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Luxy® Hair  - How to Deal With Thick Hair: 3 Easy Hairstyles

How to Deal With Thick Hair: 3 Easy Hairstyles

Anyone with thick hair knows that it's both a curse and a blessing. On the one hand, you have thick voluminous locks that many girls would be envious of. On the other hand, you have so much hair that it's overwhelming to know what to do with it. Despite the fact that showers have to be perfectly orchestrated to allow for the (what feels like) a 24-hour drying period, or that regular hair elastics can't stretch around your ponytail, we think thick hair is awesome. 

To celebrate our thick-haired gals, our friend Hollie Hobin created a video showcasing her three favorite buildable hairstyles for those blessed with thick, voluminous locks. Check out the video below, or scroll down for step-by-step instructions.

Tools Needed

  • Luxy Hair Extensions (optional)
  • 4-5 Hair Elastics
  • 4-5 Bobby Pins
  • Spray Bottle with Water
  • Rattail Comb

Hairstyle One - Dutch Braid Pigtails

how to dutch braid

Step One

If you aren't blessed with thick hair, clip in your Luxy Hair extensions to achieve a similar look to Hollie. 

Step Two

Part your hair in two even sections using a rattail comb. Ensure that you have a straight part from the crown of your head to the nape of your neck.

Quick Tip: Spritz your hair with some water to make it easier to create defined sections.

Step Three

Starting on the right side of your head, grab a small section of your hair at the front of your head and divide it into three strands. Dutch braid your hair until you reach the nape of your neck and secure with a hair elastic. Repeat on the left side.

Quick Tip: To create a Dutch braid effect, ensure you're crossing the outside strands under the middle one. If you cross it over the middle, you'll create a French braid.

Step Four

To finish off the look, take a small section of hair from underneath each ponytail and wrap it around the base to hide the hair elastic. Secure with a bobby pin in a color that blends in with your natural hair shade. 

Hairstyle Two - Dutch Braid to Fishtail Braids

how to fishtail braid

Step One

Start with the base from hairstyle one to create this look. 

Step Two

Divide your pigtail into two even sections. To create a fishtail braid, grab a small sections from one section and cross it over to the other. Alternate sides with small sections to create a more piecey and defined look.

Step Three

Repeat on both pigtails and secure with elastics to complete the look.

Hairstyle Three - Dutch Braid Buns

dutch braid bun for thick hair

Step One

Start with the base from hairstyle one to create this look. 

Step Two

Twist the right pigtail and wrap it around itself to form a bun. Secure with an elastic at the nape of the neck.

Step Three

Repeat the same thing on the left side and hide any fly away hairs with bobby pins if necessary.

So there you have it - three easy hairstyles, perfect for thick hair. These hairstyle all start with the base of dutch braids which are the ideal option for taming thick strands. 

Do you have thick hair? Let us know if you test these looks and share your recreations on Instagram by tagging @luxyhair.

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