20" inches / 45 GRAM FULL HEAD SET

Chestnut Brown Volumizer Weft


Sometimes, a little extra hair is all you need. The Volumizer weft is an individual 45 gram, 20 inch weft and is the perfect way to add more volume to your existing Luxy Hair set. Chestnut Brown is a combination of deep brown, vibrant red, and golden brown undertones which make up this beautiful light brown shade. 

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Blends in seamlessly with your hair

Luxy Hair is made with a multi-tone adapt coloring system, which helps the extensions blend with your hair seamlessly even if your own hair color is slightly different.

Chestnut Brown Volumizer Weft

Chestnut Brown Volumizer Weft

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Volumizer Weft and how do I use it?

    Our new Volumizer Weft is a one piece weft weighing 45g that you can clip into your hair for extra thickness. The Volumizer Weft is a 4-clip weft, 7 inches in width, and 20 inches in length. This weft is made with 100% remy human hair, which is considered the finest quality of human hair for hair extensions, just like all Luxy Hair extensions.

    Kindly note, the Volumizer Weft is a final sale if opened, and cannot be returned or exchanged. We appreciate your understanding.

    Volumizer Weft

    The Volumizer Weft is available in 9 Classic shades and 1 Seamless shade:

    Classic: $49 USD

    Off Black, Mocha Brown, Dark Brown, Chocolate Brown, Chestnut Brown, Dirty Blonde, Ash Blonde

    Classic Ombre: $59 USD

    Ombre Blonde, Ombre Chestnut

    Seamless: $59 USD

    Blonde Balayage

    A Volumizer Weft is perfect for you if...

    • You have purchased a set that is too thin for your hair.
    • You have short hair and need some extra hair and volume for a seamless and perfect blend.
    • You are blessed with super thick hair and our thickest 220g set is not thick enough.

    The Volumizer Weft is triple wefted, created by stacking 3 wefts on top of each other and binding the base with silk. The clips are hand sewn with love, with a silicone grip underneath each clip to prevent slipping.

    How do I wear a Volumizer Weft?

    You can apply a Volumizer Weft just like any regular 4-clip weft. We recommend to place the Volumizer Weft at the crown of your head at the widest part, for best results.

    Volumizer Weft
    Is a Volumizer Weft the same as halo extensions?

    No. The Volumizer Weft is a 4-clip weft that is 7 inches in length, and is simply thicker than our Classic and Seamless individual 4-clip wefts. Halo extensions are made with a weft connected to a circular clear wire creating an invisible "halo," which is then placed atop your head.

    Can I use a Volumizer Weft with my Luxy Hair extensions?

    Yes. You can definitely wear a Volumizer Weft in conjunction with your full set of Luxy Hair extensions. We recommend to clip the Volumizer Weft in first, then, to layer a second 7" 4-clip weft over the weft about an inch down from the roots.

    Can I use a Volumizer Weft for length as well as thickness?

    Yes. Each Volumizer Weft is 20 inches in length, just like our full hair extensions sets. Therefore, this weft will add beautiful length to your hair as well as that extra, dramatic volume.

    Will the Volumizer Weft feel heavy in my hair?

    As the weft will add an extra 45g of hair to your head, you may feel some added weight. Just like your Luxy Hair extensions, however, we recommend to wear the Volumizer Weft a few times to get used to the weight.

    Can I cut the Volumizer Weft into pieces or trim the sides?

    No. If the Volumzer Weft is cut to be made shorter width-wise, or cut into multiple pieces, the sides will begin to fray and the hair will fall out. We do not recommend cutting the weft this way.

  • Can I wear a Volumizer Weft on its own?

    You can wear the Volumizer Weft on its own if your hair is at least 20 inches in length for added thickness in your hair. If your hair is shorter than 20 inches, we do not recommend wearing only the Volumizer Weft as a replacement to a full set of Luxy Hair extensions as the weft will likely be too thin to blend seamlessly in your hair. We recommend to use this weft as a supplemental piece to your full set of Luxy Hair extensions.

  • Can I use a Volumizer Weft as a replacement to a full set of Luxy Hair extensions?

    We do not recommend to use a Volumizer Weft as a replacement to a full set of Luxy Hair extensions. The weft is not designed to give you a full, long, luscious look on its own, as a full set would. If you have have thin hair, we recommend to opt for our 120g set, if you have medium-thick hair, we recommend to opt for our 160g set, and if you have thick hair, we recommend to opt for our thickest 220g set. The Volumizer Weft should be used for supplemental thickness.

  • Can I use two Volumizer Wefts at the same time?

    If you are looking for even more volume and thickness, you can wear multiple Volumizer Wefts. We recommend to replace the widest 4-clip weft (for 160g and 220g sets) to avoid the wefts feeling too heavy in your hair, however, it is all down to personal preference!

  • Can I trim the Volumizer Weft shorter?

    Yes, just like your Luxy Hair extensions, the Volumizer Weft can be cut or trimmed to any desired length by an experienced hair stylist, since it is made with 100% remy human hair.

  • Does the Volumizer Weft come in Seamless?

    At this time, the Volumizer Weft is only available in our Classic collection and features a fabric stitched base, however, this weft can still be worn with your Seamless set.

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