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Luxy® Hair  - Luxy’s August Monthly Favorites

Luxy’s August Monthly Favorites

It's that time of the year again...summer is coming to an end and school is just around the corner. For some this is amazing news, for some it's a little bit sad... but hey, we're all for making the best out of everything. For this month's favorites, we thought it would be fitting to have a Back To School theme. Read on to hear about all our Back To School Favorites!

Music Playlist: Stay Focused Studying Music


It can be a little challenging to get your head into studying when you’ve spent all summer relaxing so we decided to help with this Stay Focused Studying Playlist. Listen on and we’re sure you’ll be able to focus a lot more.

Fave Hairstyles: Back to School Inspired


Back To School Hairstyles | Luxy Hair


Back to School can be a very fun and exciting time, especially if you’re just starting high school or university! If you’re like us and like to plan your outfits beforehand, you’re in for a treat. The girls at Luxy Hair compiled 4 easy everyday hairstyles you can wear for Back To School. We’re talking hairstyles that you can create in less than 5 minutes! Learn more through this blog post!

Quote of the Month:

Fave Back to School Hair Hack

Need a solution to an accidental sleep in? Here is a DIY Dry Shampoo recipe thanks to Beautylish for those rushed mornings, so you can still leave the house looking flawless!


  • 1 tbsp of cornstarch
  • 4 tbsp of water
  • 1 tbsp of rubbing alcohol or organic ethanol
  • Small mixing bowl
  • Small spray bottle (available at your local pharmacy/dollar store
  • A few drops of essential oil (such as lavender, peppermint, or vanilla) for scent


Mix it all together in the bowl, then pour the mixture into your spray bottle. It’s that easy!

diy dry shampoo recipe luxy hair

Image Source 

To Use:

Shake the ingredients up to mix each time you use. Spray into roots, just enough to dampen. Brush out into hair, then blast your roots with your hairdryer, fluffing with your fingers as you go. You can also air-dry if you’re not short on time.

Fave Book At The Moment: Productivity Planner

Luxy Hair August Favorites

The Productivity Planner is a daily journal that allows you to Beat Procrastination and Get Things Done.

It’s a brilliant way to prioritize and accomplish the vital few tasks that will make your day satisfying. It helps you remember that you are no superhuman, you can’t do everything in one day. Therefore, you must prioritize the most important things for the day and get those done first. It’s all about quality over quantity.

Here’s a quick guide on how to use it!

Favorite Back to School Tips

We have compiled our insider tips and tricks from everyone at Luxy Hair to help you make the best out of your school experience, here's what the team has to say:

  1. CAREER - If you don’t know what you want to do in the future, like many of us, you can always try things/work experiences that you’re interested in and slowly eliminate things - knowing for sure what you don’t want to do helps you narrow your path more to what you do want to do in the future
  2. STUDY TIPS AND TRICKS - Always ask your teachers questions and how you can improve on your assignments ahead of time before it’s due if you really want good grades
  3. EXTRACURRICULARS - Join clubs and societies and give them the time and effort they deserve - you will meet people you normally wouldn’t and have a sense of purpose and belonging while in school
  4. SELF IMPROVEMENT - Learn what type of learn you are - everyone is different and has their unique way of learning. There are three main types of learning styles which are auditory, visual, and kinaesthetic. Knowing what type of learner you are will help you tremendously in becoming a better student and improve your studying habits.
  5. BALANCE - Have a balance between school and having fun - this is super important, and you can do this by staying organized with a planner of when projects are due so you’re not cramming until the last minute - use a productivity planner to stay organized and have dedicated study days and dedicated chilling days.

Back to School OutfitBack To School Outfits Luxy Hair

Image Source

Planning your first day of school outfit can be fun and stressful. We thought we’d help you out with some back to school outfit inspiration. If you’d like to get this look, check out where each item is from below:

Blouse | Pleated Skirt | Loafers | Comfy Cardigan | Messenger Bag

DIY Bobby Pin Holder

Bobby Pin Holder Luxy Hair DIY

Image Source

Once you finish all of your Tic Tacs, don't throw away the empty container! You can use it to store all of your bobby pins so that they're all kept safely in one place, instead of at the bottom of your purse. You can even decorate the container like Her Campus did, using a gold sharpie, like the example above, to make this DIY both convenient and cute! 

Throw it in your backpack to have a few bobby pins at your reach in those emergency hair situations throughout the school year!

That wraps up our favorites for August! What is your Back To School essentials? Let us know in the comments below or tag us in pictures of your summer adventures @luxyhair. Stay tuned next month for our September Luxy Favorites!

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