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Luxy® Hair  - Things I Wish I Knew About Postpartum Recovery

Things I Wish I Knew About Postpartum Recovery

One of the least talked about topics when you’re having a baby is the fourth trimester and postpartum recovery. 

The moment the baby is born—the magic of a new tiny human in our lives takes over, but this doesn’t mean moms aren’t still dealing with a lot of stress. Giving birth causes massive changes to happen in the body and emotions can be at an all time high as mothers are in the midst of post partum recovery. 

 While mom influencers on social media may show us well-lit and effortless pictures of her vacationing with their newborn, the reality is postpartum actually feels like a mix of contradictory and confusing emotions where you can feel exhausted and happy, beautiful and insecure and in pain and ecstatic all at the same time. 

Your postpartum journey is all about realizing that two contrasting feelings  can coexist. Like the incredible joy of holding your sweet newborn while  not being able to set aside the baby blues. Like being so proud of what  your body is capable of, yet feeling so unfamiliar with it. The period of  postpartum feels like being in unknown territory, but being so glad you’re  there.  

As a new mom myself, the first few weeks after giving birth were some of  the hardest days I’ve experienced—and no one prepared me for it. I would  argue that experiencing postpartum was even harder than giving birth. Yes, there were tons of resources around what to do when you bring a baby home, but I  was still left questioning how to take care of myself, both physically and  mentally. The journey of postpartum recovery is long and hard for some,  and quick for others—whatever your case might be, here are some  reminders to take note of as you navigate this new phase of life.  




Here are 11 things I wish I knew about postpartum recovery sooner.  

1. Rest is essential  

As a new mom, you’ve probably already heard everyone telling you how  much sleep you’re going to lose soon—please, don’t let that mess with  your mind. Rest is essential, and the quickest way for your body to  recover. Allow your body and mind to rest each day. That might look  different for each of us. Some days, it’s making sure you take a nap while  someone you trust stays with the baby, or taking a soothing bath. Rest  should be one of your top priorities in your postpartum recovery journey.

2. You might still look pregnant  

The hard reality is: there is no quick bounceback. The baby bump doesn’t disappear completely even after you’ve given birth. While some bodies recover quicker than others, it doesn’t mean the former is better than the latter. Remind yourself everyday of the incredible things your body has done for you and your baby—there is no greater blessing than honoring yourself and your body for creating, and sustaining life.  

So remember, it is completely normal to not immediately fit into your  favorite jeans or your favorite top—but that day isn’t too far. For now,  remember to focus on the snuggles, because that newborn phase flies by  quick! 



3. Feel your feelings, sis  

The dramatic drop in your hormones right after you have your baby is the  reason you might be thinking not-so-nice thoughts, or having a major  breakdown every time the sun sets—don’t push these feelings down. Feel  them, talk about them, seek help and talk to a therapist. The most important thing to know is you  are not your thoughts. There is a reason you are having scary, unnatural  thoughts, and it’s all part of the postpartum process. It’s a scary place to  be in, but I promise you, it’s all temporary. For now, ground yourself in the  truth, love on your baby and stay close to the ones you love. 

IMP: Please reach out to a loved one and/or therapist if you are  experiencing signs of Postpartum Depression or Postpartum Anxiety.  There is help available for you, and you are entitled to every bit of it.  

4. Hair loss is heartbreaking, but I have good news  

It’s hard to admit but one of the most embarrassing and heartbreaking  things was losing hair. Having your hair done, even if your makeup + outfit  isn’t making you feel put together—the girls that get it, get it. So losing hair  was such a helpless experience to go through.  

But good things come in pretty packages, I believe. Specifically round, pink, pretty packages. These Fourth Trimester clip in hair extensions have saved me from feeling embarrassed about my hair and empowered me to feel like my best self on the not-so-pretty days. I wear the shade Off Black for a natural everyday look. Scroll right down to see why I love and choose to wear these clip-ins for my postpartum days.  

5. You will feel like yourself again 

When you’re in the thick of it, it feels like you will never be yourself again.  Like you’ve lost who you are. Your body and mind feel a little bit alien, but  trust me when I say, it all comes back. Enjoy the season you’re in right  now—soak up the newborn cuddles, and late night feeds. Thrive in the  fact that you are stepping into a new version of yourself—there is so much  benefit in seeing yourself for all you’re becoming instead of holding on to  who you were in the past.  

6. Dressing up feels good  

Even if you’re staying home with the baby all day, dress up. I know it’s  easier said than done, but trust me when I say it will change your day,  Wear your favorite sweatsuit, or matching lounge set—feeling put together  automatically gives you the dopamine boost you need. Some days you  just won’t feel like getting out of bed, but on other days, spend those five  minutes fully focused on yourself. Put on your concealer, clip in the  extensions, spritz on your favorite perfume; every little action helps. 

7. Postpartum recovery is for your mind too  

Don’t set aside your mental health, remember that your mind needs just as  much attention as your body in your postpartum recovery journey. Here  are a few simple things you can do everyday: 

- Practice gratitude every morning 

- Get outside, go on a walk around the block

- Set healthy boundaries with visitors and family

- Talk about your journey as a new mom—connect on online new mom groups,  your friends or family.  

8. The chores can wait  

You’re probably processing a million things a minute right now—but  remember to stay present. The dishes can wait, the laundry can wait. This  is your time to rest, reset and fully engage with your baby. Don’t sweat the  small stuff. Getting caught in worrying about clothes, dishes, laundry will  only take up unwanted space in your mind. Instead, let your heart lead  you. Soak up the newborn cuddles (it goes by quick!), there will always be  time to fix the house. 



9. You make the best decisions  

As soon as you become a mom, the flood of advice directed at you is  sometimes overwhelming. This is the perfect time to practice and engage  in your mom instinct—for you and your baby. Remember that you know  best when it comes to making decisions for, and taking care of yourself  and your baby. Take the advice, but do what’s best for you. 

10. This time is all about you and your baby 

Use this time to fully be present with your baby—get in lots of skin-to-skin interactions,  soak up every sound, enjoy every little smile. We end up missing these precious  moments because we’re worried about the way our bodies look. Take time to remind yourself that your body is running its natural course. It will  recover, you will feel like yourself again.  



11. Your postpartum journey is unique  

With celebrities, influencers and fellow moms now posting their journey on  social media, it can be easy to compare your journey, your progress to  theirs. Remember that every body recovers at their own pace—your journey is only yours. So while you wait for your hair to grow out, wear the  extensions to feel better. While you wait to feel strong and workout again,  go out on walks to feel energized—do the little that’s good for you right  now.  

5 Reasons I Choose to Wear the Fourth Trimester Clip In Extensions 

1.  It takes me less than 5 minutes to put on  

2. They blend seamlessly, so it 100% feels like my natural hair

3. There is no damage, so there is no obstruction while I re-grow my hair 

4. It's a subtle yet powerful confidence boost 


This is your time to step into a new you—the shift when you become a parent.  This is your journey to discover another version of yourself, soak it all in. It is  new and unfamiliar territory, as you learn your newborns cues, find a new  schedule and set a new pace for your life with a little human.  

These fourth trimester hair extensions were made with you in mind. To help in this journey to feeling like yourself again. Postpartum hair loss is natural, and Luxy’s solution for this is here to aid you while you continue to care for your  natural hair.  

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