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Luxy® Hair  - Luxy Girl Of The Month: Josie Sanders

Luxy Girl Of The Month: Josie Sanders

Our second Luxy Girl Of The Month is our beautiful friend Just Josie, a.k.a. @josie_sanders.  Josie is a full time college student, content creator, and part-time Art Director, and somehow still has time for a social life and spend time with her boyfriend. How does she do it?! Read on to learn more about Josie.

Luxy Girl Of The Month Josie Sanders

What’s an average day in the life of Josie?

An average day in my life always looks different from the next. I like to keep things interesting and fill each day with new adventures, however there are a few things that stay consistent. On a normal day I will usually go to my classes and then head to my apartment to make lunch. I love cooking my own healthy meals, food is one of my favorite things so making something delicious always makes my day a good one! After that I usually work on creating content. Some days it might be going out and shooting some looks for my Instagram, other days it may be me filming or editing a video! I try to find free time within my day to spend time with my boyfriend or friends and workout when I can!

Luxy Girl Of The Month Josie Sanders

Luxy Girl Of The Month Josie Sanders

What got you started as a content creator? What do you love about it?

I have always had a passion for making my visions in my head come true. Ever since I was a kid I was always obsessed with making and editing videos with my friends and taking photos. Being able to share little pieces of my life in a creative manner to the world is what I love most about content creating.

Luxy Girl Of The Month Josie Sanders

How did your love for all things hair and beauty begin?

Where do I even start! Up until about 5th grade I actually was always a girl that loved to play outside, get dirty, and hang with the boys. It wasn’t until I discovered youtube tutorials when all that changed! Since I was still a little too young for makeup, my first love was learning how to do hair. I remember watching hours of videos learning how to do every braid, twist, and bun you could think of! Shortly after I began watching makeup tutorials as well and the rest is history!  I knew all the way back then that I wanted to one day be that girl that made tutorials, just like the ones I adored watching in my childhood.

Here is a photo of one of the first hairstyles I learned when I was in 5th grade! 

 Luxy Girl Of The Month Josie Sanders

Describe your hair routine.

My hair routine has changed about 100 times over the years, but the #1 thing I have realized is that less is more! I like to use organic shampoo, conditioner, and usually a leave in conditioner as well. I find that using all natural products leaves my hair feeling it’s best. I typically wash my hair 3-4 times a week, so the days where I skip my wash I’ll usually opt for some dry shampoo!

Luxy Girl Of The Month Josie Sanders

Why do you love Luxies and how do you wear them?

I love Luxies because they can turn anyones average hair day into a stunning look. I love to use them for added length, volume, and dimension in my hair! I love using my Luxies to create thick and beautiful braids, ponytails and other hairstyles that just wouldn’t look the same without them. When I am feeling more casual I will just pop them in, add a few curls, and I am ready to go for my day. No one ever knows that I have extensions in because they are so easy to style and blend!

Luxy Girl Of The Month Josie Sanders

Luxy Girl Of The Month Josie Sanders 

What’s one piece of beauty advice would you give to your younger self?

Give your hair a break from the heat! I spent so many years when I was younger frying my hair because I hated the way my natural hair looked. I wish I would have learned to embrace my natural beauty and love myself for who I was. Nowadays, I wear my natural hair all the time and I have never felt so confident! I think it’s so important for all girls to understand that everyone is beautiful in their own way and they should learn to love it!

 Luxy Girl Of The Month Josie Sanders

Luxy Girl Of The Month Josie Sanders

When you’re not shooting gorgeous photos or editing videos, what would we most likely find you doing?

Since I am a first year college student, when I am not out creating content, you will most likely find me in class. I am currently pursuing a degree in Visual Communication Design with intentions of becoming an Art Director (so no, I  never escape the creative world haha!) I also have been working part-time at a local magazine company, Kit Magazine, where I do a lot of art directing, styling, and social media content for them! When my schedule is not completely filled with all of those things, I like to find time to spend with my boyfriend, friends, and family!

Luxy Girl Of The Month Kit Magazine

You’ve recently started college, what’s your one of your fave things about being a student? One of the hardest?

I have always been a person who is eager to learn, so just being in a place in my life where I can understand more about the world and what I love to do is very exciting for me! The hardest part about college is definitely just how much time it consumes when I am trying to pursue so many other side hobbies outside of class. Although it is difficult, I always love to have a busy schedule so it is not too bad.

 Luxy Girl Of The Month Josie Sanders

Your biggest source of inspiration is…

My biggest source of inspiration is seeing other women like myself trying to pursue the same types of passions. There are so many people I love to turn to on social media platforms for creative inspiration and even friendships. Surrounding myself with these types of people is what keeps me feeling positive and moving forward to make my dreams come true.

Luxy Girl Of The Month Josie Sanders 

Your secret to happiness is…

Never let someone’s opinion of you get in the way of living your life and being your truest self.

Thank you Josie! You can find Josie on Instagram at @josie_sanders and on her YouTube channel Just Josie

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