As Mimi was getting ready for her wedding day, she was looking for affordable hair extensions that she could wear for the big day and which she would be able to keep, reuse, and wear from time to time. She wanted to be able to pull off hairstyles that she normally could not since her natural hair is thin (especially at the ends) and takes forever to grow long.

After some research, Mimi found a hair kiosk at a local mall and purchased a set of human hair extensions for about $200. When she got home and tried them on, she wanted to cry, as she was terribly disappointed. The hair that she purchased was so thin and was a very small amount (only about 80 grams). The extensions didn’t even blend in with her own hair, which made it look fake and unhealthy. Mimi couldn’t believe she just blew $200 on hair extensions that were thin, fake-looking and equipped with painful clips.

However, Mimi didn’t give up. With the help of her sister, Leyla, they researched other clip-in hair extension companies that would offer thick, healthy, shiny and affordable hair extensions. Unfortunately, they found none that could offer what they were looking for. Sure, they found some great-looking extensions on the market, but they either cost a fortune or were very affordable ones but poorly made. And then, to Mimi and Leyla's huge surprise and disappointment, there were extensions that came with a high-end price tag, but were of horrible quality.

So, after thorough research Mimi and Leyla concluded that it just wasn’t fair – there is a huge demand for affordable yet thick and healthy hair extensions, but no one is meeting that demand! So, the sisters decided to fill the gap. This is how Mimi and Leyla started their own line: Luxy Clip-in Hair Extensions! 

They are 100% Remy human hair, thick (from top to the bottom), long, shiny, beautiful, and definitely sexy!

And guess what! The best part is that they are super affordable! Luxy Hair Extensions cost a fraction of what other hair extension companies charge for a similar set. We absolutely LOVE them and we are sure you will LOVE them too!

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