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Luxy® Hair  - How to use ponytail extensions
Hair Extensions

How to use ponytail extensions

What are Ponytail Extensions?

Luxy Hair clip-in ponytail extensions are uniquely designed to add thickness to length to a regular ponytail instantly. Say goodbye to sad, limp ponytails and hello to bouncy, voluminous ponytails that can be styled in a high ponytail, low ponytail, braided ponytail or even bun. No longer for simply hiding unwashed or un-styled hair, we’re giving ponytails a glow up. We also offer curly ponytail extensions if you are going for a textured look. 

Each Luxy Hair Ponytail Extension comes with the following:

  • One 120g 20” Ponytail Extension 
  • 2 bobby pins pre-matched to the extension's fabric
  • 1 tester weft

How to do a ponytail with extensions


Benefits of Ponytail Extensions

1. Transform second (or third) day hair from the comfort of your couch

We get it...we haven’t washed our hair in days either. Easily transform greasy or oily hair into ponytail perfection with Luxy Hair clip-in ponytail extensions. Now, you can hit up virtual wine night with the girls after your home workout or say yes to an impromptu FaceTime with your crush. 

2. Creates longer, fuller, bouncier ponytails every time

If, on the other hand, you find that your ponytails don’t have that Elle Woods level vigor and bounce due to thinning, shorter length, dryness or brittleness, ponytail extensions are the solution to longer thicker ponytails instantly. 

3. Opens up a world of hairstyle possibilities

Ever tried to create a braided ponytail only for your layers to poke out? How about throwing your hair into a bun only to be left with a lifeless look? With clip-in ponytail extensions, braided ponytails, high ponytails, low ponytails, voluminous buns are all made possible.

ponytail extension on model

How to do a ponytail with extensions

TIP: If you’re planning to heat style your Ponytail Extension, we recommend doing this before attaching it to your hair.  


Brush your own hair into a high ponytail at the crown of your head. Position your ponytail slightly higher than you intend to wear it and secure with a hair tie. 

How to do a ponytail with extensions


Gently brush through your Ponytail Extension using our Loop Hair Extensions Brush, or a wide-toothed comb or paddle brush to remove any tangles.

How to do a ponytail with extensions


Slide the comb underneath your hair tie at the top of your ponytail. Wrap the velcro base around your own ponytail until it’s tightly overlapped and secure. 

How to do a ponytail with extensions


Wrap the hair strand around the base of the Ponytail to conceal the band. Use the Luxy bobby pins to secure in place. 

How to do a ponytail with extensions


Move your head around to ensure your Ponytail feels secure. Sleek and straight or teased and tousled, rock your Luxy Ponytail however you please.

How to do a ponytail with extensions

What hairstyles go well with ponytail extensions?

Low ponytail

Low ponytail with extensions

To create a low ponytail with the Luxy Hair Ponytail Extension, simply tie your hair at the nape of your next before wrapping the extension around your hair. Continue all steps as normal and enjoy your new, ultra long pony.


A voluminous bun has never been easier. To get this look, start off by securing your ponytail extension as normal at the crown of your head. 

Next, split the ponytail into two equal sections.

How to do a ponytail with extensions

Twist each section until you have two long twists, then wrap the twists around each other to create a thick rope braid.

How to do a ponytail with extensions

Finally, wrap this rope braid around itself at the base, and bobby pin the heck out of it.

How to do a ponytail with extensions

Checking out this article for more ponytail hairstyle ideas. 

How to use Ponytail Extensions

Can I have the extension cut?

Yes! Although Luxy Hair clip in ponytails come in a standard 20” length, you are welcome to have them trimmed to the length of your choice by a professional hair stylist. Since all Luxy Hair extensions are made with 100% remy human hair, they can be cut just like your own natural hair. 

Can I wash it like my own hair?

We recommend to wash the ponytail extension every 30 wears, and only if there is too much product buildup to the point that they become unmanageable to style. When washing your ponytail extension, be sure to use alcohol and sulfate free hair products, as well as a deep conditioning treatment for a few hours or even overnight, to restore moisture back into the hair. Check out this full guide to caring for Luxy Hair extensions for more care instructions. 

How to do a ponytail with extensions

Can I style the ponytail extension like my own hair?

Yes! Due to the extension being made with remy human hair, you can style the ponytail extension like your own natural hair. Having said that, be sure to use a maximum heat setting of 120C/250F and to use a heat protectant before styling. 

How to hide ponytail extensions

Luxy Hair ponytail extensions come with a velcro base to secure the extension around your natural ponytail, and an attached section of hair that wraps around the base to conceal the piece seamlessly. It’ll be our little secret.

How do they secure?

Luxy Hair ponytail extensions come with a small comb attachment, which slides underneath your hair elastic to hold the ponytail in place. There is also a velcro base, which snaps together to secure the ponytail. Finally, a long strand of hair is wrapped around the base with 2 matching bobby pins provided to secure in place (exclusive to Luxy Hair.) 

How to do a ponytail with extensions

Can the ponytail extensions fall off/come undone?

Nope! Because we provide you with 2 matching bobby pins as well as a velcro base, the ponytail extension is tightly secured. So go ahead and unleash your inner Ariana and whip that ponytail back and forth! 

Will anyone be able to tell I am wearing a faux ponytail?

Nope! Just like all Luxy Hair extensions, your final look will be natural and the extensions will be undetectable. Because of the longer hair stand attached to the ponytail and extra bobby pins provided, you can easily hide the base of the ponytail extension discreetly.

How to do a ponytail with extensions

How long will the ponytail be on me?

In order to determine how long the Luxy Hair ponytail extension will be on you, we recommend measuring 20 inches down from the crown of your head (or where you will be tying your hair up). This will give you an idea of where the ponytail extension will fall in you. Remember, the lower the pony, the longer it will be.

How long does it take to apply?

Just like the rest of our extensions, Luxy Hair ponytail extensions will only take a few minutes to apply. With a bit of practice, you can have a longer, thicker ponytail in less than 5 minutes.

How long does my hair need to be?

Your hair should be long enough to tie into a bun or small ponytail (either low, medium, or high). The most important thing to keep in mind is that there should be a bun or an existing ponytail that the Luxy Hair Ponytail Extension can attach to.

How to do a ponytail with extensions

Are there any different care instructions?

No, the care instructions are the same as for our Clip-In and Halo hair extensions. We recommend checking out this blog post for all of our tips on how to properly care for your extensions. As a general rule of thumb, the less you wash your extensions the longer they will last you. You can use your best judgment on how often to wash your Ponytail Extension. If you feel like it’s becoming increasingly difficult to style, this is likely a sign that there is product build-up and it will need to be washed. 

How to choose your ponytail color

We recommend matching your Ponytail Extension to the mid-ends of your hair (the hair color that will be visible right above the start of the ponytail). For help choosing your perfect match, check out our color guide here. Your Luxy Hair Ponytail Extension will also come with a tester swatch so that you can test it out prior to committing to the Ponytail Extension. 

You are, of course, welcome to experiment with color when wearing ponytail extensions. Try a darker or lighter shade, or even highlights or balayage to spice up your pony. 


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20" / 120 grams

20" Bronde Balayage Ponytail Extension (120g)


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