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What are the Limited Edition Luxy Hair Clips?

Luxy Hair Accessories

What are the Limited Edition Luxy Hair Clips?

The Limited Edition Luxy Hair Clips are rectangular clips that you can easily slide into your hair to accessorize your hairstyle or to keep your hair in place.

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What color do they come in?

Each set of clips comes in the color Cookies & Cream Tortoise. Kindly note, the pattern on each clip may vary slightly.

What comes with each set of Limited Edition Luxy Hair Clips?

Each set includes two hair clips. They come packed in a 100% Organic Cotton Pouch that you can use as a dust bag to store them away.

How do I use them?

They can be used the same way you would with a bobby pin. All you need to do is lift the top part of the hair clip and slide it into a small section of your hair to secure. If any of your hair strands are not secured within the clip, you can gently hold the clip and brush downwards through the section of hair with a comb or brush to clean up the appearance. 

We recommend sliding the clip straight up towards the top of your head or at a slight angle toward the back of your head. We don't recommend inserting it completely downwards because your hair will fall out of the clip. If you wanted to accessorize a larger section of hair, you can use two clips to secure this section down or use a small twist tie to secure the section of hair and then slide one single clip in.

Can they be used on all hair types and human hair extensions?

Yes, they can be used for thin, medium and thick hair types. They can also be used alongside or on your Luxy Hair extensions.

What material are the clips made of?

They are made of 50% Iron / 50% Acetate, and are hypoallergenic, nickel-free and lead-free!

What are their dimensions?

Each clip is 6 cm x 1 cm. 

Are there any special care instructions?

Yes, please find them below.

  • Avoid direct contact with water, hair spray, perfume, and other liquids that contain chemical components as they can cause erosion on the metal.
  • After wearing, place them back into the dust bag provided to avoid oxidization of the metal.

What hairstyles can I create?

When it comes to hair clips, placement is everything. We recommend inserting your clip in a manner that can help highlight your eyes or cheekbones, such as just above the ear with a low side-part. Don’t be afraid to use more than one clip and align them to secure more hair, instead of trying to close a bunch of hair into just one clip. There are several ways to incorporate the hair clips into your hairstyle. Here are a few ways:

  • Part your hair down the middle or off to the side. Place a clip above your ear for a simple and subtle option. For more of a statement look, place two clips on one side instead.
  • Part your hair down the middle and place a clip on each side a bit higher up (above your eyebrow).
  • Add a twist or a braid to your hair and use a clip to pin it back.
  • Keep long bangs and layers out of your face by using a clip or two to pin them back.

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    What are the Limited Edition Luxy Hair Clips?

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