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Perfect for concealing and adding fullness along the part and to thinning regions at the top of the head. Lightweight, breathable mesh bands that lay flat against the head for a discreet blend that mimics hair growth at the scalp.
Blonde clip-in hair extensions for a seamless beige blonde balayage look by Luxy Clip Ins Hair Extensions.


  • 10 piece clip-in set
  • Natural looking volume
  • Bands lay flat against head
  • Best for thin hair types
  • Comes in 12”, 16”, 20”, and NEW 24"
Luxy Hair Extension colored Chestnut Brown Balayage with Classic clip-ins showing the clips.


  • 10 piece clip-in set
  • Natural-looking to mega volume 
  • Add extra volume at the roots 
  • Best for thick hair types 
  • Comes in 16”, 20”, and 24”
A hand holding a long black Luxy Hair Extension Halo.


  • A one and done piece
  • Natural-looking volume 
  • Invisible band
  • Best for medium hair types 
  • Comes in 12”, 16” and 20”


  • Full coverage at top of head
  • Low density for easy blending
  • Adjustable clear band for secure & customized fit
  • 6.5" (LxW) Silk + Wefted + Lace base

Scalp Fill-Ins

  • 4 piece clip-in set  
  • Adds fullness along part line 
  • Lightweight, breathable mesh bands  
  • Mimics hair at the scalp 
  • Comes in 12" and 16" 
A brown clip-in hair extension on a white background by Luxy Hair.


  • 6 piece clip-in set
  • Adds fullness, not length
  • Bands lay flat against the head
  • Best for thin hair types 
  • Comes in 12”, 16” and NEW! 20”
White background showcasing Luxy Hair Extension's long curly hair.


  • Easy, one-piece application
  • Get longer, thicker ponytails
  • Comes in 16” and 20” lengths
  • Choose from 35+ colors
A blonde clip-in bun on a white background.


  • Tighten with drawstring in one go
  • 2 bonus bobby pins for security
  • Best suited for short or thin hair
  • Choose from 35+ colors

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