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Luxy® Hair  - Velcro Roller Size Guide: 3 Looks using Hair Rollers
Hair Tips & Tricks

Velcro Roller Size Guide: 3 Looks using Hair Rollers

Whether you want a classic curl, beach wave, or red-carpet worthy volume – size matters.

Hair roller size, that is.

Hair rollers have been a long-time, go-to styling tool for professionals, but for the at-home hair and style enthusiast it made a roaring come back thanks to social media. Specifically, TikTok and that Farrah Fawcett hair flip challenge. What’s important to note is that not all hair rollers work the same. The difference in hair roller size will determine the texture and size of the curl or wave. In the Farrah Fawcett or 70s hair challenge, for instance, large rollers are needed for that full volume look.

As your hair styling besties, we answered the call to ensure you have all you need to style your hair and your hair extensions. Luxy’s Volumizing Velcro Roller Set comes with 18 Velcro Rollers in 3 different sizes; 6 small, medium and large – enough of each hair roller size to get any voluminous hair look you want to achieve.. The set also comes with 9 tortoise print creaseless clips for extra security to keep those rollers in and a black Vegan Saffiano Leather Top Handle Bag with gold detailing so you can bring or Velcro Roller Set with you wherever you go. The Velcro rollers are self-gripping and are suitable for all hair types, and with the variety of hair roller sizes, they are also perfect for any hair length short to long.

When looking for the right hair roller size, it’s pretty easy to determine which one you’ll need. For more tighter curls, small hair rollers are needed, for looser curls or mermaid waves and some lift, medium hair rollers and for extra volume and soft waves, larger hair rollers will be your go-to. This simple size guide is applicable to all hair types and hair lengths.

Velcro Rollers

Hair rollers are versatile styling tools and the different sizes available really help with creating the type of hair looks you want to shape your face, create volume and style the way you want with very little fuss and little to no heat needed. Going with heatless hair styles and styling techniques helps to maintain the health of your hair and you scalp, which is just another reason why we love velcro hair rollers.

With those tips in mind, pick up the right hair roller size and create these 3 no-fail hair looks just in time for the holidays.

How to create curls with small hair rollers

When we talk about curls and hair rollers, we don’t mean tight, Shirley Temple type curls, instead we are talking more defined curls – tighter than waves, but looser than ringlets. Using a small hair roller size will help you get the curly hair look.

If you’re starting with damp hair, apply heat protectant and styling spray to blow dry first. If you’re starting with dry hair, use hair spray or your favorite styling product.

Step 1:

Use a rattail comb, or your fingers to section off your hair. You want the sectioned piece to be around the same size as your roller. Pull the section away from your head and gently brush or tease it.

Step 2: 

Spritz some hairspray on one section before applying the hair roller at the end and start to roll towards your head.

Hair rolling tip: if you want the curls facing away from your face, place the hair roller outside of the sectioned hair and roll inwards towards the head.

Whichever direction you decide to roll, you can help the hair really stick to the Velcro by pinching the hair together, so it covers the whole roller and doesn’t fall off the sides.

Step 3:

Secure the roller to your head with one of Luxy’s tortoise clips from the Volumizing Velcro Roller Set, or with another clip or pin.

Step 4:

When done, grab your next section, roll, and repeat. Once all rollers and clips are set, grab some coffee or matcha, put on some Netflix or answer your emails. Leave the rollers in for 20-30 minutes helps the curls to set. Yes, your hair and the rollers are basically doing the work themselves.

Step 5: 

After you’ve had about 30 minutes to yourself, you can put a low heat on your blow dryer and focus on each roller briefly. This little touch of heat helps to secure curl for a more lasting look along with another round of hair spray.

Step 6:

Remove each clip and unravel to reveal your curls. Leave as is or gently brush your fingers through to help loosen those curls up. You may never want to touch your curling iron again.

Small Velcro Rollers Are Best For...

If your hair is on the thin side, opt for small hair rollers. The size of the roller will allow for more of your hair to wrap around to create curls or waves as tight or as loose as you’d like.

Velcro Rollers

How to create waves and volume with medium hair rollers

A bigger hair roller size will help you achieve waves and lift.

Step 1:

To get that wavy look, run some styling mousse or product through damp hair and let it air dry. While your hair is still damp, section off about 1.5 inches of hair, again matching the section to the size of your medium hair roller.

Step 2:

Secure the rest of your hair away with clips. Once you have your section and sprayed it well, secure your Velcro roller in and start rolling towards your head. Make sure the hair sticks onto the roller and doesn’t spill over the sides, if this is happening, remove some hair from the section.

Step 3:

Secure the roller with a clip and grab your next section. For a natural, boho or beach type wave try rolling the hair both inwards and outwards for some texture. If you like the more uniformed wavy look, place the roller in the same place and roll towards the head in the same direction.

Step 4:

Let the rollers and hair sit for 15-30 minutes, depending how wavy or voluminous you want your hair to be. We suggest leaving them in for longer for a more lasting look. When that’s done, remove the clip.

Medium Velcro Rollers Are Best For...

Those who love a bit of volume and lift. For some beautiful waves, lightly lift the roller from your head and gently pull the roller down releasing and essentially combing the hair at the same time. This saves from having to brush through it again and creates some nice texture.

If you are looking for even more volume or lift, unroll the rollers as usual and spritz on some hair spray. Use your fingers to gently massage or lift the roots for some more height.

For a fancy evening out, date night or wedding, part your hair on your preferred side and use a medium or large hair roller the front section. Tease the hair gently before applying the roller. When it's set, concentrate your blow dryer on this roller for a little longer than the rest and you’ll notice that extra height on the wave – think vintage, Jessica Rabbit-type hairstyle.


Hair rollers are the best heatless hair tools for volume thanks to their versatility and – you may have noticed – they are so easy to use. How often can you get a 30-minute break to do your makeup in peace or grab a snack while your hair is being done? Unless you’ve got a professional stylist at your place, probably next to none. Plus, no fussing with cords on your curler or straightener, no burns and very little heat exposure or damage to your hair. Win-win.

How to create soft waves and extra volume with large hair rollers

Do you love that big, bouncy look after a trip to the salon for a full blowout? Us too. But let’s face it, salon blowouts can also blow the budget. Not to mention all that high heat drying out and damaging your hair and scalp. In come the best hair roller size for salon-like volume – the large hair rollers! Our Velcro Roller Set were specifically designed to give you that salon blowout look at home, here’s how:

Step 1:

Prep your hair with your favorite styling product. We recommend starting with damp to dry hair. Section off your hair to fit the large hair roller and tease the section before applying the roller starting at your ends.

Step 2:

After a touch of hair spray begin rolling towards your head. Use the large rollers around the crown of your head for big volume. You can use large rollers all over or, medium rollers can be used underneath the crown if you so choose.

Step 3:

For big volume and soft waves, we recommend leaving the rollers in for 15-20 minutes. After you’ve let them set, you can apply some more hairspray all over before removing the rollers one by one.

Step 4:

Lightly fluff and brush your through with your fingers et voila a salon-worthy blowout done at home in 30 minutes or less.

Large Velcro Rollers Are Best For...

Those who love the relaxed beachy waves look. This effortless hairstyle works great for all occasions. 

Check out our Velcro Rollers Blowout Tutorial if you want to see the techniques in action.

Velcro Rollers

Hair rollers and hair extensions

If you’ve lost count of all the reasons why we love hair rollers, don’t worry, there are almost too many to keep count. But at the top of the list is how easy it is to use Velcro hair rollers on hair extensions. With hair extensions, all the techniques we mentioned above apply the same. Small rollers for a curlier look, medium rollers for waves and large rollers for big volume.

The only major difference? You can style your hair extensions with any hair roller size while you have them on, or you can use our Deluxe Hair Extensions Styler to hold extensions while you apply the rollers.

Pre-styling the hair extensions are super easy and quick as you can easily section and roll the hair in any style you want. You can keep the rollers in for the 15-30 minutes as indicated above depending on the style, or you can leave them overnight for more hold.

The best part is when you’re ready to go, the hair rollers are easy to remove, and you have curls and waves already done in just minutes. Using velcro rollers on your hair extensions also help to prolong the style. The waves and curls should hold for a couple days when the extensions are stored properly.

Velcro Rollers

The extra blow-drying step isn’t needed when using hair rollers on extensions especially if you plan on leaving the rollers in overnight or for a longer period. It’s also best to minimize the styling product or hairspray used as this can cause build-up over time. If you do use styling product on your extensions more often, you can wash them. We recommend washing your extensions once every 30 wears or once a month. Here’s a how-to on how to properly wash clip-in hair extensions.

If hair rollers aren’t your new styling bestie yet, we just have to say you’ll have to try them to see it for yourself – we don’t think you’ll be disappointed. While we’ve laid out 3 easy looks to achieve above depending on the hair roller size there are a ton of different ways to use hair rollers when styling your hair. The versatility of the hair roller really leave it wide open to your styling creativity.

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