elastic.

3. Use bobby pins to tidy up any strands that stick out and to further secure the bun.

4. If you would like you can pull out pieces of hair at the front to frame your face, and keep with that relaxed, loose, messy look.

5. Add some hairspray to keep the look in place throughout your day.

There you go loves, the perfect bohemian, messy morning rush look.

messy top knot for frizzy hair

#2 The Double Knot

Looking for something simple and easy to put together for those natural curls? We have the perfect do for you. You can find this hairstyle from 0:00-2:01 on the video below:

1. Take a small section from the right and take a small section from the left side. 

2. Bring to the back of your head and knot them together like so:

knot hairstyle for frizzy hair

3. Then leave a little bit of a gap and create another knot just below the first one.

4. Grab a bobby pin or two to secure the last knot in place. 

5. This should be able to hold with curly hair because of its texture, but if you feel it will be unstable add another bobby pin and a bit of hairspray. 

hair styles for frizzy hair


FRIZZY HAIR TIP: Next time you need to tame those annoying flyaways or frizzy hairs, instead of reaching for a serum full of harsh chemicals, Coconut Oil is an amazing alternative. Taking a tiny bit of oil on your hands, smooth down your hair to evenly apply the Coconut Oil to your mane after styling. The oil will prevent frizz and lock in that shine.

#3 Faux Knot Braid

The Faux Knot Braid is the ultimate go to hairstyle for that night out when you don't know what else to do with your hair. Even though it looks very intricate, in reality it's so simple to create on yourself. This is my personal fancy go-to hairstyle as braids really have a way with keeping your frizzy hair in tact. 

1. Brush your hair out to ensure there are no tangles.

2. Take a small section of hair from the right and left sides and knot them together.

3. Secure with a small elastic.

4. Take another small section of hair from the right and left sides and make another knot just under the first one, and secure with a small elastic.

Helpful tip! Continue to braid in the back and avoid bringing the braid to the side to keep the knots aligned. 

5. Repeat step #4 and continue all the way until you've come to a desired length with the knots.

6. Feel free to pull on your bangs at the front of the hairstyle to frame your face and pull off a more relaxed look. 

And voila! 

faux knot braid for frizzy hair 

#4 The High Bun 

Now that it's summer and it gets hot and sticky outside, this is the perfect hairstyle to keep everything up and out of your face.

Mimi is using her Ombre Blonde Luxies for length and volume to help achieve a more full look.

1. Gather all your hair up into a high pony tail and secure with a hair elastic.

2. Then take your hair and wrap it around the ponytail to shape into a bun.

Helpful tip! If you have curly yet fine hair, tease your ponytail with a teasing brush for some added volume to form the bun.

3. While shaping the bun, try to fluff it up with your hands to make it nice and big. 

4. Pin it in place with a few bobby pins, and if you'll be moving around that day add a bit of hairspray. And thats it! 

high bun for frizzy hair

#5 Two in One Braid 

The classic french braid is a great fix to keep your hair contained and look stylish at the same time. 

Mimi is using her Ombre Blonde Luxies to help achieve this look.

1. Separate your hair into three sections and bring to one side.

2. Begin braiding: take the section from the right side and cross over the middle section, combining it with the left. Then take the left section and cross over the middle section, combining it with the right.

3. Repeat the regular braid until you get about halfway. 

4. Then switch to a dutch braid - take the section from the right side and cross it under the middle section, combining it with the left. Then take the left section and cross it under the middle section, combining it with the right. 

5. Repeat until you get to the end of the braid and secure with a hair tie. And you're all done! 

french braid for frizzy hair

So there you have it girls, 5 ways to turn the frizz curse into a blessing! If you end up recreating any of these looks be sure to tag us on instagram @luxyhair and comment below if you have any questions or suggestions! 

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