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Luxy® Hair  - The Faces Behind Luxy: April, Integrated Producer

The Faces Behind Luxy: April, Integrated Producer

What does a typical day at Luxy look like for you?

Typically towards the end of each day I create a to do list for the next day, this helps me make sure that I have a strong start to every morning.
After reviewing my to-do list I go straight to my inbox and Trello. I review the statuses of our creative projects to ensure everything is running smoothly and on time. 

A big part of my role in collaboration with the rest of the creative team is producing our creative shoots. I spend a good chunk of the day planning ahead for our shoots for all of our exciting launches. This includes working on budgets, managing every stage of the production process, communicating with our amazing vendors, sourcing, brainstorming with the team + so much more!

Towards the end of the day in addition to getting ready for the following day I also check in our Trello boards to do another status check on our various projects. 

Describe your WFH outfit 

I live in my Luxy crewnecks and I think everyone needs one!

Why did you decide to pursue a career in this field? 

Whenever I see something that inspires me I become obsessed with learning about the inner workings and how the idea was brought to life. At Luxy I get to support our team everyday to bring creative ideas to life.

Who is your hair inspo and why?

I love a good wolf cut so I’ll have to go with Billie Eillish. 

Favorite thing about working at Luxy? 

100% the team. It’s an amazing feeling being a part of a team of such incredible women. 

What are your favorite emojis to use? 

🥴 👀 🥺

What are 3 things you are grateful for and why? 

Spotify, F45 and my family. 

What is your favorite snack? 

It’s always been Hot Cheetos.

Describe your self-care routine 

Self-care and I had a bit of a distant relationship for a while but I’m back at it by going to the gym 5 days a week at least and making sure I squeeze in my night-time skincare routine no matter how tired I am. 

Which social platform is your favorite and who do you enjoy following the most and why? 

Twitter has been my go to and I love following film critics- bonus points if they’re horror film critics. 

What was the last book that you read that made a huge impact on your life?

The Conscious Creative was gifted to me by a friend and is written by amazing Toronto based creative director, designer, writer, and educator Kelly Riback Small. The book is filled with actionable steps you can take to make your creative work purposeful, impactful and inclusive. 

What is your daily mantra or words to live by? 

Patience! Things aren’t always going to go the way you want or envision but it’s important to keep moving forward regardless. 

What’s your horoscope sign and how would you describe yourself in 3 words? 

I am a Taurus and would describe myself as curious, an extroverted introvert and a food lover. I love food. 

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