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Luxy® Hair  - Trending Hairstyles in New York

Trending Hairstyles in New York

There’s no shortage of creative and cool hair trends popping up in New York City. From edgy and bold shag mullets to classic and glam center parts driven by Gen Z, there is really something for everyone in the city that never sleeps. 

Those on the move in the hustle and bustle of the city are favoring haircuts that add a modern twist to a throwback look. Wholly embracing the 90s or Y2K as their main forms of inspiration. 

Grab a caramel macchiato and scroll with us as we revisit some of the hottest hairstyles we saw trending in New York.

Shag Mullet

We can thank Miley and Billie Ellish for reviving this 70s throwback look. But unlike Billy Rae Cyrus' mullet this one is less unruly and a more softer rendition of what we tend to call “business in the front and party in the back” Every It girl has worn this look (also referred to as the wolf cut or glam shag) including Euphoria breakout star Barbie Ferreira. The shag cut provides a bit of an edge and effortlessly cool cred with her all black ensemble. 

Expensive Brunette

Who doesn't want to look expensive? Celebrities like Hailey Bieber, Ciara and Dakota Johnson turned to this low maintenance color for an added bit of warmth and depth. This isn't your average brown shade. Expensive brunette has a rich tone and shine that makes it alluring and effortless. Ask your hairstylist for a gloss as well to achieve added depth and rock this low maintenance color for some mystery. 

Curtain bangs

An elevated take on bangs. Gone are the days of blunt bangs and they have been replaced with its shaggier wispy cousin. These curtain bangs help frame your face and add a bit of mystery. What’s great about this cut is that it works for every face shape, even on more rounder faces. Another plus is that curtain bangs will grow out well so if salons are closed there’s no need to panic about this low maintenance cut. 

90s Accessories 

There’s a 90s revival happening and we aren't mad about it. From colorful claw clips to oversized scrunchies, there wasn’t a single 90s hair accessory that didn’t make its way into all of our Instagram feeds. 90s it girls like Alicia Silverstone and Jennifer Aniston even teased this trend in their looks as we all long for a simpler time. This sweet escapism has us publicly proclaiming our love for legendary shows like Friends and all time favourite 90s movies like Clueless and Legally Blonde. @acquiredstyle shows us how it’s done with her checkered claw clip here. 


Crisp center part 

Front and center. Earlier this year a heated debate between Gen Z and Millenials on Tiktok took place. What is more flattering? The center part or the side part? And although both sides posted great arguments it looks like the center part favored by Gen Z Tiktokers is here to stay. 

The middle part is bold and confident since it doesn’t hide your face. It also suits the minimal makeup look we are seeing. This simple hairstyle is just timeless and chic. We see celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence embracing the middle part and softening it with a few curls. 

To achieve the look all you need is  a rat tail comb and a bit of hair spray to tame your fly aways. 

Low Sleek Model Off Duty Bun 

A sleek low bun never goes out of style. For that model off duty look all you need is oversized sunglasses, gold jewelry and a casual yet chic bun wrapped in one of our gravity defying hair ties. Add some volume to yours with our hair bun extension.

We love how Manhattan born Olivia Palermo styled her look with gold hoops and a shirt dress for a smart and cool street style look. 

Bixie Cut

Ever since Florence Pugh cut her hair short, everyone has been looking to emulate her modern day pixie cut dubbed the Bixie. A cross between a pixie and a bob, this haircut is flattering for all hair types. This short haircut also grows out well if you are looking to transition to longer hair afterwards or don’t want to go too short. We’ve also seen this look on Lily Collins who cut off her long brunette locks and dyed it blonde in favor of an edgier look for her ELLE UK photoshoot. 

Bedazzled Hair 

After all those incredible bling hair looks we saw at the MET Gala it looks like bedazzled hair is here to stay. Hair jewelry can really elevate your look whether you are in a ballgown or a simple dress that needs a little oomph. When done right, hair jewelry can create works of art.  

We especially love this breathtaking and simple look by Alicia Keys who slicked her hair back into a beautiful long braid adorned with pearls. It’s simply magical. 

Lots of Color 

Life is short, experiment with your look and your hair color. We saw a ton of celebrities changing up their hair colors in favor of more whimsical hues like rich violets and pastel blue. Lana Condor gave us bubble gum pink while Cardi B looks immaculate in this blonde look paired with a black mini dress. Addison Rae even went with blue highlights to switch up her look. Fun hair colors are on the rise and we are loving it. 


Gray or Silver Hair 

Leave it to Miranda to remind ourselves it’s OK to go gray. The Sex and The City reboot has caused quite a stir for many reasons. One of them being: should we embrace our natural gray hair as we age or try to preserve our color like Charlotte? We are all in favor of embracing your natural gray and aging gracefully. 


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