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16" inches / 140 GRAM SET

16" Seamless Mocha Bronde Balayage Clip-Ins

$219 USD

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A Mocha Brown base blended with painted Bronde highlights, warm hues create a sun-kissed effect.

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16" inches / 180 gram Seamless Mocha Bronde Balayage Volume Bundle $253 USD $258 USD What's a bundle?
What is a Volume Bundle?

A volume bundle consists of a full set plus an additional single 4-clip Volumizer weft.

Who should choose a Volume Bundle?
Short Hair
Thick Hair
Blunt Hair
Extra Volume Seekers
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do I choose the right Luxy Hair set?

    Here we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about how to choose the right set Luxy Hair extensions.

    How do I choose between clip-in and Halo extensions?

    Halo extensions are a lower maintenance alternative to our clip-in extensions. Instead of having to clip in multiple wefts to ensure a seamless blend, all you need to do is apply the Halo and two 2-clip wefts to the side of your temples in a matter of seconds. Halo extensions are also great for those with thin and fragile hair and for those who have a sensitive scalp and find it hard wearing clip-in extensions. They are best for those who have below shoulder length hair and have a thin or medium hair type.

    While both clip-in and halo extensions deliver the same beautiful results, the main difference lies in the difference in application techniques. Click here to check out our comparison chart and to learn about which extensions are best for you.

    Still not sure? Check out our ultimate guide to halo hair extensions for more info.

    What is the difference between all of the different weights?

    All clip-in Luxy Hair extensions are sold in a full head set (9-10 wefts depending on the weight) and are made of the same high-quality 100% remy human hair. The only difference between each set is the weight. The higher the grams, the more hair that is attached to each weft. The individual strands themselves will remain consistent in thickness.

    Kindly note, the 16" Classic/Seamless Clip-Ins (140g) have the same density as the 20" Classic Clip-Ins (160g) but are less in weight due to the shorter length. Also, the 24" Clip-Ins (240g) are the same density as the 20" Seamless Clip-Ins (180g) however, it is heavier due to the longer length.

    Our Halo extensions are sold in a 3 piece set and are also made of the same high-quality grade 100% remy human hair. The weight of the full Halo set is 180g. This includes one Halo weft (140g) and two additional 2-clip wefts (20g each) to help blend face-framing pieces.

    What is the difference between the Classic and Seamless collections?

    Seamless clip-in Luxy Hair extensions are made with a thin silicone-based weft that lays flat against your head. For more information, please visit this helpful support article or check out this blog post.

    How many pieces come in each set?

    Our 16" Halo extensions have a total of 3 pieces:

    • 1 x Halo weft (10")
    • 2 x 2-clip wefts (4")

    Our 20" Halo extensions have a total of 3 pieces:

    • 1 x Halo weft (12")
    • 2 x 2-clip wefts (4")

    Our 20" 120g & 16" 140g sets have a total of 9 pieces:

    • 1 x 4-clip weft (8")
    • 2 x 3-clip wefts (6")
    • 2 x 2-clip wefts (4")
    • 4 x 1-clip wefts (1")

    Our 20" 160g, 180g, 220g, 24" 220g, & 24" 240g sets have a total of 10 pieces

    • 1 x 4-clip weft (8")
    • 1 x 4-clip weft (7")
    • 2 x 3-clip wefts (6")
    • 2 x 2-clip wefts (4")
    • 4 x 1-clip wefts (1")

    * The 120g & 140g sets have one 4-clip weft whereas the 160g, 180g, 220g & 240g have two.

    What lengths do you offer?

    Clip-in Luxy Hair extensions are available in our 16" Classic & Seamless collections, as well as our standard 20" Classic & Seamless collections. We also offer a new 24" Classic collection! Our Halo extensions come in either 16 inches or 20 inches. To see what these lengths will look like on you, click here.

    Do you offer curly or wavy hair extensions?

    No, we do not offer pre-curled/waved hair extensions at this time. Since Luxies are made of 100% remy human hair, however, they can be styled to curls or waves using hot tools. Here is a super helpful tutorial by our lovely friend, India, who shows how to blend extensions with her naturally curly hair.

    You can also air dry your extensions overnight (in a braid, for instance), and when you wake up and clip in your set you will have gorgeous, beachy waves ready to go. Plus, you can also experiment with different curl patterns without having to buy an array of curling wands. Find out 4 ways to air dry your extensions.

    How do I choose the right color of extensions?

    Luxy Hair extensions are offered in 34 beautiful colors ranging from Jet Black to Platinum Blonde, and from Ombre to Balayage. We offer 60-day returns if the color doesn't match. We support you! Please check out our Luxy Hair Color Guide for more information on choosing your perfect Luxy color.

    I’m not sure which clip-in set is best for me - how do I choose?

    I have short hair. Which set should I pick?

    Which set you opt for will depend on if you are looking for volume or volume and length. For more information, check out this helpful support article.

    Want a second opinion?

    We're here to help! Please email our Support team at with a recent selfie taken in natural lighting with no direct sunlight, where we can see your hair from top to bottom, and with no filters added - similar to the photo below.

  • What is Balayage?

    Balayage is a specific coloring technique. It was derived in France and is translated to ‘sweeping’. Balayage is a beautiful, dimensional look that includes highlights throughout the hair, with a higher concentration towards the ends.

  • How do I choose the right color of Balayage extensions?

    For help deciding between our Balayage shades & to see them in action please click below.

  • What is the difference between Classic and Seamless hair extensions?

    If you're new to the world of clip-in hair extensions and are looking to figure out how to choose between our Classic and Seamless hair extensions, you've come to the right place. In this support article, we'll clarify the difference between these two collections so you can make a confident buying decision.

    Here is a comparison chart between the two collections:

    Luxy Hair Clip-In Extensions
    Our Classic Collection

    Our Classic extensions are the first type of clip-in hair extensions that Luxy Hair designed and launched. They are made of a fabric-stitched weft and are offered in a variety of different weights to cater to every hair type.

    Classic Features

    • Made with a fabric-stitched weft base
    • Offered in:
      • 16" 140g
      • 20" 120g
      • 20" 160g
      • 20" 220g
    • Made of 100% remy human high-quality hair
    • Can withstand heat, and dye

    Should I Choose Classic Extensions?

    Our Classic Collection is good for you if:

    • You have lots of hair strands, medium-thick short hair, or a blunt haircut
    • You prefer more volume at your roots
    • You plan to use them for ponytails or updos
    • You plan to dye the extensions (the fabric can be dyed)

    Our Seamless Collection

    Our Seamless extensions are a part of a new collection Luxy Hair launched in 2017. They're similar to our 160 gram Classic set, however, they have more hair attached to each weft making the full set slightly thicker. They are made with a thin silicone-weft base that lays flat against your head.

    Seamless Features

    Should I Choose Seamless Extensions?

    Our Seamless Collection is good for you if:

    • Have fine & short hair or have a fine - medium hair type with an average amount of hair
    • You want a more natural look with less volume at the root
    • You have highlighted hair

    Or, check out this helpful support article or blog post!

    Want a second opinion on choosing between both collections? We're here to help! Please email our Support team at with a recent selfie taken in natural lighting with no direct sunlight, where we can see your hair from top to bottom, and with no filters added - similar to the photo below.

  • What is the difference between the Highlight & Balayage collections?

    The Highlights collection features thin highlights starting from the root straight through to the ends. This collection is designed to blend into hair that has already been highlighted, eliminating the need to get your hair extensions custom-dyed. This is great for those looking to further accentuate their highlights. To learn about how to choose between our Highlights colors, click here.

    The Balayage collection features hand-painted highlights that start 6 inches from the root with darker pieces left at the bottom to give the hair that extra depth and dimension. This collection is great for those who have a solid hair color and are looking for a damage-free way to add sun-kissed dimension to their hair.

    To learn about how to choose between our Balayage colors, click here.

  • I have Ombre/highlights in my hair. Can I still wear Balayage?

    Yes. Balayage extensions will blend even if you have Ombre or highlights in your hair. If you have Ombre, the Balayage extensions will add more color and dimension higher up. If you have highlights, the Balayage extensions will add more color towards the ends.

    All Luxy Hair extensions come with a sample weft, therefore, you can take out the weft and hold it up against your hair to see if you’re happy with the blend. If you feel it’s not a good fit, we’ll be happy to accept your package back for a return or exchange.

  • Will Balayage extensions work, even if my hair isn’t balayage?

    Yes. Clip-in extensions are a great way to experiment with color, without the full-time commitment or damage to your natural hair. In order for the extensions to blend, we recommend ensuring that your hair matches the root color of the extensions.

  • How far down the weft do the Balayage highlights start?

    The Balayage highlights start 6 inches from the base of the weft.

    You may also be interested in:

  • Can I cut the Balayage extensions shorter?

    Yes. Like all of our extensions, our balayage sets can be cut, trimmed and layered. The more you cut from the ends, however, the more it will take away from the balayage effect at the bottom.

  • Are your Balayage colors available in sample swatches?

    We offer our sample swatches for 3 of our Balayage shades (Off Black Balayage, Chocolate Brown Balayage, and Chestnut Brown Balayage). We're happy to offer a maximum of two color sample swatches to our customers within the U.S. and Canada for a flat rate of $10 (shipping only).

    If you place an order for a sample swatch, you will receive a small lock of hair that is dyed perfectly to reflect the colors we offer in our full sets. Kindly note, the technique on the Balayage swatch is not the same highlighted technique as on the full set and is for color matching purposes only.

    Please be sure to check out: How do I choose the right color of Balayage extensions?. Kindly note, these swatches should be used for color comparison purposes only and are not offered in Classic or Seamless as the base of the weft is not included. To interested customers who live internationally, kindly note that all full sets of Luxies come with a tester weft. If it's not an ideal match, we offer 60-day returns and exchanges if the color doesn't match. We support you!

    Also, we're happy to help you select your ideal Luxy match. Please send over some photos of your hair taken in natural lighting where we can see it fully to, similar to the photo below.

  • Can I curl and straighten my hair extensions?

    Just like your own hair, Luxy Hair extensions can be straightened, blow-dried, styled and curled. In order to preserve and extend the lifespan of your Luxy Hair extensions, however, we suggest to always use a heat protectant spray prior to styling your set.

    Additionally, we recommend to only use a low heat setting of 120C/250F, as anything higher runs the risk of damaging the hair. The reason why we recommend opting for a lower heat setting is because it will prolong the lifespan of your set. While our own hair may be able to handle a high heat setting, our hair is also constantly getting revitalized from the scalp, whereas hair extensions don't get that sort of constant nutrition.

    Check out the following blog post for more info on how to care for hair extensions.

  • How do I care for my extensions?

    Creating a good routine with your Luxy Hair extensions from the start will help prolong their lifespan. Since they are made from 100% Remy human hair, they can be styled and washed just like your regular hair, however, the more you wash and heat style your extensions, the shorter their lifespan will be, so try to keep washing and product use to a minimum.

    Keep in mind that unlike your own hair, which receives natural hydration from the oils on your scalp, hair extensions don’t have a natural hydration source. Therefore, keeping them hydrated is key to keeping them shiny and in good condition. To ensure your set lives a long and happy life, check out the below articles or this blog post:

  • How long does shipping take?

    It will take 1 business day to process your order, regardless of the shipping option selected at checkout. If your order is placed by 4pm EST, it will ship the same day. If your order is placed after 4pm EST, your order will ship the next day.

    We ship Monday through Friday, excluding weekends and holidays. We cannot guarantee Saturday delivery, even if your shipping is upgraded to express. Shipping times will depend on your location. For more information, please click here.

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