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Luxy® Hair  - Postpartum Hair Loss and Motherhood

Postpartum Hair Loss and Motherhood

We’ve interviewed three new moms to get a better understanding of their postpartum experience and everything that comes with it. We talk candidly about hair loss and shedding, some of the best hairstyles for new moms and what it means to be a mom in this day in age. 

new mom and baby 

Nawal in Off Black Bronde Balayage Hair Fill Ins with baby Hannah (18 months) 

Describe your hair in 3 words. 

Dry! Very thin. And I would also say a very big part of my identity. 

It’s funny because growing up I really did not like my hair. I felt like it was always the wrong texture or the wrong color. And then after I had my little ones, you know, I almost felt like I didn't really have a choice to like it or dislike it. Because it was just what it is. After that I began taking better care of my hair because it was evident that it was so important to me. 

How has your hair changed after pregnancy? 

I'd say before having kids, there was a lot of my hair where I could naturally flip to one side and it would just look great. The texture was also a little bit easier to work with. Whereas now it's become increasingly dry and it's a lot harder to just leave it as is. After I had my little ones I started to lose a lot of my hair especially right just around the front. And that became obviously harder to style harder to I had to work a lot harder to almost hide that that hair loss.

One of the hardest things to go through after pregnancy is having all these changes happening to your body. I lost a lot more hair with my second child than with my first. And you think at some point it ends and you get to go back to who you were, but you don't and your body continues to change in so many different ways. So it was a lot more difficult to cope with that just because of everything else we're dealing with right after you have a baby as it is.

What was your go to hairstyle before childbirth? 

I think before childbirth, I think I just had a lot more time to take care of my hair or to do things with my hair where I'd you know, I'd go style it, I put some effort into it. Whereas now as much as I care about and as much as I want to take care of it. Time is limited. So I do as much as I can with the time that I have. Something easy and fast. Now I try to keep it as natural or easy as possible. A quick blow dry, a low bun. Or even braids. 

How has motherhood changed you and what you prioritize? 

I’ve always been very focused on my personal goals and career. But ever since I became a mom it’s changed a bit since it’s not just about me anymore. I feel like I have a responsibility to leave this world a better place for them. My priorities have shifted, but definitely for the better. I think, you know, I often say this at work all the time that being a mom has actually made me a better contributor to my workplace and a better contributor to society, I feel like I have more ownership of the world.

What do you think of our Fourth Trimester Fill Ins? 

I put two clips on each side and it takes about two minutes to apply. It was super easy to use. The fact that it blends into my hair with very little effort is awesome. I think the ease by the way they clip in and how little i needed to put in to make it look this good is incredible. 

What are some things you do to prioritize self care? 

Sometimes self care can be as easy as being able to enjoy a cup of coffee. That's something I like to do on a daily basis, I will wait until the kids are out of the house before I enjoy a cup of coffee. The other big thing is working out. It’s something that's important to me, and I try to do it as often as I can. But again, when the kids aren't around, I get the chance to connect with my body a little bit more and get some mental rest. 

What does the modern mom look like?

To me, I think the modern mom looks like whatever the modern mom wants to look like. I think we're finally at a place where we're past passing judgment and it's truly about just embracing motherhood and everything that comes with it. So all the power to whatever any mom wants to look like and I think that's exactly what I think where we should be heading and where we should be.


postpartum hair loss extensions

Christine in Chocolate Brown Hair Fill Ins and Sawyer (8 months old) 

How would you describe your hair in three words? 

Always changing, messy and breezy. Right now I am only washing my hair once or twice a week because my hair is falling out a lot. So instead of having to collect it in the shower, I'd rather keep it on my head. 

It’s also been messy because Sawyer likes to pull my hair. So I tend to keep it in a bun or throw it up in a claw clip so he can’t tug away. 

I’m a first time mom so it’s definitely been an adjustment especially through a global pandemic. During pregnancy my hair was thick but afterwards i definitely noticed the post partum hair loss and thinning in my scalp which makes me self conscious sometimes when I try to put it up in a ponytail. 

What was your go to hairstyle before childbirth?

Before my hair was usually down and curled but like I mentioned, he loves to pull on my hair, especially at that age when you're holding him. 

After giving birth I started noticing the postpartum hair loss on my forehead which is really hard to hide. Then I experienced some shedding in my scalp which made me self conscious about wearing a ponytail. It definitely put a damper on my self esteem when I went from a full head of hair to having to brush it out until you could hide certain spots. It makes it hard to just look good because you’re always nit picking those little things. I'm sure people don't really notice it but you are always your own worst critic sometimes. 

Right now the messy bun mom look is my go to everyday hairstyle or a claw clip look. So it's very rare my hair was down just because I feel like it's thin, it doesn't feel as glamorous. 

How has motherhood changed the way you view yourself? 

it's definitely been a different journey in terms of self love, especially. Because you spend nine months growing a baby and your body changes to a foreign territory. And then you give birth and you're required to not only take care of this hopeless baby, but yourself. And you don't have time to do the things that you usually do. Something as simple as you know, taking a shower and washing your hair is no longer something that is at the top of your list. So priorities have definitely changed. My hair and make up routine has definitely changed. 

How do you prioritize yourself? What does selfcare look like? 

Communicating with your partner is really important. Or anyone to help you out occasionally so you can carve time out for some me-time in your day. It could be soaking in a bubble bath or reading a book, even scrapbooking. It’s all about finding time when you also have a baby to take care of. 

Now that Sawyer is eight months we have a schedule. He goes to bed around six or seven o’clock and then I stay up until midnight. That time in between is when I carve out time for myself. Taking that bubble bath, reading a book and lighting a candle and meditating. Or something fun that takes me back to who I am. And not just what I am as a mother.

How do you feel about becoming a mom? 

Motherhood is not easy but it’s all worth it in the end. You get to watch this little person become a person and making sure the world is a beautiful place for your baby. They are the source of your life. 

What have you learned about yourself? 

In terms of what else I've learned, it is how to love unconditionally. Having a child completely changes how you open your heart. You think you know what love is until you create a child and they become your whole world. 

Motherhood is not easy, that's for sure. But it's always worth it in the end because you get to watch this little person become a person and they're half of you. So you definitely learn a lot

How would you define the modern mom? 

The modern mom can do anything. And she chooses what she wants to be. Just because you are a mom doesn’t mean you have to be a full time parent at home. You could be the breadwinner. So I love that we have the choice to choose. We can follow our passions but also choose to be home with the babies if we want. Or we could do both! 

postpartum hair

Bryar in Bronde Balalyage Hair Fill ins with Gunner (8 weeks old) 

How does your hair feel post pregnancy? 

My hair definitely feels like it’s thinning after childbirth. I started losing hair around my temples and towards the back of my head. I had a lot of my hair before giving birth so it’s been kind of a shock. 

What do you think of our Fourth Trimester hair wefts? 

It feels surprising to have hair extensions in my hair. I’m shocked by how natural they feel I really assumed that there would be like a heavy weight to them or that I would easily notice where my natural hair started and where the extensions were but it's really hard to tell! They’ve blended in seamlessly. It feels really special to have full beautiful volumized hair. 

Has motherhood changed the way you view yourself? 

Motherhood hasn't changed the way that I view myself for the most part. But it did make me come to the realization how strong you can be as a woman. We were in the hospital with Gunnar for a long time and then he finally came six weeks early. And I was shocked at just how much strength mums have. There’s no other options so you just have to get it done. 

When he was born my priorities shifted drastically. Everyone told me that would happen but when it finally did I just felt this strong pull of emotion towards him immediately. 

Motherhood means strength and resiliency to me. I think that every mom shows that in different ways, whether they choose to stay home, or they choose to be a working mom. But regardless, I didn't really understand how strong you had to be as a mom until I gave birth. 

How would you define the modern mom? 

The modern mom is someone not necessarily defined by motherhood. A mom can be whoever a mom wants to be. 

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*All responses were edited and condensed for clarity. 

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