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Luxy® Hair  - Wedding Guest Hairstyles

Wedding Guest Hairstyles

We’ve all had the exact same thought...you received the wedding invitation and now you’re left wondering what to wear. Not only do you need to find an outfit, but an entire look for the night. Oh, the options… sleek, trendy or sweet, the list goes on. Being a part of someone’s special day is always fun: the food, the drinks, the dancing! But it can also be stressful finding the right look. If you’ve thought about any wedding guest hairstyle ideas and aren’t sure which look you want to try, we’ve put together an inspiration list to help you. Although you won’t be in the lead role that day, you’ll be recognized as the best supporting actor with these top ten looks!

Sleek Ponytail

One of our favorite wedding guest hairstyle looks is a sleek ponytail. Clean, polished and refined and sure to turn heads with a long, striking ponytail. This hairstyle can help elevate any trendy, evening look to give a Megan Fox VMA’s vibe. Sleek ponytails are a crowd favorite because no matter the weather, the time of the day or night your hair is sure to still look amazing by the end of it.

If your hair is shorter or lacks volume in a ponytail we recommend adding a clip-in ponytail extension. This will help elevate your look and add extra length and volume to give that WOW factor to your style! If you’re unsure which color to choose, try our virtual hair matching tool!

Glam Hollywood Waves

A timeless, classic wedding hairstyle that can be used by wedding guests or brides is Hollywood waves. This soft and classic look is typically paired with a side part and a bold red lip. The ode to the red carpet will have wedding photographers everywhere snapping pics of you on the dance floor. Some of our favorite actors have been spotted styled in these curls; Blake Lively, Lily Collins and Kim Kardashian to name a few! This look can be achieved using a curling wand and some clips to help set your break-up in the waves! The trick to ensuring your waves flow is to curl your hair all in the same direction and to make sure you’re tucking one side of your hair back to finish the look. Don’t forget to add extra volume to these soft glam waves.

Wispy Bun

Sweet and soft! This low wispy bun is a familiar favorite for wedding guest hairstyle ideas and seems to take over our feeds. Mostly because you can never go wrong with this style and because it always looks so effortless. Think model off-duty and you’ve got the look! Loosely pulled back, bangs and front pieces out, the options are endless with low buns. Recently at the 2021 Met Gala Miss Madison Beer herself was seen wearing the ultimate wispy bun set higher.

If you have shorter hair or you want more fullness to your bun, we suggest trying our clip-in bun extension to add volume and easy styling.

Parting your hair in the middle and pulling a few shorter front pieces out adds to the effortless look of this hairstyle. Be sure to curl your hair loosely with a curling wand, before gathering your hair into the low bun. This will help add volume and texture to the overall look. If you’re in need of some more inspiration we suggest searching Mrs. Hailey Bieber's wedding hair for the look!

Slicked down Pixie cut

One of our favorite edgy looks is the pixie cut. This hairstyle showcases your facial features while telling the world you’re confident and a trendsetter. Think Zoe Kravitz, Julianne Hough and 2000’s Charlize Theron pixie cut. You might be left wondering how you could make your hairstyle a little different for events if it’s a certain shortness.

Play up on your edgy side by slicking down your hair into a sleek, gelled look instead of the everyday look of loosely gelled pixie cuts. This will add a little spice and sophistication to any outfit you choose to rock for the wedding. Pair this look with a bold smokey eye and a natural lip to really give them some oomph.

Sleek & tucked

Long waves are always a crowd fav and especially when our favorite celebs are sporting the look. This tucked hairstyle combines the best of both worlds, keeping your hair down and wavy while slicking the two front pieces back to create a clean and polished look. Kim Kardashian's wedding hairstyle is the inspiration for this effortless look. This look gives the illusion of a hair-like headband keeping your long locks away from your face.

Start by loosely curling your hair or using velcro rollers to give a blow-out look that's wispy and full bodied. With a middle part, section your two front pieces into about an inch thick forward, combining them with hairspray, lay them flat behind your ears and bobby pin them into place. Adding our seamless clip-in extensions will add extra volume and length to this A-list hairstyle.

Voluminous Low Ponytail

This low curly ponytail screams Studio 54 vibes and we just can’t help but sing Dancing Queen! Our true queen Issa Rae gave us the inspo for this hairstyle. If you can’t choose between fun and flirty or sleek, this wedding guest hairstyles truly marries the two together beautifully.

Start with slicking your hair into a low slicked ponytail or bun. Follow by styling your hair extra curly or adding our curly clip-in ponytail extension! Our curly ponytail is the perfect addition to this style, helping ensure your hair stays perfect all-night long on the dance floor.

Top Knot

A modern twist on the classic bun hairstyle. This hairstyle can be made into a sleek, tight top knot or a loose wispy hairstyle. The versatility of the top knot gives you so much room to play with for your overall look. Pairing this look with a bold lip and wispy curtain bangs is our fav! Olivia Rodrigo wears this look effortlessly pairing it with a vintage vibe pink dress. It was also spotted on Queen RiRi for some major glam moments. To achieve this red-carpet favorite we suggest trying our clip-in bun.

To get the look, leave out your front pieces and pull back the rest of your hair into a tight high bun. Once you’ve gathered your hair into a tight, high ponytail, wrap your hair around until it forms a tight “knot” looking bun. Once you’ve secured your bun, loosely add a wave to your front pieces with a curling wand. And Violá, Olivia Rodrigo!

Braided up-do

You can never go wrong with a braid. A classic element to any hairstyle and always versatile, trying different styles of braiding can add a different look. The classic 3 strand braid, fishtail, french, and dutch can all be styled as part of an updo. Our fav braided updos include a classic 3-stand into a low bun or half up-do.

Using two braids from either side of your hair, wrap them around to connect in the back and pin. Leave the rest of your hair down, loosely curl your hair to create a soft, whimsical look. Another braided updo option is starting with one long 3-strand braid or a braid of your choice and wrapping it into a bun. You can wear your braid-bun either high or low, giving you options to play with your look! If the bun doesn't work well for you, try starting with a high, sleek ponytail and braiding it. The ultimate edgy braided style!

Mermaid Waves

If you can’t be a bride on the big day, opt for a princess! The little mermaid wouldn’t be complete without some big, under the sea waves. A true wedding staple you won't see many guests without, our fav wedding guest hairstyle. To get the look we suggest using clip-in extensions to add length and volume. As you add your extensions in by sections, use a curling wand to style your hair and extensions to blend seamlessly into one another. After your entire head has been curled, gently brush out your curls.

Half-up Half-down

Sweet and simple, this hairstyle is giving us all the Taylor Swift vibes we need for the perfect love story! With so many variations of half-up half-down you will definitely be able to find one that suits your look for the evening best. Mixing braids into your half-up half-down look adds dimension and texture to your style. Pair that with curls and some bedazzled clips for a little glam.

Another fav half-up half-down style is creating a smooth, slicked back high pony. Think Ariana Grande’s signature style. You can play around with this hairstyle to be all combed back into a sleek half-up ponytail or leave your front pieces down. Start by using our Volumizing Velcro Rollers to get the full Ariana effect by blowing out your ends to include a little swoop at the bottom! Once your hair is dry and set with the rollers, gather your hair half-up starting just above your ears and following your cheekbones for the perfect separation point. Slick your hair back using hairspray. Secure your pony with a tight elastic band and wrap a bottom piece of hair from your pony around the base of your pony to finish off the look.

The options for wedding guest hairstyles don’t stop here but we know you're bound to find the perfect style here! Whether you choose to try a new style or stick with one you love, you’re sure to have a night filled with memories. So get glammed, party the night away with your friends and family, and don’t forget to catch the bouquet!

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