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Luxy Hair Extensions Black Friday + Cyber Monday Sale

Hair Extensions Black Friday Sale

(3 lengths, 5 weights)

classic clip in hair extensions

The original Luxy Hair clip in hair extensions, ranging in 3 different lengths and weights to bring you extra length and volume instantly, matter what your current style! These wefts have a fabric base that gives extra volume and lift at the roots.

Available in 16” (140g), 20” (120g, 160g, 220g), and 24” (240g). 


(2 lengths, 2 weights)

seamless clip in hair extensions

Seamless hair extensions have a thin, silicone weft that lies completely flat against your head. If you have thinner hair or prefer less bulk at the roots, these extensions are right for you.

Available in 16” (140g) and 20” (180g). 


(2 lengths, 2 weights)

halo hair extensions

Get heavenly hair in only 3 quick steps! A 140g weft with a nylon Halo sits atop your head and two 20g side wefts help with blending around the face. If you’re looking for a one and done solution to get long, thick hair instantly, this is it!

Available in 16” (140g) and 20” (180g). 



hair extensions sets

Take advantage of our hair bundles for max savings. Items like our best-selling Signature Hair and Deluxe Styler Bundle , Must Have Hair Extensions Tool Bundle, Application Kit and Carrier Bundle, and more! 


(2 lengths, 2 weights)

clip in ponytail extension

Bounce in your hair, pep in your step. We’ve given ponytails a glow up! No longer just for bad hair days or when you’re on a time crunch, the Luxy Hair Ponytail Extension will transform second day hair in minutes. Available in 20” and 16" lengths.



(1 length, 1 weight)

clip in bun extension

Meet our adorable clip in bun. You can create so many amazing hair looks with this: slick back bun, an elegant low bun or the perfect messy bun with one of our scrunchies.

This hair extension is perfect for beginners and made with 100% real Remy human hair. This hair piece comes with a drawstring pull to tighten in one go plus 2 bonus bobby pins for added security. Works for all hair types but especially those with thin or short hair who desire some added fullness and volume to their bun. 

Style it your way: the only 100% real Remy human hair bun on the market! Made with a drawstring pull to tighten in one go. Comes with 2 bonus bobby pins for added security. Best suited for those with short or thin hair, who thought their bun could never



 curling wand

Take your looks to the next level with hair accessories specially designed to go with your new hair. Choose from on-trend hair clips, to scrunchies, hair ties, compact mirrors and more.


What’s the difference between Seamless and Classic hair extensions?

Both Seamless and Classic hair extensions are made with 100% remy human hair, Seamless hair extensions, however, feature a thin silicone weft, while Classic hair extensions have a fabric stitched base. This means the weft is slightly thicker at the base to add extra volume at the roots. Because Seamless hair extensions are available in a standard 180g weight, opt for the Seamless collection if you have thinner hair and do not need extra lift at your roots. 

Black Friday Hair Extensions deals


What’s the difference between Halo and clip-in hair extensions?

While both clip-in and halo extensions deliver the same beautiful results, the main difference lies in the difference in application techniques. For example, do you enjoy spending extra time on your hair or are you looking for a quicker solution to longer, fuller hair? Do you enjoy wearing your hair in different styles such as ponytails and updos or do you enjoy wearing your hair down for the most part? At the end of the day, it’s all about personal preference and what works best for you. Check out our comparison chart to determine which extensions are best for you. 

Black Friday Hair Extensions

How do I know which length is right for me?

Luxy Hair extensions will appear a different length on every person, as we all have different torso lengths. If you have a longer torso or are quite tall, Luxies will appear shorter on you. If you are more petite or have a shorter torso, Luxies will appear longer on you. In order to determine how long Luxies will be on you and to choose the perfect length for you, we recommend measuring either 16, 20 or 24 inches down from the top of your ear with a measuring tape, as most wefts will be applied around the crown of your head. 

Black Friday Hair Extensions

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Black Friday Hair Extensions

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