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Nothing makes us happier and more excited than hearing positive feedback from satisfied ladies from all around the world who are enjoying their Luxies! Your lovely words of praise & compliments is what inspires & motivates us to wake up every morning happy and excited to continue doing what we love to do!

Here are some of the reviews and testimonials we received on our Facebook fan page or in our Luxy inbox:

YAY!!!! I just got my Luxy Hair extensions today and I am super excited. I have shopped around for extensions for literally a year now and I have to say that your extensions are exactly like the more expensive kind but much, much better. The other brands don’t offer great customer service, an inexpensive price, FREE SHIPPING, and best of all a Youtube channel with the best tips on everything hair! I love you guys!!! I’m so glad you two came up with Luxy Hair Extensions!!

- Kiwi


Mimi And Leyla Thank You so much for my hair Extensions ! i love them so much ! They Are the Best in the world !The quality is so good they are thick from top to bottom and come out ever thicker as soon as you wash them ! i cant wait to do more things with my extensions! i am more then happy. i feel Beautiful ! love haley, xoxo

- Haley


Hi everyone

If you are considering buying these hair extensions i have two words for you: DO IT!! I just got my super luxurious extensions today, and they are amazingly thick, soft and long. They are even thick to the very bottom. I am so excited to begin using these. They are fabulous!!! Thank you Mimi and Leyla



Hey Luxy Sisters…just wanted to tell you girls that I have had my Luxy extensions now for about 2 weeks and they are so amazing and the quality blows away the other extensions I have purchased from other companies…..your product is an absolute gem and for the price I just cannot get over the fabulous, silky, thick hair. I will post a pic of me wearing them soon.

- Tina


I ordered my extensions a few weeks ago and I got them in the mail two days later which really surprised me with how fast they got to Maryland all the way from California! I just got my fusion extensions out after having them for a year and decided that I wanted a little bit longer hair again, just without the serious commitment. My natural hair is only a few inches shorter then the 20 inch clip ins but my hair is thin so I like the thickness extensions add. These hair extensions are so soft and yet they don’t get all tangly like most extensions I have tried do. They look so natural and no one even notices that their clip ins which I love. I ordered the 160gram set in #4 and this color matches PERFECTLY! I don’t have to use all the clips either which I don’t mind and for the price (I paid $120 while they were on sale) I’m just in awe!! These Remy hair extensions are the best clip ins I have ever tried – and I have tried a lot. And their so affordable. Thank you so much!! 

- Shelby

I KID YOU ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!! I am floored at my feelings over these extensions!!! I am embarrassed to say but am an absolute freak~perfectionist on these types of things and the extensions are so amazing that I want to be a poster child for them!! teehee. Anyway, as everyone had said on Facebook the quality is fabulous! But what really gets me is that the color I ordered is so pretty but before received it worried me as they looked like they’d be too dark..guess what!!! ?? These are the color my salon and I have been trying to copy for my own locks!! SO WHALA

Anyway, ladies the entire process has been a dream.. I am ordering another exact set right now because I always like to have a nice set and every day set, and sometimes a ponytail set!!!


Ok, so I got my hair extensions today and I am in LOVE. I can’t believe how thick and long they are!! They match my hair so perfectly & they are so gorgeous!! I’m soo happy with them & it only took four days to get to my house!!! My mom almost started crying when she saw how pretty they were in my hair. Thankyou so so so much!! Xoxo

- Gina


Thank you so much Luxyhair for these amazing extensions. I can honestly say that I have tried extensions from different companies but these ones have exceeded my expectations. The quality of the hair is amazing and the extensions are thick to the very end (not like some extensions that get thinner), the hair didn’t shed at all and most importantly the customer service was amazing. I needed the hair extensions for a wedding and the girls went out of their way to make sure I get them! What sold me to buy these was prompt response you get. I love these and I would so buy another pair for having one for curls and one for straight hair. Highly recommended. ♥

- Sakina

Hi beautiful sisters!

Just wanted to say thank you again for the awesome extensions you carry. It really makes a huge difference to have long luscious hair. I have received a lot of compliments already and even got a “Monica Belucci” one that made me feel beautiful  (Mimi that was your styling magic! 

For all the girls out there: These extensions are truly the best on the market. Everyone must have a set!


Dark Brown Mermaid No 2 L


I have just ordered my Luxy Hair Extensions, and received an e-mail the following day to let me know my order has been shipped. Not only was the e-mail very professional but it was also very personable. I cannot beleive the warmth that comes off of these girls, they treat as if they are your best friend, but yet they have never met you. I have not recieved my order yet because I did just purchase them, but I will tell you that I have done ALOT of research on this item and the company before I placed my order, and I have not found another company that makes me feel the way Luxy does. Leyla and Mimi are very personable, even started there e-mail with hello Beautiful and ended with xoxo. They just make you feel so special!! Thanks girls!! Keep up with your personable service, because people to notice the little things!! I will post again when I receive them :> xxoxox

- Amanda


I just received my order and they are the most beautiful set i have seen in my 5 years of of using hair extensions!! Thank you so much for your honesty and customer service! very fast shipping…Hair is long, gorgeous, soft, thick, and i feel like a princess just holding them up to my head! I plan on purchasing again as soon as a new set is needed!  

- Megan


Got my extensions 2 days ago….shipping was SO FAST!! They are gorgeous and so shiny and thick….gorgeous color….I got Chestnut Brown and even with all my highlights….they match great!! Thanks Mimi and Layla…you girls rock!!



This is my first time ever using clip on hair extensions and I have to say not only was I impressed with the quality and price of the hair but the fact that they were so easy to apply was also fantastic!!!” I used Luxy Hair Extensions 160 grams…Once the hair extensions are in, they feel secure and even when you styl…e them with curling or straightening iron, the hair extensions stayed put. I found out from Leyla and Mimi that the best way to keep the clips in place was to first tease the hair a bit at the part where the clips were to go. All you got to do is to take care of them. I would definitely recommend Luxy Hair Extensions to anyone who wants to add volume or length to their hair for very Affordable prices High quality hair, great professional service and NO damage to your hair.. You won’t regret it!! Thanks girls!!! Xoxo 


SO I got my hair extensions today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SOOOOOOOO HAPPY with them!!!!!

They are absolutely amazing!!! They feel so nice and soft. I kept touching them non stop. And they give so much thickness to your hair…its like WOW. Love love love love love love love love LOVE IT!!!!!!

Thank you girls!!!!!!!!! Love you!!!! ♥♥♥


Got it.