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Luxy® Hair  - 11 Ways to Wear a Clip-In Hair Bun
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11 Ways to Wear a Clip-In Hair Bun

No matter which way you style your hair, whether it’s a top-knot, chignon or just straight up messy, there’s so much beauty in a bun. And now that we’ve launched our clip-in bun extensions, you can experiment with every bun under the sun. Our bun extensions are so versatile and there are endless looks that you can easily style with them. 

To help you out, we’ve rounded up 11 simple yet chic ways to sport our clip-in buns.

1) The Messy Hair Bun

How to wear a clip in bun

One of the most effortless bun looks is the tried and true messy bun. To achieve this look simply tie your hair up into a messy bun, leaving two thin front pieces out to frame your face. Next, install the clip-in bun using the tiny interior combs, tighten it using the drawstring, then apply bobby pins in areas where you want to keep your hair from falling out of the bun. Top this bun off by leaving out just a few of your back baby hairs out to accentuate the messy hair look.This is a perfect look for hitting the gym or hopping on a casual Zoom meeting.

2) The Voluminous Hair Bun

How to wear a clip in bun

Our clip-in buns are perfect for those with thinner hair types looking to add some extra volume. To achieve this look simply tie your hair up in a bun, install the clip in-bun just as we described earlier, but this time making sure to slightly tease the bun and open it up before applying bobby pins so you can add some fluffy volume to your hair. For a more relaxed look, you can leave out those face-framing front pieces once again or if you’re looking for a cleaner look, simply tuck those front hair pieces behind your ears.

3) The Elegant Hair Bun

How to wear a clip in bun
On days where you’re looking to rock a seemingly carefully crafted, refined hair look, the elegant bun is exactly what you need. While this bun may appear to be super intricate, all you need to do is install the clip in-bun and apply bobby pins tightly to your hair to reduce any flyaways. Lastly, grab a curling wand or iron and leave the front pieces of your hair in the barrel for about three seconds to get loose waves fit for a princess.

4) The Classic Top Knot

What a classic pair of blue jeans is to fashion is what the classic top-knot is to hair: familiar, timeless and easily paired with any outfit. To achieve this look, tie your bun up top as high as you prefer and install your clip-in bun then voilà, you’re in top-knot heaven.

5) The Low Bun

How to wear a clip-in bun

As much as we live for a classic top-knot bun, we also love a good low bun moment. Simply tie your bun into a super low bun, leaving out those face-framing pieces that we love so much. This is the perfect look for those with balayage or highlighted hair as it draws attention to every little nuanced tone in your hair.

6) The Wavy Hair Bun

How to wear a clip in bun

If you’re a wavy or curly-haired girl, this is the perfect bun for you! Because our clip-in buns are made of 100 percent Remy human hair, our bun extensions can withstand up to 120C/250F degrees of heat. So if you’re not a naturally wavy or curly-haired-girl, simply grab your curling iron because no one will ever know the difference. We absolutely love how the wavy bun contrasts against the straight top portion.

7) The Beach Bun

Did someone say hot bun summer? Now that the weather is finally warming up, beach hair is finally back in season. Beach it up this summer with this slightly shaggy beachy bun look. After clipping on your bun, use your fingers to comb your hair to give it a cute wispy finish. We are absolutely living for the beautiful boho-inspired front pieces of hair in this look.

8) The Simple Hair Bun

How to wear a clip in bun

We love this simple bun look for lazy Sundays when you’re binging Netflix with a warm cup of hot chocolate. This is a great hair look for the girl who couldn’t be bothered to do much styling, but still wants to look très chic even if she’s just at home. This is definitely the most minimalistic style to wear our clip-in bun. Simply tie your hair up into a bun, then clip on our bun, add a few bobby pins so it’s extra secure then you’re all set to spend your day binging Netflix in style.

9) The Bang Bun

How to wear a clip in bun

This bun with bangs look is giving us major Taylor Swift vibes. We are never ever ever getting over this beautiful bun look. We are obsessed with how her sandy blonde hair and bangs look paired with our clip-in bun. Bangs with buns are an absolutely breathtaking dynamic duo. 

10) The Textured Bun

How to wear a clip in bun

Because our clip-in buns are so versatile, they can be worn with any hair texture. If you have type 3 to 4 hair, our clip in buns will look ravishing against your beautiful textured locks. This effortless bun look can be achieved by tying your hair up in a bun, clipping in your bun then stretching and teasing it just a bit to expand it and give it that messy finish. Secure your hair in place with a few bobby bins to maintain the volume and there you have it. 

11) The Sleek Bun

How to wear a clip in bun

So by now you know how much we love a classic messy bun look, but we love a sleek bun look just as much. We are living for how carefully crafted and swirled this bun is. This is yet another bun style that looks even more amazing with balayage, highlighted or ombre hair. To achieve this look, tie your hair into a swirly bun then trace around the shape of your bun and make it bigger and bolder with our clip-in bun. Use your fingers to clean up any flyaways and frizz to produce that super sleek finish. Accessorizing with earrings also helps to decorate this red-carpet ready look.

Written by: Ashley Inkumsah

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