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Luxy® Hair  - The Faces Behind Luxy: Safiya, Junior Copywriter

The Faces Behind Luxy: Safiya, Junior Copywriter

What does a typical day at Luxy look like for you?

As a junior copywriter , I support our copywriter and lead editor on maintaining Luxy Hair’s brand voice. This can include anything from working on conceptual campaigns, to email newsletters, and providing support on web copy.

Describe your WFH outfit 

A fun crewneck or sweatshirt! Always paired with my cozy sweatpants or a trusty pair of leggings. Comfort is key! 

Why did you decide to pursue a career in this field? 

I always knew I wanted to write since writing my first ever short story in Grade 2. An avid reader and writer growing up, it was important to me to work in a field where I’d be able to grow my writing skills and showcase my creativity.

Working at Luxy has given me this amazing opportunity to think outside the box, and to challenge myself to create bigger and better things with every new project. 

Who is your hair inspo and why?

Always obsessed with @xosara’s hair. She always thinks a little bit out of the box, and always adds a fresh twist to modern trends. 

Favourite thing about working at Luxy? 

The company culture at Luxy Hair is unmatched. The entire team works so hard to cultivate a space where kindness, collaboration, and support are at the forefront. We are always celebrating each other’s wins, and supporting each other in our times of need. Also, a special shout-out to our comfy team merch! 

What are your favorite emojis to use? 

😭 💀 🧐

What are 3 things you are grateful for and why? 

I will forever be grateful for my mom, my health, and my friends. I am so lucky to have an amazing support system!

What is your favorite snack? 

Popcorn, always. It’s the one snack that I’m always in the mood for, and it always hits the spot. 

Describe your self-care routine 

I’m an introvert at heart, so the best self-care is when I’m at home alone. I love to take a nice hot shower, throw on a face mask and watch a comfort movie/TV show (my favorite is The Office, or a Bollywood movie).

Which social platform is your favorite and who do you enjoy following the most and why? 

Definitely TikTok. It’s the place where you can get a little bit of everything. A great laugh, helpful tips/hacks and lots of product recommendations! Some of my favorite creators are @mary_skinner, @iconicakes & @oldloserinbrooklyn 

What was the last book that you read that made a huge impact on your life?

I think that everyone should read The Defining Decade by Meg Jay at least once in their life. It has some amazing nuggets of wisdom, especially for people in their teens and twenties. Life is a journey of growth, so it’s so important to practice patience and kindness with yourself! 

What is your daily mantra or words to live by? 

One of my favorite quotes is: “Greatness is not your destiny, but rather, a decision that you make.” It’s an amazing reminder to work hard towards your goals, and to not be discouraged by any obstacle in your path.

What’s your horoscope sign and how would you describe yourself in 3 words?

I’m a Sagittarius! If I had to describe myself in three words I’d use: empathetic, creative, and loving. I’m a big kid at heart!

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